Monday, January 17, 2011

Allied Medal Displays Review and Giveaway!

Have you every ordered something and, upon opening the box, were blown away by what you saw? Have you ever been rendered speechless? Nearly shocked to tears by how perfect, absolutely PERFECT, something turned out?

Well, that was the scene in my kitchen last week when my medal hanger from Allied Medal Displays arrived. Some of you may remember how I accidentally burned the ribbon on my Seawall half marathon medal - oh, I was so crushed when I did that! I knew that I needed a medal hanger and started looking around on the web - while there are a couple of manufacturers out there, the one that stood out head and shoulders above the rest was Allied Medal Displays - I fell in love with their hangers. Not only do they have a wide variety with themes of running and other sports, they also offer custom hangers, and that is what I asked for. You know how you sometimes don't know exactly what you want until you see it? Well, take a look at this:

Joel Exe, the Marketing and Sales Director of Allied Medal Displays, was so intuitive in making my medal hanger - I didn't even think to tie in the hibiscus flower from my blog's header into the medal display but now I can't imagine it any other way. I absolutely love it!
With what is hopefully only the first of several half marathon medals hanging on the display!

I am so appreciative of Joel Exe and Allied Medal Displays for giving me something so perfect to not only display my medal(s), but also to remind me of the journey that I've taken over the past 2 1/2 years to change my life. I get a thrill every time I catch sight of the medal hanger, which is often since I have it hanging in my office. :)

And now for the fun stuff: Allied Medal Displays has generously offered to give one of my readers their very own medal hanger! You can choose from any of their standard displays - to enter, go here to check them out and leave me a comment with which one you would like. They also have a Facebook page where you can see lots of neat displays - including some really cool custom hangers. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Entries close this Thursday evening; I'll have draw the winner and make the announcement on Friday's Mishmash, interwebs-willing.

FTC disclosure: Allied Medal Displays generously provided me with a medal hanger for review. The opinions (and glee) expressed are all my own.


  1. Oh

    (as I dont think the kids ever really said)

    I love love love your rack, err, hanger. lets call it a hanger :)
    and would adore a MizFit one but fear Id have nary a medal to hang on mine.
    except the ones my child made for me.
    Those mightcould rock on silver MizFit rack, err, hanger!

  2. Love the hanger. Here's to many, many more medals. Would love to win one. It will inspire me to get one of my own. Even if they are ones made my kids/Gkids....I think those are important too.

  3. Shelley, This hanger is wonderful and so perfectly you too! The flower is definitely the icing on the cake. If I were to win one I would go for the triathlon figures. They would have to share the medals from my two halves as well. Yours is set up to handle ribbons from all your events - marathons, halves, cycling, future triathlons...You go girl!!

  4. I love the"Always earned never given" one! Your blog title one is BEAUTIFUL! Love it!-runnin4fun

  5. I LOVE IT!!! It's perfect for you!
    I've been trying to win one forever so I know for sure I would like a personalized one.

  6. Love it! The hanger is so you! May you have lots more ribbons to display:)

  7. How cool!!!! I would love the one that says BELIEVE!!

  8. I love your medal display! If I personalized one for myself it would say, "Persevere." If I went standard, it would be "Runner."

  9. That is so perfect for you it has inspired me! This is not even something I ever thought I'd want but now I do. But don't enter me in the giveaway because I'll be ordering me a custom one. I already know exactly what it should say.

    P.S. I have COMPLETE confidence that you will fill that hanger up and be ordering another one!

  10. Oh that is so cool that you have a hanger with your own blog name. Especially since your blog name correlates so well with your running journey!

    Oh but you know I have to have the tiara hanger. Even if I never earn a medal (which I am thinking about walking a half) I'm quite sure I could find worthy stuff to hang on it!

  11. Your hanger is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

    I would use this one

    And am now consider the runner one for my brother for Christmas! Thank you for introducing me to the company!


    hylawaldron at gmail dot com

  12. darn it! I'm moving I would LOVE one of those! ;-(

  13. You hanger turned out awesome! So glad you got one, I was worried about your burned medal.
    I need another one! Mine is full and I want one for my 12 races in 2011. I would have one custom made with a 2011 on it.

  14. That is such a great idea for putting those medals to good use, instead of being inside some box! I really like the "Always earned, never given" display. I would give it to the girl who got me into running and who hopes to complete a marathon this year for her 30th birthday.

  15. reat idea! the hanger I mean. I have several medals but from swimming, dragon boating and triathlons. I liked the triathlon figures one as my entry, but was happy to see one for swimming TOO!!!!!

  16. I LOVE your medal hanger!! It is so YOU!

    I actually loved this one:

    "Never limit your challenges, challenge your limits!" That may be my new mantra I need to plaster all over!

    I hope to sign up for my first 5k of 2011 in the next couple weeks - this snow and bitter temps in Chicagoland aren't giving me much motivation!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  17. Shelley, that is the coolest. I LOVE how they included the flower. It's just perfect.

    I love the "Rock Star" one. :)

  18. The medal hanger is FANTASTIC!!!!! SO glad you have it and can proudly show off your "wares"!!! Have a great Monday.

  19. Purty!!

    The tiara looks pretty fun, but I like what you did with your blog name!

  20. I have a friend who is a math professor. He just finished this app for the i phone (and I wonder if it can go on the i pod) called "Cadence" in which the machine can tell how fast you are bouncing up and down and then it selects songs from your playlist to go along with your steps in beats per minute.

    I have to know more about this running thing. Did you start out like me - not even being able to walk well? How did you start being active? I notice you are posing in front of your house with a pink bike (how cute!) Is that how?

    You continue to inspire me so much!

    GP (Vee).

  21. That looks great. I like the one that says Runner and has the woman runner figure, but one that says "The Turtle's Pace" would be really cool.

  22. Damn! I'm going to make arrangements to move to the US tomorrow!

    I really love this, it's so great and cool!

  23. How fun! Love your customized hanger - i bet you can't wait to fill it up!

    If i were to win, i'd like the one that says "I Crossed the Line". :)

  24. Those hangers are truly awesome!!! The Always Earned, Never Given rings true!!!!!!

  25. Oh that's about the prettiest dang thing I've seen ever! (Except for my grandkids, of course, but I can't hang medals from them.) If I don't win a Lynn's Weigh one, I'm certainly going to obtain one :)

  26. I want the my race bling one! Great giveaway

  27. Good for you!! And your before and after photos are amazing. You look fantastic. Just stumbled on your blog tonight. Glad to see another 40-something blogger!

  28. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.

    I want one. I want one. I REALLY REALLY WANT ONE!!! (So pleeeeease pick me!)

    If I had to pick a standard design, it would be the "believe" one.

    please please please with sugar (ok, Splenda?) on top? And I'll even make it pink for you??

  29. SO cool! I love it! I'm so glad Joel got the idea to include your hibiscus. Bc that really sets it off.

    I can certainly see why you expressed GLEE!

    And very cool and WISE of Allied Medal Displays for offering the giveaway. You are often kind enough to share your own review and opinions of stuff with no giveaway, and I feel like these companies SO need to jump on that exposure! It is super use of advertising dollars. I mean, come ON, if SHELLEY likes it, heck, I'm pretty sure I will too! haha.

    Thanks for sharing, it's beautiful & you often make me want to become a runner.


  30. I got chills when I saw yours. So so meaningful.
    If I won one, I would like "Believe" I got teary when I saw it, so I know that is the one.

  31. Wow. That is VERY cool. Like seriously cool.

    What an accomplishment that you even NEED a medal hanger!

  32. bumpity bounce bounce.
    tried to email you yesterday to check on you and it kept returning to me

    are the grumps gone this morning?

  33. Count me in please! I'd love one that said "Run On". These hangers are way cool!

  34. Your rack is BEAUTIFUL. There's a joke in there somewhere - LOL!

    Believe is the one I would chose.

    Love it!

    Winks & Smiles,

  35. These are awesome. I think I would get the Rock Star one with the runner.

  36. I like the custom ones. I'd order one that says BASEBALL for my son as I have not entered a marathon...yet!

  37. This medal hanger is so awesome!!!! I saw they didn't have a taekwondo one which is my sport. My medals are hanging off of nails in my garage collecting dust. I'd love a custom one that said "Girl Hero".


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