Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Mishmash

Didja do a double take on the post title? A mishmash on Monday??? What can I's a crazy hectic time of the year for me, as well as a lot of us, I'm sure, and that is just what is going through my brain right now - a mishmash of everything, verging on mush!


You all can breathe a sigh of relief...I finally got my Christmas letter written, cards addressed and stamped and they are in the mail today - woohoo! Wait, you weren't sitting on the edge of your seats with worry about this?!? LOL


Ooh, speaking of mail, I got the nicest package on Saturday from Helen! Nifty mitten/gloves (perfect for messing with my iTouch during runs), a warm hat, magnet and running chick ornament, complete with pink iPod - so cute! What a wonderful surprise and such a sweet thing to do!

Does she know my color or what?
When I opened the package, I immediately pulled on a glove and took a picture with my cell phone camera to send to Helen...please note two things: one, that I put the glove on upside down and two, that somebody snuck into the shot! He's such a camera hog, Paco is.
Later I tried to do that "I'm pinching your head" thing with Paco - it's harder to do than it looks, especially with a moving target. And looking at the mess of dog chews, why NO, he isn't spoiled one bit! ;)


My boys are coming home today! In anticipation of having people in the house who actually expect things like meals on occasion, we went to the grocery store and stocked up. Came home and discovered that yeah, our new, smaller fridge does not hold *quite* as much as the old one did. I managed to get everything in, but it was a challenge. And we still need a trip to Sam's Club for a few more items...still, I'd rather deal with this than that dumb old fridge that kept breaking down.


You've got one more day to get your entry in to my Road ID giveaway! Click here - you know you want to!


OK, one last thing...and I apologize in advance. I just can't help myself!

"Lady, I am so OVER you and your camera!"


  1. WOOT!!!!!
    my post :)

    and I covet your gift pack from HELEN!! (yes, ma'am no coffee yet and lottsa !!! still)

    Ive always worn fingerless gloves (over 15 yrs) and people mocked me (I think the word hobo was bandied about) until this season.

    have a great week,


  2. Pink is the color of the day!
    Too cute!

  3. You know I'm enjoying the more frequent appearances of Paco. That first picture made me laugh "things are larger than they appear"

    Boy, I've got the mish mash brain going on, and I have pared Christmas down to the bare minimum. I keep wondering how people fit MORE than this into their schedule.

    Love the pink gloves from Helen!

  4. I just gotta tell ya, personally I'm MUSH today... still feel behind from the weekend. Somehow I think it's not going to let up until well after Christmas. Ah well, it's only temporary, right.

    Paco shouldn't be called the wonder dog, he should be called the camera hog - hahahahaha!

  5. Mashed mind seems to be the status du jour. But you sound very together and have gotten a lot done. That's gotta feel good.

    Find a few moments to put your feet up and massage your own temples!

    Love your stash from Helen! I can't wait for the inevitable up close and personal meet and greet for you two...complete with a vlog of you running together! Have a good week and a great holiday. Enjoy those boys - mine are home and they keep me laughing - it's always open season on Mom!

  6. cute pinks. glad the boys are coming and noise in the house (like mine)

  7. Love the loot from Helen! And I crack up every time I see Paco in the pictures - love him!

    Have a great Monday - I already have a Road I.D. (in fact my husband makes sure I wear it when I bike/walk outside). It is so nice to have - good luck to whoever wins it :D

  8. What a cool gift from Helen! Love it. That was so sweet of her.

    Merry Christmas to you and Master Jeff. Enjoy your time with the boys. :) And a big hug for Paco!

  9. Paco. What a stud! And I think I've given up on Christmas letters/cards. I pick some other holiday throughout the year and send everyone cards then instead. Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, etc. I love it. It's kind of my weird thing.

  10. Me likey those mittens! I always have a prob when I wanna adjust something on my ipod and I'm wearing my running gloves =)

  11. What a great gift of Helen and so sweet too!

    I really really love Paco. I always have to laugh how he sneaks into every picture. I smell a missing career as a photo model :lol:

  12. Heehee - Paco is so cute. Did you ever watch "Kids in the Hall"? They did a thing like that where they would say "I crush you" and pretend to pinch things on camera. I loved that.

    I never did get cards out this year. I am so lame...

  13. Did you write one of those infamous holiday letters?
    I love how you pinched Paco's head. I'd like to pinch Bella's head but she is still gone to the trainers and I'm in DOG heaven with no one to yell at but the cat.

    Loved the gift pac and it reminded me of the sweet gesture from you last year. That made my season bright.

  14. I just love your little Paco! Too adorable!

  15. What wonderful gifts you received from Helen, especially those gloves/mittens!
    Paco is so cute, can't fault him for trying to get in on pics.


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