Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - Extra Long Run, and Road ID Winner!

Following route directions is a good thing. So is understanding a map. If neither of these happen, you will end up with bonus mileage...and one thing you should know about me is that I am NOT an overachiever - bonus mileage is never something I would just go for.

But I did...on Saturday's 8 mile run.

Sigh. Leave it to me to pull a bonehead move like that! The run was a different route, and even though Coach Dale published the route in our weekly newsletter, and I looked at it several times, I was still confused. We started out running our normal course in reverse, and I guess that's what threw me off. I made it though the first loop, which was 5 miles, and ended back at our cars, where I paused Ricky Bobby, ripped off a couple of layers now that I had warmed up - the temperature had to be a balmy 42 by then (ha!), switched from my glasses to sunglasses now that the sun had risen, and refilled my water bottle. As I was leaving the parking lot, the rest of the half group was arriving. I knew that this loop was only 3 miles, and we wouldn't be running out to the far road. I did my thing, ran the first of the two extra jig-jags like we did on the first loop and eventually came out onto the main road - where I saw the halfs, who WERE behind me, now ahead of me on that road...dang it! I didn't have to run the jig-jag! Oh well, I figured I'd skip the second jig-jag (are you sick of that word yet?) and everything would come out to 8 miles. As I came to that brilliant decision, I caught up with Coach Erica, who immediately knew what I'd done (and was only laughing a little at me). I said I'd just skip the next jig-jag and she said we weren't running that anyway. Dang it.

Honestly, right from the start this wasn't a great run - I just wasn't all that into it. And really, the best thing that could have happened, did - in that I got to run the last couple of miles with Erica...I never get to run with her, so it was really nice to chat and commiserate and catch up - funny how things end up working out like that! Oh, and despite me having to stop and retie my shoes twice, several quick walking breaks, and a more leisurely pace toward the end, I was only 4 seconds off of last week's pace time, which, if you'll recall, was a great run for me. Who can figure these things out? Certainly not I, that's for sure!


I have not been keeping up with my running club's training schedule during the week...lately I've been lucky to get in one extra run, which is not good considering I should be doing three runs during the week, along with my long run on Saturday. Ack! One more week of upheaval and then I will be back. Jenny and I did meet for a quick 2 mile run on Tuesday morning. Remember how is was so cold on Saturday's long run? Well, this is what I wore for Tuesday's run:
Try not to cry, Helen. Or Kate. Or Fran.

It was 72 degrees when we started running at 9:00 am. Oh, and we had record highs for the second day in a row. It was in the 80's - I know we live in the south, but that is just wild for December 21st.

We changed things up a bit and ran to Starbucks!
One ginormous cup of black coffee, and half a slice of some low-fat coffee cake later, Jenny and I got each other motivated to pick up the pace on our running again.
Watch out, 2011 - we will be hitting the road with even more determination!


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the winner of the Road ID giveaway is:

Congratulations! Email me your info and I'll pass it along to my peeps at Road ID!


  1. This weather has been beyond crazy! I was out last night looking at Christmas lights in a short sleeved T-shirt! I mean it was nearly 80 degrees at 8 o'clock. But from looking at this mornings thermometer, I think those days are over.

    Your running ensemble is adorable! You always look so stinking cute - extra mileage or no.

    I look forward to following all your jig-jags in 2011!

  2. I know it was 85 degrees up here yesterday. I thought I looked at the temp wrong! Needless to say my in-laws are enjoying the nice change from the Nebraska crappy weather they are used to. You look fab in that pink! Wishing you a great Christmas!

  3. So we're experiencing unseasonably COLD December weather and you get to run in a skirt and tank? So. Not. Fair!!!!!

    So now that you've experienced seasonal and work upheaval with a training schedule, does it make you appreciate runners who work outside their home full time and also somehow manage to run 40 or 50 miles a week for training? I too find this time of year hard. I usually give up somewhere around the 2nd or 3rd week of December (Um, yeah that's this week) and say, "I'll do the best I can!" Believe me once you get past the New Year, you'll be good to go. Plus, you have that looming Half to motivate you, right?

  4. Some of my best work outs were when I didn't feel like doing it. But really that's most of the time. If I waited till I felt like it, I would never work out!
    Enjoy the weather!


    I was rushing around to leave town this morning...and suddenly Im not leaving :)


    to all of it.

  6. Think of it this way: you were catching up on mileage that you didn't get to run during the week. Yeaj, that's it. :) You're so funny.

    The weather has been crazy. It felt like summer yesterday.

    Good job on the runs. Can't wait to see you collect more medals and tee shirts. It's all about the swag, dahling.

  7. Um, just a bit jealous of your weather!! Although I can't complain - its only 30 today - balmy! :D

  8. Awww, I love this!! Running with you is always a joy! We need to schedule our own Starbucks short run at some point ;-) ;-)

  9. I went straight to your blog this morning for some motivation. Thanks as always and I'm so proud of you. Look at those legs!!!!!

  10. You gotta be loving how great you look in that pic! But hey! Where is Paco?

    The pic of Starbucks is so funny--looks like a GIANT cup of coffee and coffeecake.

  11. You look so adorable. No matter how many jig-jags you take. It's been 80 here too. They promise rain to day. I'll beleive it when I see it.

  12. Haha - I get cold just looking at your exposed skin! Said as I sit here with a blanket on and kitty in lap for warmth.

    You call them jig-jags, I call them jiggety-jogs. They are deceptive buggers.

  13. I have gotten lost more times on running routes. The group I've run with runs on these beautiful paths in the woods. BUT, when you have to take a right at the "tree with the branch" it can get quite tricky.
    Nice weather! Jealous, nice skirt!! And, your running is great, you will be fine missing a run or two all on behalf of jewelry sales.

  14. No fair! She gets all the free stuff.
    Love your outfit and so nice of Starbucks to color coordinate the cup, sort of.

  15. You look so cute! And how cool is it that you are in a running club? Dude, you are very cool ;)

  16. I am soooo not going to comment on the pink running outfit.

    Okay, yeah, I am. Made you easy to see so cars wouldn't hit you. Right?

    :) Sorry. You seem to be doing great even tho tis the season ... for eating and slipping up. Glad you're doing great! Vee at

  17. I'm not crying, I'm laughing.

    I saw the photo and thought "damn look at her in her Summer running clothes, I have to wear thermo clothes crying out loud"

    Then I read what you wrote under the photo and I started to laugh out loud. You know me too well :)

    I'm like you: I never put in bonus mileage if not necessary. Guess we're lazy runners right? :)

    My dear friend I wish you, your great husband and beautiful boys a great Christmas.

  18. Oh what I would give for warm weather!!

    We still had mild weather into November, but it's going to be a long winter and I'm sick of it already.

    So sorry you had a long run... I did that once on a running path. I was going to do 10 miles, I passed the 4 mile marker and it seemed like I should have passed the 5 mile marker, so I just kept running until I saw the sign for mile 6! So I ended up doing 12 instead of 10. I never did see the 5 mile marker coming back either.

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas Shelley!!!

  19. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little jealous of your running attire. It's currently 31 but feels like 20 in NH...gross!


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