Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Mishmash

Y'all should be grateful to my job, because it's made me tired and I'm going to keep this mishmash short so I can get some sleep! By the way, I like living vicariously through my customers - it's quite fun to help them choose their gifts and feel the excitement and pleasure that they get from shopping; that said, I'm glad it's not me who is paying for everything!


A few days ago I was shopping in Target when I heard someone behind me say "Are you Shelley?" I turned around and a woman said "I knew it was you! I read your blog!" OMG, I was recognized!!! Her name is Angie (Hi Angie!) and she was really sweet - I'm so glad she introduced herself to me. As it turns out, I recognized her name; Angie was one of the first commenters on here way back in the beginning. Nice to know I haven't bored her to death after all this time! I have to admit, though, that one of the first thoughts that went through my mind when I was talking to her was "thank god I put on make up today!" - let me tell you, there are times when I run errands looking like Hagatha! Anyway, that was a very cool thing to have happened.


So my face has been breaking out lately - I was all set to blame the dry winter air, sweat on my face from running, never-ending teenage acne - whatever...when I remembered that I'd been indulging in quite a bit of chocolate lately - those dang M&M's are finally gone, but I do believe that I am seeing the after-effects of them on my face. And hips and thighs and belly. Ugh. Lesson not only learned, but seared into my brain! No more dumb candy in the house for no good reason!


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It wouldn't be a Mishmash post without a picture of Paco. Here's another shot of him with his favorite pillow...and I have to tell you that sometimes he knocks the pillow off the chair when he's turning around on the chair. I've been getting up and giving it back to him, but yesterday I realized that hey - he fetches the newspaper...he can pick up his own pillow! So I told him to do so, and he did! Smart dog, my Paco.
Hanging onto the pillow for dear life now that HE has to be the one to pick it up!


In place of Fashion Friday (because frankly, I forgot to take any self portraits this week, running outfits notwithstanding) I give you a boots comparison shot, or as I like to call it, my latest "thank you, running" moment. Two weeks ago, I posted a couple of pictures of me wearing a dress and my "100 pound boots" - this was the first time I'd worn these boots since last winter. I was shocked and amazed that I no longer had to squeeze my calves into the boots - they zipped up easily! Look at the evidence - here is a close up from two weeks ago:
Nice smooth line over my calves now...

And this is what my legs looked like in the boots a year ago:
Note the calf bulge protruding over the top of the boot...

I actually weigh five pounds less now than I did a year ago - but running...oh running, how you've changed my body! One thing I've come to realize during this entire journey is that while changes don't happen as quickly for me as they do for other people, eventually good changes DO happen. From it taking 18 months to lose 100 pounds, to a year of running before I am seeing distinct improvements in my body, I just have to understand that I am the epitome of "slow and steady wins the race" and "patience is a virtue" - and who this rate, I might just run a 10 minute mile someday!


I have one more long day of standing on my feet at work today, followed by another 8 mile run tomorrow. But then I have the entire weekend off, and hopefully I will finally get to cross the Christmas letter/cards/labels off of my list! Have a great weekend, everyone!


    that has happened to me once and it felt so...weird :)
    after the initial HEY NICE TO MEET YOU I couldnt help but think this person knew all about the minutia (sp) of my life and I knew nada about them.

    longing to yell at you about the boots because NO all I saw was HIP and LOVED and nary a bulge at all.
    its amazing the things we see in ourselves huh?

    Im off
    more than anything I wanted to say thank you to you for being there for me.

  2. Wow, only a 5 lb difference for your "before and after" of your boots? Amazing!

    Isn't it great when your boots fit comfortably...just one of those things that people without weight struggles don't even think about, but is a big deal for those of us who once couldn't even fully zip up our boots?

    The thing that I love the most? That you are within 5 pounds of where you were last year!!!

    Maintaining your weight loss for a whole year is something NOT to be glossed over!!! THAT is success :)

  3. Oh love the boots! Great job and the before and after are wonderful! I have 17.5 inch calves so boots like that might never happen for me but love how they look on you!

  4. So cool that you were recognized by a reader!!!

    And the breakouts, yeah... I got 'em going on, too since I've been ingesting cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. :(

    Have a great weekend off, Shelley!

  5. Laughing at Carla's comment about not knowing anything about 'them.'

    Thanks for reminder that slow and steady wins the race... I needed that today.

  6. I would of asked for your autograph ;-).
    Shelley those boots look great on you, you have a great set of legs.
    Oh and your pup, adorable!
    oh and just for fun, do I get an extra entry for the road ID because I run in the cold and snow ......totally kidding ;-)

  7. How cool to be recognized! You're famous. :)

    Paco is too darn cute with his pillow. And don't kid yourself: it's HIS pillow. LOL

    Love the boots, lady. Tres chic and your legs look great. Running has been better than plastic surgery for your body. And you don't get a medal for surgery. Seriously, it has done wonder for you. As always, I'm impressed.

    Have a wonderful weekend and tear up the road on your 8-miler. I'm SURE you'll hit that 10 miinute mile one day. No doubt in my mind at all. Look how far you've come already!

  8. Those picture of the boots? AMAZING! But guess what? I have the opposite problem! Even though I am overweight, I've always had scrawny legs. After a summer of running, I put on my black boots and could hardly zip them. BECAUSE I HAD MUSCLES! It was shocking!

  9. Your blog and your story are an endless source of hope and positivity for me, Shelley. Unbelieveable how the boots look so different with just 5 wittle pounds! But the running is the thing - and you've been running your ass off (as well as other parts) for quite awhile now.

    You deserve your "fame"! I wish you lived near me...I'd be keeping my eyes peeled for a meet and greet. And btw - I always look like Hagatha. Gotta change that around.

  10. How amazing someone recognized you! That is awesome! And look at the difference in your legs! I am also a slow and steady not seeing much difference quickly kind of girl but hey...I keep telling myself nothing bad can come from me exercising and eating well, right?!?


  11. See, Shelley, you're celeb like the one I met at my husband's race. That girl probably felt as awkward as I did!! You are touching lives, girl!
    I also love your black boots. I was thinking of treating myself to some on sale this week, I'm sure the go with everything!
    Have a great run tomorrow and I hope you finish up your Christmas stuff!

  12. I have no doubt you can do a 10 minute mile!

    And guess what . . . I may be signing up for a 10k race in the spring - a blog reader has adopted me as her "accountability person" and is signing up for one too. She lives in Indiana, so I may be doing it with her, hopefully a few pounds less than what I am today!

    First WW weigh in is tomorrow - fingers crossed I had a good week! :D

  13. Wow, there's a massive difference in your calves from last year to this, that's just awesome.

  14. Paco looks great as usual! He's so adorable.

    You really can see a difference in your calves.

    Funny how you've met someone who reads your blog, that's very cool.

    About your face, sweat could have caused it too. I go to a beauty salon every 8 weeks and she can see at the condition of my face if I have been running a lot outside.
    Keep it clean I would say.

  15. I'm turned on by your hot legs and hot boots!!! :)

  16. You inspire me to get my first pair of boots :)

    Have a great weekend Miss Shelley!

  17. Wow, that is an amazing difference from 5 pounds and running!

    Sophie noted that Paco's chair was remarkably similar to a throne, and she is now demanding one of her own.

  18. How cool to have definitive proof of how running has changed you!!

  19. How fun to be recognized! And, yay for you in your hot boots!

    Winks & Smiles,

  20. Damn girl, look at how good those boots look on you! You need more of those, yes indeedy.

    Yay for blogger recognition. That is so cool.


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