Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Mishmash

Eek! I can't believe in a few hours I will be leaving for Galveston! I know I've been training for this race since the end of August, but how is it here already? I want to thank you all for not only putting up with my crazy running nerves, but for all of the supportive comments and emails - it really means a lot to me, and has helped to keep me calm. Fran even sent me a card from Holland with a cute puppy on it - how did she know I would like that? And Helen has been virtually holding my hand for months now...I feel like when I cross the finish line, the medal will belong to her almost as much as me. So when she comes to Texas for a visit, I'll even let her try it on!

I sure hope this dog is correct!

Some of my running club peeps will be running the half, and we are meeting up for a pasta dinner tonight - I love being part of such a fun group like this! And I really can't wait for the race tomorrow - I've trained, I feel good, and, thanks to my spill in Maui, I know that I can even fall down and bounce back up and finish the race!


Speaking of comments, I keep meaning to say thank you for the funny comments on that falling-down post. You guys crack me up! Thank you also for the sweet words on my 100-pound anniversary post. November is turning out to be quite the momentous month for me!


You may have noticed that I have two ads on my blog now. I have been approached by advertisers quite often in the past and was not very interested, but finally decided to give it a try with these two. If you haven't noticed them, that's ok, too - I didn't want the ads to be distracting or annoying, so they are just links. My intention was to use the money to help pay for my race entry fees - the cost for half marathons is quite a bit more than 5Ks, and this would have helped a lot. Unfortunately, our dumb fridge died, so you can guess where that money ended up going. But hey - at least I was able to contribute! I may accept a couple more, provided the product is in line with the spirit of my blog. For the current two, I figured shopping and working out fit right in, lol!


I know I can't be the only one, but seriously, how is it Thanksgiving next week? And more importantly, how am I going to make it happen? Geez, that sure snuck up on me. Apparently the vacation, new job and half marathon distracted me. Don't even get me started about Christmas...this early-shopper is in trouble!


Does anyone watch Modern Family? I love that show. And I'm going to confess, to those of you who watched Wednesday's episode: you know the flash mob scene? Where Cam is trying to follow along with the dance? Um, I recognized myself - that is exactly how I dance. A beat (or three) short when it comes to following the rhythm. Here's a link to that scene - Cam is the one in blue.


It wouldn't be a mishmash without a picture (or two) of Paco! Here he is giving the white-eye to the hanging decoration in my office - my friend Terry brought it back from Thailand for me:
This stance was a welcome relief after the growling and barking he did earlier...Paco notices and is suspicious of every new thing in the house!

And this is my view when I'm sitting at my desk:
Sleeping in the morning sun...on my Hawaiian-print travel pillow, which Paco thinks was his souvenir!


Since I've been working, I've had the opportunity to dress in something other than running clothes or shorts, which is good for Fashion Friday. What might have been even better for Fashion Friday was if I would have remembered to take a picture of me in those outfits! My brain has either been on overload, or not firing on all cylinders - it's really a toss up as to which is closer to the truth at this point. So instead of my nice work outfits, I bring you my comfy, "run errands" outfit:
Love my purple sweater - got it last year and can't remember where (Steinmart, maybe). My retro Born shoes, and my Ann Taylor Loft jeans that Barbara's sister Sandi convinced me to buy last summer. Oh, and some James Avery jewelry - they will clean and polish any of their jewelry for free, so I've been bringing in my pieces to make them all pretty.

I have to tell you that I get such a thrill whenever I catch sight of myself in these jeans - I seriously cannot believe that my body is fitting into such a cool pair of pants! I really love them and am so grateful that Sandi talked me into that purchase.

Alright, have a good weekend. I'll be back Monday, hopefully wearing a medal!



  2. Of course the puppy is right! You are so going to do this! I will think about you tomorrow and am as excited as you for it!

    I love Modern Family, next to Glee it's one of my favorite shows right now. But we're behind and still in season 1.

    I'm glad we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, mealplanning for Christmas is enough for me :) but thanks for the reminder, I made a task in my phone that I have to start thinking about the menu at the beginning of December.
    Decorations will be simple for us this year, we don't trust the combination Bella and Christmas tree :lol: We've decided to buy a small tree which we can put on a side table so she won't destroy it :) My usual tree is big and takes a lot of time to decorate it and to be honest I'm relieved I don't have to do that this year.

    Good luck tomorrow my dear friend! Remember: run, walk, crawl, finish!!!!!

  3. I'm sure your gonna rock that race hard tomorrow!! Go Shelly Go!
    Remember to trust your training and you will do fine. Can't wait to read the race recap.

  4. You REALLY can do it! Can wait for the marathon wrap-up.

    I had a pair of shoes almost like myself. LOVED them. The jeans are super cute as well. You're looking super cute.

    Novemeber really is your month!

  5. You know darn well that lil' pup is right!
    You can and you ARE doing it!

  6. You're going to do FANTASTIC runner girl!!! And I just love your precious baby Paco...soooo cute! :)

  7. Not "hopefully wearing a medal."


    So silly how this post is making me feel all emotional. I almost feel like a mama bird pushing her chick out of the nest. But really Shelley, it's all about YOU. YOU are the one who put in the miles and the hard work and had hurting body parts and tummy upsets. YOU are the one who never said quit and kept on keeping on even when your long run was awful. YOU ARE ONE BAD MAMA JAMA!

    I will be running with you tomorrow once again but probably not 13.1 miles, if that's OK? My legs might be in Connecticut but heart will be in Texas - cheering and yelling as you come across the finish line.

  8. Paco looks like one cool dude. I have a good friend with a chiuahua named Paco.

    Honest to God, I woke up this morning thinking about you and that you're half is tomorrow. I'll be sending you positive energy and best wishes tomorrow and can't wait to read the blow by blow! What a great event for you in this momentous month.

    Love Modern's hilarious.

    So you will have much of the blog kingdom running with you tomorrow and holding you in our hearts.

  9. I can't believe it's here! I am super excited as if I was running the race with you I was supposed to *ahem*.

    You'r going to cross that finish line with a smile on your face and I'll be there cheering you on. This will be a race you'll never forget. Your first half. Probably not your last but you never forget your first time. :)

    Loving the jeans and sweater combo.

  10. Good luck in your half! Can't wait to read all about it. Hopefully you won't get rained on like the weather is telling me for my half tomorrow morning.

    Also, love, love, love Modern Family and all flash mobs. And to combine them together? Best show on TV last Wednesday. So much fun.

  11. So excited for you! Can you beileve it was only about 10 months ago that you even 'thought' about running? I can hardly wait for the report.

    I love your casual outfit--that's how I like to dress, down to the Born shoes! Why is Paco always looking at you so hopefully? Does he think he's going out with you, or does he get a cookie when you are done dressing (that's what Sophie thinks.) Paco taking a nap in the sun--he could be Sophie's honorary big brother. Somehow I think he would be more acceptable to her than her current BIG brother...

  12. So excited for you! Can you beileve it was only about 10 months ago that you even 'thought' about running? I can hardly wait for the report.

    I love your casual outfit--that's how I like to dress, down to the Born shoes! Why is Paco always looking at you so hopefully? Does he think he's going out with you, or does he get a cookie when you are done dressing (that's what Sophie thinks.) Paco taking a nap in the sun--he could be Sophie's honorary big brother. Somehow I think he would be more acceptable to her than her current BIG brother...

  13. You look great, as usual. And we're rooting for you at the half-marathon! You've prepped and are sooo ready so GO SHELLY!

    Vee at

  14. GO Shelley!!! I cannot wait to see you with your medal.

  15. I think we talked about it before, but I wear Born shoes every single day - they are so comfortable!

    Love the jeans and sweater combo - you look amazing!!

    You are prepared, you'll have a carb loaded dinner tonight and you will have a great run - most importantly - have fun!


  16. Those pants are cool, but not as cool as the lady in them! You are going to rock this weekend :D

    I'm with you on where did the time go.

    Regarding the ads - I don't notice them, really. Of course, I use ads on mine. I don't really want to, but I need to pay for hosting the site. With all those pictures, it can add up. :D

  17. OH! GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK! I'll be thinking of you and I absolutely cannot wait to hear about the race. I hope without the I fell down part. I love your jeans and you puppy is so cute all curled up. And the ads...I didn't notice either. but, now I'll look. :)

  18. that pup is correct - YOU CAN DO IIIIIT! I love the purple sweater. the color looks good on you. =)

    *Please read my blog post for today. I am shamelessly plugging it coz I REALLY don't want YOU to miss it. Check it out and you'll understand why =)

  19. Good luck on this journey to Galveston. From what I know about TX, you'll need it. Not to mention that song by that guy who was a lineman for the county.

    I love Paco's pillow.
    You look great. Fantastic.

  20. LOVE Modern Family. We have a friend that looks and acts just like, I can't think of his name, the one that is a realtor and was all into Family Camp. Our friend even goes to family camp. He was over last night and we made him watch it with us. My husband said "I can't believe I am watching him on tv and sitting next to him."
    You look SO hot in those jeans.
    I'll be thinking about you in the morning. I don't know who will be more nervous, you or my son. He had to read a few things at services tonight and looked like he was going to puke.

  21. Oh crud - this tells you how out of it I am, I have a card sitting here for you...oh well, maybe I'll send it to you POST medal as a "you go girl!" for having completed your race. You are going to do AWESOME!!!!

  22. Good luck with your race! And.. I love Born shoes too!

  23. Cheering for you! Hope you had a blast.

    I had to laugh about Paco growling and barking. We have a beagle - Sonya - that spent a half hour barking at my son's birthday gift bag that was covered in happy faces. I really wished could have gotten it on video.


  24. Hope the run was glorious! I was thinking about you all weekend.

    You are rocking those jeans, Shelley. Have you tried them yet with a heeled boot? They're just long enough I think to handle a little heel.


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