Monday, June 7, 2010

Things That Keep Me on My Toes...Plus Mini Weekend Wrap up

  1. I saw a picture on Facebook of an old friend from my San Antonio days. Our families both moved from SA around the same time, only she moved out of state. Last time I saw her in person was about seven or eight years ago - we all had returned to SA for an Eagle Scout ceremony and I was amazed at how thin she was. She never was hugely overweight (especially when standing next to me, lol), but she probably carried 25 extra pounds or so. Well, she had lost all that weight and then some through Weight Watchers and had become a WW leader. Cut to now - not only has she regained those 25 pounds, but many, many more. I saw a picture of her in a bathing suit and let's just say that I recognized those legs - they used to be mine. People, this kind of thing scares me. I don't know what circumstances led her to go from being a WW leader to back to one of us, but wow. It's a good reminder that obesityland still exists and I always, always have to remember that it's a short road trip there.

  2. A woman came into my workplace on Saturday - she used to take art lessons there, and I saw her once a week for about two years. Then her teacher had to stop the lessons for a while. Well, he started back up on Saturday, and when Marilyn came in, I was happy to see her and got up to give her a hug. I had almost reached her when she said "oh my god, I didn't recognize you" - poor woman, must have wondered why this stranger was going in for a hug! This kind of thing - people not recognizing me - unnerves me a bit. Do I really look that different? Maybe it's the new glasses that threw her. I'm still the same person - just with longer hair and a smaller body. Weird.

  3. A woman came into my workplace (sound familiar? different woman) a couple of times last week - she found some jewelry in our gift shop that she loved and I sold it to her - then she found another necklace but wanted it shortened, which led to a discussion about why necklaces are so long. I said that for a lot of people, the shorter lengths are too short - meaning that their necks are large (this was true for me - unless a necklace was at least 18" long I couldn't wear it, and to be truthful, 20" was much more of a comfortable fit for me). She agreed, and said that used to be her problem, but she had lap-band surgery three years ago and had lost nearly 100 pounds. So we discussed weight loss - hers and mine, and then she offered up that she had regained 15 pounds and needed to get them off. Laughingly, she said "it would be easier if Sonic didn't have those two-for-one milkshake deals - I went there three times last week" and I have to say that I was shocked...I can see a high calorie treat once in a while, but that is a sure-fire way to put on the weight that she worked so hard to lose. This was yet another reminder to me that my healthy eating habits are and will continue to be instrumental in not only getting the weight off, but keeping it off.
Interestingly enough (to me, anyway), while I was writing this on Sunday evening, I noticed that Lori posted something along these lines - people who lose weight and then gain it back. Click here for her take on it.


And now for an abbreviated weekend wrap up, because quite frankly, I'm tired! We moved furniture - a lot of furniture. Long story short is that after ten years in this house, I was ready for something different...and moving furniture around is a cheap change!

We consolidated furniture - went from a living room and a family room to just a family room; moved a gigantic chair into Jeff's office (injury report: one smashed pinky as we crammed the chair through the doorway); moved the big couch from the living room into the family room (grossness report - found a tiny dead bird, a dead snake and a dead lizard underneath the couch...all I can say is that we obviously live like disgusting pigs); moved the dining set into the living room (which was the dining room originally); switched a square coffee table out for an old trunk (rectangle shape works much better); moved an antique chair into my bedroom in the space that used to house my desk; cleaned, disinfected, vacuumed and Swiffered like no one's business; and the piece de resistance (yes that should have accents but I don't know how to do them) is my office! I went from this:

My desk was crammed into a corner of our bedroom - which made for some interesting arguments discussions, as Jeff would want to lay in bed and watch TV before falling asleep...problem was that the TV (and its speaker) was right by my head, which was too loud for me, and as I like to blog at night, the light from my monitor bothered him after the TV was off and he was trying to sleep.

To this:My own office! I have hit the big time, people!Look at all the space! Woohoo!!!
View from the corner - I'm not done decorating, and the Asian things are what I had in the dining room, but it's a start. There is matching gold chair like this one in the space where my desk used to be in my I have a little reading area!

More randomness:

If you noticed that the blinds in my bedrooms are wonky, that's because once a year the string that pulls them up breaks. Thankfully, Hunter-Douglass has a lifetime guarantee, and my "blind guy" comes out, takes them back to his shop and restrings them for free. Then, a year later, it breaks again. I think the issue is that the blinds can't handle their weight - the window is really big (same size as in my office). Too bad we didn't know this when we ordered them ten years ago, but since they are fixed for free, I'm not going to replace them.

Why yes, my Woman's Day article is matted and framed - I figured how often was I going to see my name in a national magazine...might as well save it for posterity!

And I am wearing a sleeveless top in the that picture - it was freaking HOT here on Sunday (like 95* with the heat index in the low 100's) and I gave in. You know what? It felt great - nice and cool! I will have to do this more often, flabby arms be damned!


  1. Wow...your "new" home must feel so much better now. I guess that is one of the benefits of sending some kids off on their own.

    You can now exhale...for a little while anyway.

    I think the encounters you've had recently are good cautionary tales and reminders that no matter how far we've come or how we'll we've done, we can celebrate, we can even relax, but we can never take for granted what our health and journies have meant.

    We all have the power to be the one that doesn't become the regain statistic.

    Thanks for sharing...

  2. Loved to read this one, good start of my day as it's 6.15 am now.

    I always say that having overweight is sentence for life. Once we get it off we have to work hard to keep it off. As soon as we let go you've seen what can happen.

    I had this co-worker who lost a lot of weight with some diet and I have to say from time to time I was a bit jealous. But now she's gained it all back and more and I kept doing my own thing and I'm the one who lost it and keeps it off.

    I love your new office!
    We have 3 bedrooms and since we only use 1 of them we both have our own "office".

    Have a nice Monday my dear friend.

    And by the way: you look great in that top.

  3. ummmm from here your arms rock!

  4. Loved the picture of your office! I need you to come to Orlando and do that for my house:)

    I thought your arms looked toned and starting to get muscled up:)

    There really is no end to our health journey. If we ever go back to the way we "used" to eat and not exercise then we will be back to our old weight eventually...

    When are you going to be in Shape magazine? Diane and Lori and Jen have been you should be too...

  5. Wow, that is a lot of dead animals in the DO live in Texas after all! Are the deceased the work of Paco the Wonder Dog? I can imagine my dog leaving her kills for us to find!

    I do not see flabby arms in that picture...there is great definition in your arm! That's what I'm working toward!

    Your encounters were a little chilling. It really is quite easy to fall back into habits that lead to obesity. But, there are plenty of people who lose the weight forever and ever. I think we have to remind ourselves of them as well!

  6. Sounds to me like you've got a loving pet bringing you gifts, what with all the dead critters you found!

    Isn't it freeing to declutter and move things around. Even though it was hard work, your end result is fab!

    Off to read Lori's blog...

  7. Do you ever wonder if formerly obese people have some sort of mind connection (like the Borg)? Seems like we all roll around to the same thoughts at the same time. It's a little odd.....

    I think part of the fear of gaining the weight back helps keep it off. There never is the thought of "I'm done!!"
    Of course, not quite having reached my hoped for goal has kept that thought out of the equation, but complacency is not a friend to maintenance.

  8. I shall opt out of the short road trip to obesityland with you!
    Your arms are NOT flabby, although I am about to embrace that same attitude, I may were a tank or two in the heat, the rest of you will have to deal with it or close your eyes.
    I am having organized house envy!
    What the hell with the dead bird and other creatures? Didn't you smell them????
    Have a great day!
    Oh, where do you work? I am suddenly very intrigued as I read "jewelry" and art lessons.....

  9. The whole 'regaining weight' topic os one of endless fascination (horror) for us, isn't it. Well, I guess it just keeps us on our toes, and keeps us from eating too many frozen yogurts in one week!

  10. Your office looks really cute!

    I had Panara Bread for the first time while we were out of town this weekend! I throught of you! and it was so YUMMY!

  11. Your arms look great, I love your new ofc, and I would have absolutely had a heart attack if I found a dead snake under my sofa....that is my one MAJOR phobia...snakes...even if they're dead. I would have had to move out of the house that day. lol

  12. So interesting Shelly, i think for me when I stop caring and live a little it gets me in trouble. For the rest of my life I will need to workout and be cautious of what I eat, that's just how it's going to be because the alternative is not worth it.
    Love your new office!

  13. I once lost 25 pounds and gained it all plus 25 back. I was never a weight watchers leader, but I was skinnier.

    It was a lot easier to put it back on than to take it off that is for sure!

    I feel like this time is different and that I am truly changing my lifestyle.

    I'm glad you got your own office space! Blog away in peace!

  14. I always feel like a real grown up when I organize things.

  15. Your upper arms are like my forearms silly! Whatcha thinking! You look totally normal and cute in a tank Shelley!

  16. Don't see any flabby arms from here!

    "Congrats" on the new office space :)

  17. Shelley,

    Your new office looks great!


  18. Wow, that sounds like quite the workout you had this weekend! [And you surely get to wear a sleeveless top!]

    I'm guessing the pets had something to do with the critters found under the couch.

    Wow, the Sonic milkshake bogo 3X per week is a little scarey. Really makes me wonder if she had them BOTH each time.

    One more DO look different. I know you are the same Shelley, but um, you did lose a lot of weight. I'm sure it does feel odd though, to get that response. One day I will know the feeling, I expect. Chrissy

  19. Please come rearrange my house. Especially my office. Thanks in advance.

    The regain. It’s like a looming dark cloud, isn’t it? Or a shadow. I don’t think I’ll regain because things are different this time. I approach my body, my diet, my whole life differently. But still that “What if things go back to the old comfortable?” sits there in the back of my head.

    That’s why I need….yes NEED…folks like you and Lori in my life. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I am maintaining this weight loss this time in the online-digital-blogging age. I always did it alone before without support. Now? I have support. I have people to bitch to and ask questions of and learn from.

  20. Where's the flab??? I don't see flabby arms. You look like you have killer arms to me, wear those sleeveless tops you look great.
    I just had one of my twins move to Virgina Beach, I spent 2 days cleaning her room, I had no idea she was such a hoarder and hid stuff under the bed and every nook and cranny. LOL.. You have given me an idea... my desk would fit nicely in her room!

  21. I read this line "Last time I saw her in person..." and thought -
    Gee, I didn't know you were in prison.


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