Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update and Woohoo, My Garmin is Here!

But first (swivel, Julie Chen-style), Jenny is making me post a disclaimer about all of the gross dead animals under my couch: I have two cats and obviously they are bringing in their treasures. And hiding them. Laurie asked "didn't you smell them????" - um, no...but then again, I live in a house full of boys, so there are lots of strange smells around here. (We're just going to pretend that the animal graveyard has been there for at least two years (which is even grosser when you think about that) because that's how long it's been since any son has lived at home.) BTW, if I recall correctly, I think my Grandmother didn't like hearing the word "gross" and she probably would have been really grossed out by this entire paragraph, not to mention the whole dead animals thing.

On to the update!

Sunday: Holy cow, was it ever hot and humid. We were at the park by 7:20 am, and the air was thick - I'm just gonna call it like it was: Hot Fog. Geez, it was bad - 80* plus high humidity...after nearly 18 years of living in Texas, I'm used to heat and humidity, but this was exceptionally bad. I had planned on doing two quick miles - like in the 10 minute range - but no. I slogged through the first half mile, thinking all kinds of oddball thoughts, when I became aware of the fact that I wasn't hearing any music - and that's when I realized that I forgot my iTouch - Doh! I made it through two miles, but it was not at the pace I was aiming for. Oh well - at least I ran, right? And I felt better about not having a good run when Brad (who is training for a triathlon) mentioned on Monday that he had an awful run Sunday morning - an hour earlier than I was out - said he felt like some of his clients who go on and on about "I hate this" "why am I doing this" - lol, I think it was funny for him to reach that point. But really, that's how bad the conditions were.

Monday: Fun times - we did a team workout in cardio - as a group, Linda had us do two miles on the treadmill, 1800 revolutions (not sure if that is the correct term) on the elliptical, 200 push ups, crunches and squats, and 100 tire flips. These workouts are fun because we work together to complete everything, and if one person is stronger on a certain exercise, then they take over that one while everyone else hits the other exercises. The elliptical is new and I'm a bit awkward using it - think it will just take me some time. Shoot, I didn't know how to walk, much less run, on the treadmill when I first started working out! The tire flips were wild - first of all, the tire was wet and dirty, and as you've seen in these pictures, it's not easy to lift up - you are pretty much putting your entire body into it (the bruise on my left thigh is proof). Kathleen and I flipped the tire back and forth - and I wish I brought my camera so I could show you just how filthy we got! My yellow t-shirt was black, as were my hands, arms, legs - I even had dirty sweaty water run into my sock! Now, I'm glad I wasn't going anywhere after this workout (sometimes I have to go into work for a staff meeting - that would have been lovely), but I have to say that getting down and dirty was kind of fun, and I can now see the appeal of those Mud Run obstacle races!

Tuesday: After last week's spectacular four mile run, both Jenny and I were pumped up to get even more miles in - plus we implemented the "will run for food" plan by meeting at the Smoothie King parking lot and then carpooling to the parking lot at the park so we could run back to Smoothie King. However, we didn't plan for Hot Fog - it was 82* and 79% humidity at 7:30 am - which translated into a drippy sweaty energy-zapping run. We made it to Smoothie King (geez, how many times can I write that in one post?) but it wasn't pretty. And it was only three miles - next time we will have to run completely around the park before heading out onto the street to you-know-where. Once we had our post-run refreshments and had a chance to sit down and chat, we realized how funny it was to be disappointed that we only ran three miles - when just a few months ago, we would have LOVED to run three miles! Luckily, it's not always this bad with the heat and humidity, so who knows - we may just have an awesome run next week!

Wednesday: Woke up with a rumbly tummy and cold sweats, so I decided that I had better A) not expose my workout peeps to anything should I have a bug (I am not sick); and B) stay home and not stress my body should it even be thinking about getting sick (I am not sick). Do you think if I keep saying I'm not getting sick it that will make it so? Positive thinking, right?

Garmin update:

Thank you for all of the Garmin input - I ended up ordering the 305 (decided I would probably regret spending over $100 more for something smaller and cuter, but missing some crucial features) and it arrived yesterday (of course, not in time for the morning run, but oh well). I encountered some huge obstacles once I decided on the 305 - namely, that my bank put a block on all online debit card transactions for consumer electronic and pharmaceutical purchases - so not only could I NOT buy my Garmin, I couldn't buy my drugs, either (<---kidding on this one)! Apparently bank card fraud is running rampant at the moment, and this is their way of protecting everyone. And while I appreciate that, I couldn't believe that it was to order the Garmin with my debit card - oh, and have I mentioned that they don't even sell them in my town? So that option was out. Luckily, I have a couple of sons with credit cards, so I got Max to make the purchase for me (thanks, Max!) - it feels so clandestine, though! But now my sweet new toy is here and I can't wait to take him out on a run!

I've named him Ricky Bobby - because I wanna go fast (and I love Will Ferrell)!
Ricky Bobby came with a lot of stuff - looks like I have some learnin' ahead!


  1. welcome to the family Ricky!!!!

    So excited for you Shelley you are going to love it, "I promise"

  2. Yay for Ricky Bobby's arrival! Any questions on the thing, you know where to find me. Hope that tummy rumbling is distant by now, although it seems like there's some sort of thing going around blogland. Hmmm, I hope it's not catchy!

  3. Whoohoo, you now have a Garmin baby as well, I'm sure you'll love him. I need to think of a name for mine actually, it's a 110 in grey/pink. But I respond better to men so think it might have to be a boy who likes pink lol. I know I'm rambling lol
    Well done on the running as well, even in such humidity! My run on Saturday am it was hot, but nothing like that.

  4. I am still learing how to use all of the features on my Garmin, but LOVE it!! Enjoy!


    Dude, what's up with those debit cards? I would DIE without mine. DIE, YOU HEAR ME??

  6. Hi, stranger. My goodness, you've been a busy lady!

    Dead animals under the sofa? Sure it's not some voodoo spell or something? LOL Poor birdy and lizard. I think I'd freak.

    I'm laughing about Ricky Bobby. LOL "Dear lord, baby Garmin. Please help me to run faster." I love that movie.

    Girl, I feel you on the running blues and the heat. It is so daarn hot! I just can't bring myself to hit the dreadmill. It sucks. I'm not a morning person but I'm so tired by the time it's actually cool enough to run (10pm?!) so that leaves me with some runner's blues. Guess I'll just have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

    Looking forward to hearing about your first run with the new toy. :D

    PS I ear my necklace all the time. LOVE it.

  7. LOVE it! Ricky Bobby :) I think it's even more appropriate given how you had to purchase the darn thing. I hope you're feeling better, too.

  8. I love that you named it!!

    P.s. The dead animals under the couch reminds me of the movie Grandma's Boy.

  9. You cracked me up with the smell comment. Have I mentioned that my husband refers to me as "Super Nose"?
    You got it you got it!! Have fun. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to "locate satellite". Let us know how you like it.

  10. We had a cat that would bring dead bunnies to the house, so I totally understand finding the 'gifts' under your couch. You cats are probably wondering where the jerky stash went LOL!

    Humidity just sucks it out of you. I cannot stand running in humidity. This is why I don't live in the south (although there is a strong temptation to live in New Orleans)

  11. Now you'll need a brand spankin new Ricky Bobby learnin tool gadget before you can go running with Ricky Bobby. Two gadgets are better then one.

  12. I have been MISERABLE running in the Alabama heat. I am running MUCH slower and I can barely get in4 miles (6 used to be what I would do on a lazy day). I don't know how you do it in TX.

    Since I saw your post about your Garmin I have seen them in the last two magazines I was reading and now I want one too! You'll have to keep us updated on how you like it.

  13. Haven't they banned Garmin's at Smoothie Kings? Just kidding...sounded right to me when I typed it.

    You rock for the super-humid runs. I haven't run, in...awhile. And I'm supposed to have my first official 5k this Sunday in the St. Louis soup!

    What was I thinking????

  14. Oooooh, Garmin! I'm looking to buy one soon so I'd love to hear more once you've used it more.

  15. I love your new TOY! It's sparkling, way better than the sick, wounded little guy I sent you. Enjoy!! Did you know there are videos on their website that teach you what to do? I still need to watch them from time to time!

  16. LOL at POD's comment. because it makes me anxious just thinking about getting new technology and trying to learn how to use it.

    Golly, Shelley, I'm glad you like your workouts. Because I"m afraid I would be MIA most weeks!

    And humidity. YUCK. I can stand the heat, but the humidity is just the worst.

  17. Yeah for Ricky! We have the same one and I'm sure you're going to love it as much as I do! Need to think for a name for mine too :)

    I guess if you're used to heat you can better deal with it. Here it's not that hot often and when it does the humidity is very high too and I hate it and can't run in it. If I do it's a struggle. So I'm very impressed that you did it!

    Great workouts again Shelley and have lots of fun with Ricky.

  18. Can't wait to read the review of your new Garmin. Let us know how you like it. That way I can decide if I want one or the P90X I keep thinking of trying:)

    Hope your feeling well by now!

  19. Shake and Bake sister! I got a kick out of the fact that you named you Garmin...and that you named it Ricky Bobby :-)

  20. Ha, I laughed out loud at the Ricky Bobby name! And thanks for setting us straight on the dead animals - I was actually wondering how they got there too - damn cats!

    I just looked up the temperature for Hilton Head - upper 90's - must wear hat and lots of sun screen!!

    I just sent you Hannah's email - she made it to Germany safe!

  21. I can't wait to hear how you like it! I am thinking of getting one.

  22. Hope you are enjoying your toy and that you are still not sick!

    Thanks so much for always checking in on me. The peacock was running around a very low income area. That made it all the more special for some reason.


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