Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Randomness

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I had a great day - even with that exercise-induced headache. Linda took me out for lunch - we had the best salads, sat outside, drank tons of iced tea and had a nice relaxing chat. We may or may not have even split a chocolate chip cookie. Alright, we did - but it was ok because the cookie was free with the coupon from the goodie bag of the last race that we ran (says the queen of rationalization).

So you know you're a runner when you get running things for your birthday! Check out my loot:
A Columbia hat made out of sunscreen fabric, a sweatband because I sweat like a freakin' pig to help keep sweat out of my eyes, a new pair of my favorite running socks (Hey Experia, I'm still waiting for you to come out with hot pink and bright purple!), Sport Beans (joke gift from Jeff - as they are made by Jelly Belly, he swears they just put regular jelly beans in a package that appeals to athletes and charge twice as much)(he's probably right), and my favorite scent of bath salts to soothe those aching muscles.

Paco had to inspect every gift:
Socks! I love socks!He almost got the ribbon untied off of this one, but it kept slipping through his teeth. Inside was a gift from my mom:
The blue beads were part of a longer necklace that my Grandmother used to wear - Mom had them restrung into a necklace for me and added the silver beads. She also had different one made for herself - and we'll probably switch them in a couple of years. So in a way, I received a gift from my Grandmother, too!
Check out the cool toggle clasp - love all the thought and detail that went into this!

All in all, it was a pretty nice day! Thanks for all of the Garmin advice - I should have an update on which one I chose next week.


There are a lot of runners who call themselves "turtles" because their pace is slow - well, Jenny and I saw a turtle on our Tuesday run and let me tell you, that creature was booking it across the grass! We both laughed at how fast it was moving - so for all of the turtle runners out there, y'all are pretty fast!


Check out the badge for Biz's 101 Days of Summer Challenge (located on the right side of my blog). My goal is to run eight miles without stopping by the end of summer. I only need to double what I did on Tuesday...that's doable, right? Right???


Lori questioned in the comments on Monday's post if I run with Paco - the answer is no. That dog runs 90 miles an hour and it would be more of a drag than a run. I'm still laughing at her "going for a stand" if she took Pixie (her cat) - so funny and so true when it comes to cats!


Fashion Friday! Thank you to Julie of My Weight Loss Journey for suggesting that my turquoise sandals would go with my new bargain shirt - that took me in an entirely different direction than I was thinking of going with that outfit, and I like what I've come up with:

These are another pair of Target Bermudas that are too big - this picture was taken with them right out of the dryer, but about an hour later they were swimming on me. Why do clothes stretch out that much?!? Anyway, I also think this top would look good with jeans, which I may try next.

Please ignore the bags under the eyes - I'm still recovering from the last two weekends - aw, who am I kidding? This is what 47 looks like, people.

Close up of the detail - notice the seed beads on the brown? I love it! And I love the strip of fabric across the neckline - decided that a necklace would compete with everything that this top had going on so didn't wear one.


  1. Looks like 47 is good! Great gifts! My 'turtle runner' (ha ha...still slow, in spite of the speedy one you saw!) heart LOVES your running gifts, but my sentimental side thinks the necklace from your mom (and grandmother) is beautiful and so special.

    Happy birthday, friend. I hope it's a year of wonderful new experiences and accomplishments, as I'm sure it will be. :)

    As for the cookie ~ I would've had TWO if it were my birthday (one for each hip, I always say). LOL Well, maybe one HALF for each hip! Safer, right?

    I like the Bermudas quite a lot, and I agree: they stretch out quickly. I try to remember that when I try them on in the store and buy them one size smaller (which feels weird!).

    You look beautiful and more importantly...HEALTHY!

    Have a great Friday, Shelley. Oh, and stop by the Turtles blog and tell us your TOP 5 if you get a chance.... another fun Friday to show your creativity. :)

    HUGS from Orlando!

    p.s. ~ did i reallly make it to be the first commenter today? i keep trying! unless someone is typing/sending right now....

  2. goodlordyouaresocute.
    the gifts the dogpics the fashion help the NONEXISTENT bags under your eyes.

    your friday randomness always makes me smile.

    Glad it was a great birthday.

  3. The necklace your mom gave you is so beautiful and quite special too! I can't wait to see it on a Friday outfit. Speaking of, yes those turquoise sandals look great with your new shirt and khaki shorts! Happy Friday!

  4. I adore your Denton shirt! And what a great idea to restring the necklace for you. It is very cute, too. As are you. You are rocking 47, girl. Reading your blog is such a positive start to my day. Thank you for putting yourself out here for the rest of us to be inspired by and learn from.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday from your "other" Orlando blog fan:) My son was home sleeping in my computer room half the day away so I haven't been on my computer as much as I like lately but I'm back now!
    Cool loot for your birthday. I hope I look as good as you on my
    47th birthday next year..
    Have a great weekend!

  6. A very Happy but belated Birthday to You!
    The prezzies are all very nice.
    You look great in that outfit.

    and you look fantastic for 47 (or any age ... you look great)

  7. Great gifts you've got for your birthday. Love them.

    I like the outfit but I agree that the shirt will look great on jeans.

    Also like your challenge, am working on my own challenge for this summer, will post it tomorrow or Sunday on my blog.

  8. I love the outfit, the sandals totally work. I love your hair too! Keep the length, it keeps you looking young. Too many women (in my opinion) cut their hair short for convenience but then it ages them. I love the shoulder length, keep it! Looking good!

  9. Wow, you made out like a birthday bandit with that loot. And what a thoughtful gift from mom. I also have a connection with my grandmother and ggmom through the jewelry they wore. Nice!

    And jeans with that top, definitely. Oooo, or maybe a denim skirt, right?

  10. Love all the birthday loot!!! Our dog does the same thing when presents are opened, and we have to say "its not for you Ed!"

    I love the turquois sandels with that new top! I never would have thought to put that together!

    Happy Friday!! I just finished the BL boot camp last chance workout! I need to stop sweating so I can take a shower and get my ass to work!

    Who knew I could become a morning person at my age??!!

  11. That necklace from your mother/grandmother just about made me cry. What a wonderful, wonderful gift!

  12. Awesome running goodies! You can totally hit the 8 mile mark by the end of the summer, just keep reminding yourself how AWESOME you will feel when you're done!

  13. What a beautiful necklace and a great way to remember your grandmother :D

    I love beads and shiny things on my clothes. You can sparkle in your 40s no problem!

  14. I'm back from the salad link. They also had a banana pudding pie scrolling across there....

    Sherry shallot dressing sounds good, though.

    And I forgot to say I LOVE the necklace. Love it just because and love it because of the sentiment and thought behind it.

  15. Your post filled me with all sorts of warm fuzzies and girlfriend dialogue so here goes in no particular order:

    - If I get to look like that in 8 years I am so damned excited

    - Coveting your new socks. Comfy and fashionable. WOOT!

    - Love the new shirt and sandals combo. I'd hit on you if that was how I rolled.

    - Happy belated birthday! I'm going to go with the "I wanted to stand out from the crowd" excuse, ha! :)

    - I am a turtle, and we have a turtle and he is MUCH faster than I am. Then again, my shell jiggles a lot more.

    - I'm starting a new thang on my blog called Freaky Friday Guest Post. Wanna swap blogs some Friday?

    - I have officially lost my mind. My TicTac is turning 9 and we are having a oxymoronic "slumber" party. 8 girls. Please send prayers and caffiene.

    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! Hugs, Kirsten

  16. You look extra cute today, friend. I like those sandals! I am boring and mostly only wear black shoes, always. I need to branch out!

  17. Love the outfit this Friday. Your reader was right about those shoes.

    I too, am looking for those bags. It's like playing Where's Waldo!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. What a cool necklace from your mother. I had a necklace from my grandmother that I had restrung into bracelets for me and my daughters.
    I love those sandals with that outfit. (those are all of my favorite colors!)
    You are STYLIN' 47!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I just found your blog & I really like it. I'll be visiting often.


  20. Hey Shelley, thanks for giving us a peek at your great bday goodies!

    I like the bargain top ('as is' haha) and it looks great w/the sandals [and sadly the too big bermudas..but hey, what a good feeling to be able to say something is TOO BIG!! Ya hooo!]

    Awwww you got beautiful Maggie's beads! (she is such a lovely woman..) Do you remember her wearing the original necklace? I *love* what your Mom had them do with yours. It will be fun to see the other one too sometime. I know I've said it before, but your Mom has good taste! Fondly, Chrissy

  21. The outfit is adorable! And, great w/ shoes. Isn't it funny that people out in cyberspace know your wardrobe and are giving you suggestions. Too cool!
    Thanks for all of your support, 24 hours from now, I'll be at the tri....27 hours from now, I'll be DONE!!!
    Can't wait....for SO many reasons.

  22. Great that you join me in the challenge, love your goals for the summer!

    Yes that's my patio. Even on very hot days we can still sit there and be kind of cool and it's the perfect place to have dinner. It's about time I can post a picture on my blog with you in it :) That would be so nice.

    Did you buy the Garmin yet?

  23. Happy Belated Birthday Shelley!!!

    I love the top with the sandals!!

    I had the same thing happen with a pair of pants I wore right out of the dryer, but by the middle of the morning, they were HUGE! I can't wear those again (which is good!)

    Love the loot you got too!

  24. You make 47 look fantastic! I love the turquoise sandals, you are such a doll! Happy Belated Birthday wishes, you deserve the very best and I'm glad Paco was along to inspect the gifts, so sweet!
    Speaking of turtles, in the old days I wanted a turtle tattoo but then one day, I got faster and was thankful that I didn't commit to the turtle...remember, there's ALWAYS room for getting stronger and faster!
    Still no tattoo, by the way!

  25. Love the clothes they are so cute. I don't understand why clothes stretch so much! Of course they never did that when I needed them too!

    Your pink bike is adorable and what a difference in your pictures a year apart. Congrats on your weight loss! You look so much younger as a thin person!

  26. When I really got into cycling all my birthday, Xmas, whatever gifts all started being bike gifts. LOL

    I just want to say that you look great with your new shirt on. And I love that you got that necklace made from your Grandma's beads. How wonderful is that?!


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