Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - Late Edition, and Announcement !

I feel like we have been going non-stop since last Friday, what with the boys coming into town for Jeff's graduation (he and I thank you for the messages of congrats - y'all are so sweet!), the graduation and everything that went with it, driving up to Denton on Sunday, helping the boys move into their new apartment on Monday, driving back home on's been crazy and I'm tired! And, it looks like we will be heading back up there on Friday after work to spend a little relaxing time with the boys - they will both be busy this summer and probably won't make it home for another visit until August, so this long weekend will be the best bet for a fun visit.

Ok, here's my WWU - and it's kind of pathetic, so I'm including Sunday in it as well.

Sunday: I knew it was going to be hot, so I set my alarm (on a Sunday - now that is dedication!) so we could be up at 7:00 am, get coffee'd up, read a little of the newspaper, and head out to the park for a run (me) and bike ride (Jeff) by 8:00 am. Great plan, right? Except that apparently my alarm clock has weekday and weekend settings, along with two alarms, and somehow I didn't get it set for the weekend. Woke up and it was like that scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral, minus most of the cursing. Oh man. How can it be so dang hot at 8:30 in the morning?!? Not only hot, but humid and windy. It was in the low 80's already! I set out for my run - I was planning on stepping up my distance, from my normal 3.1 miles to 3.5. It was tough. Seemed like the wind direction kept changing and no matter which way I ran, it was always into the wind - at one point, my hat even blew off! Do I get bonus points for running after it? I ran for two miles and ended up taking a quarter-mile walking break - then ran for the next 1.1 miles. So I did a 5K, but didn't end up increasing my distance. With the hot Texas temperatures here, I will have to get up early in the morning to get my running in - it's just too unbearable otherwise. Funny, because a few months ago I had to wait until mid-afternoon to run just so it would be warm enough!

Monday: Unpacked boxes and set up the boy's kitchen. I will say that at the end of the day I was tired, but my feet were not swollen nor were they killing me like they were when I helped Sam move into his first apartment three years ago. Amazing how much better I felt...just another benefit to weight-loss!

Tuesday: I brought my running shoes to Denton and planned on going for a run, but I wasn't comfortable running by myself in their new neighborhood - it's not a bad area, but it is unknown to me and I am a big chicken. If I had more time, I would have run on campus, but we had to drive back home (which took 3.5 hours) because I had to work that night.

Wednesday: I actually worked out! I was a little worried at the start - afraid that all of my endurance and strength had disappeared since I missed Monday's workout. Unreasonable? Yes. But true. Linda abandoned us to go on a field trip to a water park with her son's class - lucky kids - so Brad tortured us in the gym for an hour. Team Jelley (Jenny/Shelley) was reunited - one member was on the leg press, having negative pressure applied by Brad (I hate these so much and usually cry, but actually didn't this time) for ten reps, while the other member got to do mountain climbers. Then we switched, for a total of five times each per exercise. After that, one member got to do a one minute wall sit while the other member did more mountain climbers - five times each again. Have mercy!

My legs were like my team name at that point - jell(e)y! But we were only halfway through our hour. Next up was The Chief (cue ominous music) - this one is a killer! You do three curl presses with dumb bells (I had 12 lb. ones), then six push ups, then nine squats. Lather, rinse, repeat, for five minutes. Then you rest for one minute. Of course, Brad had us doing "active rest" which meant doing a plank hold for that minute. Then back to The Chief. We did five rounds of this! I was able to do four sets each round, which surprised me after doing all of that lifting and moving on Monday.

Even though I did run and workout this week, I kind of feel like I cheated. And next week will be the same, because I will miss the Monday workout due to Memorial Day/being out of town. But I WILL get more running in...and that leads me to my next topic:


...or why you should never say never.

She wore me down with her enthusiasm. After a few months of back and forth, what ifs, we can do this and look at the shiny medal, Kelly has convinced me to do a half marathon! We are going to do the Seawall Half-Marathon in Galveston on November 20, 2010. Click on this link to read all about the race and everything that goes with it - I think the entire day is going to be a blast! Shoot, with a web page so cute, how can it not be, right?

So apparently now I need to start training for this shindig. Or I can just wing it, which is what I normally do in most all aspects of my life. Why change now?

The other funny thing about deciding to do this, is that I received a package in the mail the other day - ever get a package when you are not expecting one, and try and figure it out before you open it? No...just me? Well ok then. Anyway, I opened it to find this book...
...which threw me even more. It was like a sign - "The Ultimate Runner" with stories and advice to keep you moving - how perfect, right? But who sent it to me? There was some paperwork including a press release, but I'll be darned if I remember telling a publisher that I would review this book. Weird. I settled down and started reading it, and finally after a couple of hours thought to "search" my gmail account with the book's title, and there it was! Turns out I had won it in a giveaway a couple of weeks ago. I knew I had won a running book in a giveaway, but somehow thought it was Run Like a Mother - nope, it was this one. Which ended up being exactly what I needed!

So in nine months' time, I will have gone from running my first 5K to running a half-marathon. Never thought that would be in the works, but that's what happens in The Evolution of Weight-Loss and Fitness-Gain!OK, how cool is this badge? Tina made it for me - after Kyle posted that he was thinking about doing a marathon sometime during his 42nd year, we emailed back and forth about how much we've evolved from losing weight to this whole fitness thing, and I got the idea of doing this badge to show how far I've come...I remember mentioning to Linda almost a year ago that I would like to run a mile, and the next thing I knew, she had me running a mile. Then I put as one of my New Year's resolutions that I would like to run a 5K sometime this year, and BAM! - I ran my first 5K less than two months later!

The running bug has certainly bit me, and while I have times where I hit the wall immediately upon starting my run and wonder why in the world am I doing this, by and large I do enjoy running, what it does for my body and my weight-loss goals, and especially the feeling of crossing the finish line - that never gets old!

So I'm putting it out there - me, who doesn't like to set real specific goals (what if I fail - then everyone will know) - I'm telling you that I am going to run a half marathon in November. If you are a runner - even if you are just starting out - and have running goals like a 5K or beyond, you are welcome to post this badge on your blog, to let the world (well, blogland anyway) know about your evolution!


  1. Oh my Shelley--a half marathon!! Can't say I'm that surprised though--seems almost, well, the natural evolution for you. You have really done so fantastically.

    I really laughed at your comments about the Texas heat. Long ago and far away, when I lived in Wichita Falls, a friend and I would walk at 11pm after I got off work. I don't remember that we did it because of the heat, but that's probably why. In addition to being very young and foolish.

    How fun to get a book you weren't expecting. I have surprised myself occasionally when I order a book online and then forget about it until it arrives.

  2. You are going to ROCK this half-marathon! I am so super proud of you!

  3. You are awesome!!! Good luck with your training :)

  4. I love that saying weight-loss, fitness-gain! How cool because it is so true :D

    Definitely do a plan for the 1/2 training. Longer distances are a beast (having only gone 8 as my longest, I suppose I don't have a lot of experience there).

    I cannot wait to read the recap of that race :D

  5. Shelly, I have no words except to say that I am so proud of you, so proud of how far you have come and so proud of where you are going.

    Ok maybe I did have a few words ;-)

  6. when its hot like that you should go jog in a pool... find a friend that lives in an apartment complex for cheap access :)

  7. I've been waiting on this announcement Runner Girl...I knew it was coming eventually.....WOO HOO!!! :)

  8. First the half and then one day soon, a full marathon! I see it in your future! My close friend is running her first half in two weeks and we couldn't be more excited! You are going to LOVE it, Shelley! Sometimes we do things for specific reasons and then they take on a new significance. I think that's going to happen to you!! I'm so excited for you.

  9. I KNEW IT!

    I knew after you give the little hint on my blog that this must be it!

    I'm so excited for you and even more determined to do my own half next year.

    Would be fun training "together" for this!

    Have fun with the training!

  10. Unbelievable that you took up running just less than a year back! And now you do a 5K every week!! Wow, can't even tell you how inspiring that is.. because ever since I started out, I've been worried that I'll never be able to run continuously for 10 minutes. At this point, 5 minutes and I'm speed dialing an ambulance :)

  11. Awesome goal your first half-marathon! I guess next year you'll be doing your first marathon:) Go Shelly Go!! I'll be here in sweaty Florida cheering you on!

  12. Glad you got the boys settled and will be able to spend some "non-moving" time with them this weekend!

    And I would not feel bad about not getting your regularly scheduled exercise in - life gets in the way sometimes, and I can guarantee you burned tons of calories moving boxes!

    A HALF MARATHON??!! You rock sister! You know I'll be your biggest cheerleader! Who knows, I may just have to vising my brother in Texas that weekend to cheer you from the side lines! :D

  13. Shelley, I did that same thing my first year of running. I started with a 3.5 mile race and ended the year with a full marathon! I've had the running bug ever since.

    Check out Hal Higdon's training programs. Since you've never raced that distance you can follow the beginner plan. A plan like that would get you used to the mileage and help you build up slowly.

    OOOOOHHHH I am so excited for you!

  14. Shelly,
    I went to the website and read all the details. It looks like a fabulous race. Flat and straight and along the beach most of the time. The only thing that made me think twice is that it said no headphones. I guess you could hide them when you take off and and finish...i teach high school and I can be just as sneaky as a teenager. :) Maybe I'll see you there.

  15. So you don't know me, even from the comments, but I read this blog everyday at work (hello, I love Google reader) and just had to let you know that I think I'm switching from my plan of running the SA Rock n Roll Half in November to the Seawall Half now! Thanks so much for the link!

    BTW, I did the Cap10K in ATX in April, my first ever race over 5K and it was AWESOME. I highly recommend it for you next year - it's huge and fun and ridiculous - my write up is here:

    Thanks for the inspiration and the ideas!

  16. I've just read and enjoyed your blog for the first time. Your before and after pictures are great - you've turned into a whole new person, really! And you look about ten years younger. Cool.

  17. You are INCREDIBLE! As a newbie blossoming runner, I totally know what you mean about how empowering it is to run. I could care less how slow I am or how silly I look doing it. It fills my spirit with ROAR!
    I work with an honest to goodness runner and he does Indy's Mini every year. When he first told me that he expected me to do it with him next year, I just laughed out loud. But now, I'm seeing it!! I have a year to get ready and I'm going to do it too!

    I borrowed your great badge to add it to my wall.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful warm fuzzies and support.

    Hugs, Kirsten

  18. I read this post last night after 4 comments and I tried to comment and my stupid home connection is too slow. I wanted to steal the badge to make me look more physically fit.

    Congrats on the decision to run that half marathon.

  19. What a cool freaking badge! I will post it with pride, back linked to your wonderful blog of course.

    I don't know if I can fit in "13.1 when I'm 41", but I will'd have to be a Garmin recorded fun run, though.

    So excited for your November will rock it no doubt.

  20. Whoohooo, can't wait to follow along as you ace that half-marathon!

  21. Have fun training for your Half! I'm running my first Half this Sunday and am terribly excited. After that, going for the full. It's gotta happen. And who knows. Maybe an ultra after.

    You can do it.

    I have yet to read it, but from what other people have said, Born to Run is an amazing book about running. From what people have said, it fits my running philosophy. I'm a barefoot/minimalist runner and it's amazing feeling the earth and ground when I run. It makes me feel connected, it makes me feel like this is what I should be doing, how my body was designed to be. Give it a try?! :)

  22. Fantastic! I cant wait to hear how the training goes and how the race goes! I am signed up for a 10K in Nov myself and a bit nervous about it! We can do it! Murn


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