Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Bragging...

Saturday was Jeff's graduation, and I was up bright and early - like 1:00 am! Apparently, my mind treats a morning graduation ceremony the same as a race - and I don't sleep very well the night before. Oh well, that's what naps are for, right? I think this is the first college graduation ceremony that I've attended since my brother graduated from Chico State, and that was in 1989! How do I remember the year? Easy - I was very pregnant with Max at the time, the ceremony was held outdoors, it was hot, and I was wrangling two-year-old Sam - ahhh, memories! But I digress...back to 2010.

This was a Masters and Doctoral graduation ceremony - there were 83 graduates, so it was a little more personal then the huge undergrad ceremonies. It was fun to see all of the faculty in their colorful "regalia" (caps, gowns, sashes, medals) - it looked like they had fun dressing up!

It was great to see the graduates walk in - Jeff was beaming as he came in wearing his hood and honor's cords - he was Summa Cum Laude - had a perfect 4.0 the entire time (he says he had to make up for his crummy Bachelor's GPA, lol). We were given a really nice program as we entered the auditorium, but the graduates didn't get to see it until after the ceremony. So while we discovered that Jeff was going to be presented with the Departmental Achievement Award, he had no idea, and it was fun to see the shocked and surprised look on his face when they announced it as he started to cross the stage! He was given a nice plaque from his department head. Then more handshakes, the diploma, and a Spanish-English pocket dictionary, which the commencement speaker, Sen. Judith Zaffirini, traditionally gives to all graduates. How funny is that?

Afterward, we went out for the traditional post-graduation meal of Chinese food, followed by the newest tradition, frozen yogurt. A good time was had by all...and then it was, indeed, nap-time!

Jeff worked hard to get his Masters - he attended classes while working full-time, wrote and successfully defended his thesis, and suffered (as so many did) the loss of his mentor and advisor, KC Donnelly, who died last summer. This was his journey, and just as I've been making changes in my life these past two years, so has Jeff. I'm proud of what he has accomplished!

And now, of course, pictures!

L to R: Sam, me, Jeff, Max
Look at the fancy hood!Jeff and his "three" sons - Max, Sam and Kevin (Max's best friend, who practically lives at our house when the boys are home)Happy diploma man!


  1. happy diploma man :)
    Love that.

    and you should be so very proud.


  2. What a lovely family, Shelley. Congrats to Jeff and to you all. Getting a degree as an "older than average student" really is a family affair.

    PS - you look adorable in the pictures and everyone looks so happy. A joy to behold, for sure.

  3. SO wonderful! So much to be proud of in this fam! You are both such great examples for the boys.

    Thanks for sharing, and Yay, Jeff!

  4. Congratulations Jeff how very proud you must be!

  5. Your pictures are so sweet and full of love and pride! Congrats to Jeff.

  6. How exciting! SO VERY! Congrats to him!

  7. Congratulations Jeff! Shelley - brag all you want - 4.0??!! Holy shit!

  8. That is awesome! Jeff rocks! Congrats to your whole family.

  9. Congratulations, Jeff! What a fantastic achievement, especially while working full time. You must have had a good wife taking care of you LOL!

    You look mahvelous, Shelley!

  10. Congrats to Jeff! What an achievement! I always have nothing more than respect for those who study besides a fulltime job, have done it myself when I was younger so know how much dedication and time this costs.

    Again: Jeff, congratulations!

  11. I am so proud of you guys, oh and Jeff and he's so good looking too. (Which is really all that counts). What is he going to be when/if he grows up?

  12. How fantastic!! Congrats to your honey bunny. :)

  13. That is so awesome. I'm impressed! Nice GPA, man.

    Tell Jeff how happy we are for him. That's quite an achievement.
    Do I have to call him Dr. Jeff now? :)

  14. What a sweet family! Your hubs looks very happy. Congrats to Jeff!

    You deserve to brag

  15. Have to admit: I bought the mustard soup already made :) so no recipe here :lol:

    Thanks for the compliment Shelley!

  16. Congrats to your hubby!!! That is so awesome!

    Way to go!!!!

  17. Summa cum laude! Congratulations to your husband!

  18. I seem to be a tad late on reading this post.
    1. Congratulations!
    2. You look AWESOME in the picture with Jeff, you guys are an adorable couple.
    3. Your boys are cute
    4. How sad to have lost their mentor

  19. What a massive accomplishment...congratulations to hubby and the whole family.


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