Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Randomness, Plus A New Feature!

Ooh, a new feature - what could that be??? Hah - Dana knows! At her behest, I will do a Friday Fashion Feature - hopefully every week, but you never know, I might not have any good outfits some weeks! Anyway, as I've lost weight, I have discovered a whole new interest in clothes - and along with that interest comes uncertainty, as I have not dressed a normal-sized body in decades. So, here's where you come in...I'll post an outfit (or two) and you tell me if it's ok for my body shape or what I could be doing to improve it. I'd say be brutally honest because you won't hurt my feelings, but truth is, if I get a lot of "you look horrible" comments I will probably start to cry. And you don't want that, right? It's not pretty - just ask my workout peeps! OK, here goes:

Outfit #1 is a delightful ensemble...oh wait, I'm not narrating a fashion show! The jeans are the same exact pair that I wore in this post, only they are a brand-new size 8. And - get this - they were on clearance at Kohl's for $7.39!!! I was thrilled, as you can probably guess. The top is something that I tried on several times before I finally bought it. I've seen this style (with the gathered waist and then the peplum, for want of a better word) everywhere lately. I wasn't sure about it because it's so loose-fitting. Almost something I would have worn in my heavier days. I wore it when we had a reception at work, and was both gratified and mortified (that's the problem with shopping at Kohl's in this small town - everyone shops there) to see another woman wearing the same top - and she was thin, so I felt like it was ok. What do you think?Outfit #2 - Bermuda shorts paired with the top that I wore in my two year diet-and-blog-iversary pictures. I could wear this to work if the A/C weren't so blasted cold. I'm trying this summer to stay away from capris and instead wear Bermudas, because I'm so short and most capris just look like I'm wearing floods. The shorts and blue top are from TJ Maxx, white layering tank is from Target (the dog is from the pound and my glasses are no where to be found - lol, I'm such a rhymer).Outfit #3 - bonus outfit. This dress was on clearance at Kohl's for $6 - how could I resist?!? This is one thing that I'm discovering about shopping in the normal sizes - you can actually find great bargains! Layered with the white Target tank - got to keep the cleavage under wraps, if ya know what I mean!


A few weeks ago I wrote about how we transformed Dirt Island into Lily Hill - with Rocks. The lilies finally began blooming, so I thought I'd share a picture of our masterpiece:
These are called Ruby Red lilies - I love them!

And, because we are so original they grow so well and come back after hard winter freezes, here's more lilies - this bunch is next to our mailbox:
Not sure what these are called, but I love them because they are so abundant and thrive on neglect!


Finally, lookie here:
Why yes, that would be purple toenails - I hit 149 this week and don't you know I hightailed it to the local nail salon for my reward!!! I can't believe I am in the 140's - even when I lost most of the baby weight from my first son (who is now 23), I never got down that low! This is decades in the making!!! I hope to lose a bit more before my body goes on maintenance once again - but lately, weight loss has been so subjective for me that I don't know if that is a possibility. What I do know is that the combination of more running (cardio), less processed carbs (bars, crackers, etc.) and more veggies (thanks, Lynn, for encouraging me to cook some asparagus that night last week when I was tired and all I wanted to do was pour a bowl of cereal for dinner) has added up to a few more pounds FINALLY gone!


Hope everyone has a nice weekend - Jeff is walking the stage on Saturday - that's right, he's graduating with his Masters of Science in Public Health! Our sons will be here so it should be a busy weekend - more on that in Monday's post.


  1. First outfit: I like it, it looks great on you and would definitely something I would buy for myself.

    Second outfit: wouldn't wear that to work but only if I stayed at home.

    Third outfit: in my opinion this dress doesn't show your figure as it should do. You have a great body: show it :)

    I'm so impressed with your weight loss journey. I'm going to make a serious attempt starting Monday. First I have my birthday tomorrow with cake and dinner but I will go for a run first thing in the morning. My workouts suck this last week but honestly I don't give a crap :) I had other things on my mind as you know. It will get better.

    Thanks for your support all the time, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.


  2. In order of preference, 1,3,2. So what are you wearing to graduation?

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family! And Go PURPLE - yay, you! Congrats on your awesome achievement. Woo and Hoo!

  3. I like the first outfit best just make sure you wear some comfortable shoe with a little heel. The shorts outfit is cute but not for work I think sorry...Cant see much detail with the dress so can't comment on that..
    Great job on the weight that rocks and I am jealous your were I wanna be and will be some day soon:) Love the flowers! Congrats to Jeff...After hearing you rave about Khols now I'll have to go check it out its been AGES since I bought new clothes.
    Thanks for all your support you give to me means a lot!!!

  4. I have been wating all week for this!

    Ok, all 3 outfits were great. In order I liked 1,2,3. Yep, I loved the 1st one. I don't think that kind of a top looks good on too thin women. That's just me...jealous much Dana. Your pefect, so it looks perfect.

    I am moving more towards bermuda's this year too. Those and dresses and lots of skirts. I also saw Kristin wearing leggings and tried and liked those too. I always worry about dessing my age. I have a co-wroker that will tell me brutal truth, so I feel pretty good about

    You might have inspired me to get with the program and post a few outfits myself! I have noticed as well that I am saying HELLO to a GOOD-BUY more myself. So cheap stuff! I find cute things at thirft stores too. Just another incentive to stick with the program.

  5. I think I need to hightail it over to Kohl's! Great toes:) Congrats.

  6. Oh, Big Congrats on the 149 and the purple toes....almost forgot I was so excited about Fashion Friday.

  7. I LOVE the first outfit, think your legs look great in Bermudas and don't love (but don't dislike) the dress. Those kind of dresses don't do a whole lot for anyone's figure as there isn't enough structure in them. But it still looks cute on you.

    Congrats on your 149 and your purple toes :-)

  8. I vote on number one. But you look great in all of them.

  9. YAY for purple toes!!

    You give me hope that one day my "decades in the making" journey will come to an end.

    Have a great weekend Shelley.

  10. I like the first outfit on you. I really like the purple toes by the way. The shorts look great on you, but I would not wear them to work. I really think the dress is cute, but is does not do you justice. Have a great weekend.

  11. The first outfit looks the best. Although the top is "flouncy", it is slimming because of where the it cinches your waist.

    I love finding deals like that! Only in the States...time for a cross border shop to Kohl's!

  12. Wooohoo!!!! Hello 140s! You rock the clothes, but mostly you ROCK that polish. Love the toe rings :)

    If I have anything to say about it (hear that, knees??), I will SEE that nail polish in 9 days!

  13. Hello 140s!! How exciting for you Shelley!

    And your feet are so lovely. Wish mine were that photogenic (crab claws anyone??).

    You are inspiring me to really clean up my act and get off a little more weight.

  14. Seems to be the common opinion, but outfit #1 is the most flattering, though it's great that you can now make anything look good.

    With all your muscles, I'm not surprised how difficult it is to make the scale move, but congrats on the 140's.

  15. I LOVE THAT DRESSSSSSSS! But then again, I'm a total dress and skirt girl. I don't wear shorts. Ever. I wear skirts.

    And wahoo to 140s!

  16. What a good idea, I would like to do the same once I hit the 140s. The first outfit is so attractive; the top is perfect for you. For the third outfit, to me it looks like you need to add a belt either at your waist or below, to show off that you have a waist.

  17. I think everything looks great Shelley! I have no fashion sense though - usually Hannah just rolls her eyes when I am finished dressing myself!

    Congrats to Jeff! Have a wonderful weekend with all your boys! :D

  18. I like outfit #1 as well.
    The dog is adorable ...

    You DO have nice toes. I love the toe rings, too.

    You give me hope that one day I'll love clothes again. As a fat person, it just isn't fun to shop.

  19. First outfit is so cute. Flowing is in. Also, it looks like some of the 80's stuff is coming back, too, remember, the shirts were big and the sweaters were big with tanks underneath. So fun!
    Your pictures are spectacular, what a transformation :)

  20. I love the first outfit. I also hesitate to buy flow-y (is that a word?) tops because it is something I would have bought when I was heavier. But, I have to say it looks really cute and very much in style.

    Congrats on getting to 149! I hit 100 lbs lost this week (151 lbs), and 149 is my next mini goal.

    Enjoy your busy weekend.

  21. AH, yes, normal sized clothing bargains…how I miss thee!

    CONGRATS on the purple toenails! You’ve inspired me to celebrate each 10lb goal getting my toesies done!

    Outfit 1 looks fab! If I caught you in that I’d think: There’s a fit and fab fashionista! I would never have guessed that you were EVER overweight…that’s the hard thing about being a big girl, when you drop the weight all those styles that would have made you look bigger finally work! So I’m dressing vicariously through you because I love that top and would never wear it at my current weight (but oh how I want to!)

    Outfit 2: Looking good!

    Outfit 3: I really like this dress…is that a small flower print? I love the little detail in the front which makes this simple dress more interesting to the eye. It looks SO good on you! The length is perfect—you’re legs look great! And if you haven’t inspired me enough today, this dress has taken me over the top—I’m in my sewing room wondering if I can get away with something similar…I’ll let you know. :-)

  22. You're so mean :lol: Now I have to wait till it's Wednesday and I'm so curious!!!!!

    I'm guessing either a 10K or go to the big one: a half marathon.


  23. Hey, you found some pretty smoking threads at Kohls, for cheap. My shopping trip at Kohls recently wasn't nearly so fruitful. Jealous!

  24. Wow! Congrats on the new decade!

    You're really looking good in those clothes! That dress, in particular, is so cute, and the white tank adds a pop of interest.

    Enjoy your inner-bargain-hunter instincts!

  25. Love all three looks - the first is my favorite. You kicked some serious a$$ with good deals at Kohl's. You are such an inspiration to me. I decided today that I'm going to spend indoor time this weekend reading through some of your archive. You've had incredible success and I love your positivity!

  26. I love #1. And I'm like you--that's not anything I would think about wearing. But I like trying on things that I don't think will work, and once in a while, I am pleasantly surprised.

    Love Paco watching you taking pictures.

    And woo hoo on the purple nails and the toe rings and the 140's. You are inspiring me to stay on the straight and narrow. (Doing pretty good today.)

    Say congrats to Jeff from all of us!

  27. I'm not IN LOVE with that dress, Shelley. Only because you're way too hot for it now. You need some slinky number to show off what ya got, lady! The other two are very cute though :)

  28. I like #1. It emphasizes the narrowest part of your body which is your waist. According to the fashion police that is the best thing to do.

    #2 is just okay for me. I am in the same boat as you with Capris (I'm 5'2") so I can see why you do bermudas.

    #3 is pretty good. I think with the right accessories you could dress it up a little and be good to go

    Love the flowers and the toes and look at you with the cutie wootie purple toes and toe rings!

    Have a wonderful weekend Shelley!

  29. So many comments today I had to turn and go to page 9. Sheesh.
    What's kind of cool is my word verification is PODuc. Perfect!
    149 is how much my right arm weighs.
    And the outfits...Def#1, makes you look long, lean and lovely.
    #2 kind of cuts you in half though it's still very cute and casual.
    For 6 bucks, the dress is nutty cute and amazing priced. I think you should hang the cleavage out. haha
    And you definitely do not have lymphedema in those toes. I am not even creeped out in the least! If I put a toe ring on, it would embed into my flesh and be lost forever.
    Congrats to Jeff!
    And have a good weekend.
    Skinny. (bitch!)

  30. Love the first 2 outfits and the puuurtty flowers. :) Congrats on the purple toes. Sounds like it should hurt, ha. More importantly, congrats on making it to the 140's. That is INCREDIBLE! (Meanwhile I'm still measuring my workouts in chocolate, doh!!). Have a great weekend. :) Hugs, Kirsten

  31. What an amazing post. I don't know where to begin, but I think it will be with the toe rings!! Love them, because I got to see the purple nail polish because you are in the 140's. Flippin' amazing!!!!!!
    I love love love the outfits!!!
    I am not a huge planting person, but the flowers are very pretty. I just planted 2 little tomato plants that a friend gave me. They've been sitting her a week and about to get my non-enthusiasm for the garden.
    I hope you are having a fabulous weekend, graduation, kids and all.

  32. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fashion piece added to your blog. Keep it up. I need the fun, girlie stuff once in a while! Toes=cute. What? No black toe nails peeling and falling off? Girl, you need a marathon to toughen up those tootsies! My feet are so gnarly, I am afraid to get a pedicure!

  33. All three outfits are super cute! I think #1 is great, but maybe if you pulled the ruffle down a couple inches, it might give you a longer, even leaner appearance? That's always great right?

    #2 is fine the way it is for anything casual. Shopping, around town, errands, whatever. Don't know what your work situation is so I dunno if it's appropriate.

    #3 could use a belt. You'd have to play with the size and where you want to wear it but I would think thin belt closer to the waist or a thicker one lower.

    Just my opinion though. All three are cute.

  34. oh oh, so fun!!! love love love #1, then two, ah 3 .... not so much, maybe with a belt or jacket to spruse it up

    long time reader!!! you are one of the bloggers that inspired me to start blogging!! Love the Fashion Friday feature :)

  35. Love the daylillies. My garden is a big mess. One of these years I'm going to clean it up.

    I love outfit #1 and it looks like most people do.
    Ensemble #2 looks okay for casual shopping, hanging out at home stuff but I don't think I would wear it to work. But then I don't know what kind of office you work out. One thing I discovered about Bermuda shorts. They make short legs look even shorter. My daugher wore a pair the other day and I swear from the back her legs looked no more than a few inches tall. For short legs I think shorts that hit mid-thigh may be best.

    The dress needs a belt or something to show off your figure. It looks like your hiding in there.

    I love Kohl's too and was so glad when they put one in my town.

  36. LOVE..LOVE..LOVE #1! It looks very flattering on you it shows off your tiny waist I think.
    #2 is cute too. I would wear it to work.
    #3 cute and what a deal!
    I can't wait to shop in the normal size clothes!
    Congrats on the purple toes all your hard work has paid off.

  37. Hi Shelley! Congrats on your son's graduation!!! I have an 8th grade graduation coming up in a week! It will be nice to have your sons home.

    Abut the outfits: I am with you about the capris, I'm short so they do not look cute on short ladies, I love the first outfit and I don't think the blouse is too baggy, you aren't fat, so it's not like wearing a shirt to cover it up, but you aren't really covering it up because you can still see it!

    And I love the dress too with the tank!

    And 140's!!!!!!! That's awesome!!

    Can't wait to hear about your weekend re-cap!

  38. I absolutely love love LOVE the first outfit! I think it looks fantastic on you - and damn girl, a size EIGHT?!?!?!

    Great job on getting into new digits - that rocks!

  39. Hey! congrats on finally being able to use the purple nail paint :) As for my opinion on the outfits:

    #1: Looks the best according to me! You could wear it with straighter pants though, I thought.

    #2: I know what you're saying about staying away from capris, because I'm short like you. See if the bermudas can be shorter?

    #3: Cute, and works very well in the layering style.

    Love this new feature.. hope it lasts :)

  40. Darling clothes! You're just to cute.

  41. I just love that first outfit on you. It's my favorite. I think the color looks pretty on you too.

    A big congrats on getting to the 140s!!! Dang, lady! You are wasting away. :)

  42. The first outfit is great; love the banded top on you! I like the casual look of the flat sandals with the jeans, but you could easily switch out heels with it too.

    With #2, I think you can pull off the Bermuda shorts, but try a different top. You're a pear like me and the ombre color pattern pulls the eye away from out pretty face and down to your "widest" part. You want to go in the other direction! :) (Heehee, I love your dog staring up at you so intently.)

    #3 is great breezy summer dress. It's what I call a canvas dress, one that you can add all kinds of layers or jewelry or belts to add visual interest and change it up. Have fun playing with that!

  43. I've started at the beginning of your blog and reading it like a book! You are so inspiring and your blog is so fun to read. You definitely need a book (much like dietgirl did). Anyway, we must be made from the same mold b/c I'm 5'2" as well and carry my weight in my bottom half the most. I have no inspirational story to tell as I've never had to lose that much weight. Right now I'm 143 pounds and trying to lose weight myself. Anyhow, back to my original reason for writing this message: your outfits! I think these outfits are exactly what you need to be looking at in fashion. Anything that falls between your knees and ankles make you look SHORT! The outfit you posted where you were wearing black slacks and you said you looked short, NO WAY!! The capris and "half dresses" make you look short. We are basically the same size everywhere, you and I so trust me on this one (even tho you don't even know me. haha!)

    Anyway, you look great and you are definitely and inspiration. If enough people tell you that, when will you start believing it? LOL!

    Sincerely, Jessica


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