Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Randomness

I very nearly needed a Panera Bread intervention when we were in Denton earlier in the week - we went there four times! I just love that place, and we don't have one in my town, so of course I have to take full advantage of going there when I can. I liked that they post the calorie counts on their menu board - and I had a flashback of years ago, when my Uncle Bob was telling us about driving somewhere - Wisconsin, maybe - and seeing the speeding fines posted next to the speed limit signs - he would say "I can afford that!" and zip on down the highway! Ahhh, good memories of a very funny man. Anyway, I looked at the calorie count and thought "I can afford that" - and somehow ended up with two breakfasts - a four cheese egg souffle AND a cinnamon crunch bagel with light cream cheese! WTH, Shelley? Now, I didn't eat lunch, but still - that was crazy, wrong, and good! We are heading back up to Denton this weekend, but have already decided to eat in almost every meal (which will be easier now that the boys are all moved into their new apartment)...but you know I will have to have Panera once - however I will show a bit more restraint this time (I'm eying their new Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil salad - yum).


We took Paco with us on our trip last weekend, and I have to say that I've never seen a happier dog. He normally is very tense in the car, but I think the fact that we were all together calmed him, and he really seemed to enjoy the ride. I took a few pictures, and what does it say about me as a mother when I was trying to choose which picture to post and was thinking "Paco looks so cute in this one but Max is making a funny face - I'll post it anyway" - luckily for Max, I found one where they both looked good!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, we're going for a car ride!


My quads and glutes are so sore after doing the leg press negatives on Wednesday - they feel bruised, which is a normal occurrence and why I hate doing them so much...I'm sure there is some reason why Brad thinks we should be doing them, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I had to be aware of my whimpering and groaning as I sat down and got back up while at work yesterday - didn't want my co-workers to wonder what was wrong with me!


And now for Fashion Friday - I only have one outfit this week, but two pictures - can you spot the difference?

It's the shoes! I was going for a *pop* of color with the turquoise sandals, but wasn't sure that I liked it since I had no other turquoise going on. So I changed to the black sandals, which is what I ended up wearing to work (I can be pretty casual when we aren't having receptions). Here's a close up of the shoes:

Dana Buchman via Kohls, 2009Mossimo via Target, 2010

Which shoes would you have worn? Oh, and those Bermuda shorts bothered me all day - they just felt big, which in turn made me feel fat. So after work I went to Target and tried on the same brand (Merona - love that I fit into the cheap clothes now) in a smaller size - and they fit! Now, I do think that is an anomaly and there is no way in hell's half acre that I am really a size 6 (hello vanity sizing!), but you know I had to buy them.


Have a good weekend, everyone - I pledge to not lose myself in Panera Bread this time!


  1. yay!!

    I caught yer post before I left the net for the morning.
    Im so boring Id have done the black shoes.

    DONT BE ME :)

    Love the toes as well.


    Im off.

    and NOT running :)

  2. I would have picked the black too because I like the style better with that outfit. Could you find that style in turquoise or purple or hot pink?!!!!

    Having my cuppa before I AM off and running (hey Miz!). Your Uncle Bob made me laugh. Everyone should have an Uncle Bob. And the whole crazy, wrong and yet so good thing? Done it. Funny but when I read it it I thought, "That sort of describes my marriage!"

    Have a great weekend Shelley.

  3. Woohooo! Congrats on the size 6!

    Oddly enough, I think the black sandals popped more than the turquoise ones....but I like the turquoise ones too :-)

  4. Easy goes it at Panera this weekend don't want to go up on the scale or clothes size.
    Family pics are cute and I like the turquoise sandals better than the black ones cool toes:)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hey - you put on a 6, you own it! LOL. I have a pair of shorts I bought in a size 6 that I would never have bought color wise except they were a size 6 LOL!

    Ah Panera Bread. I go there at least once a week for bagels, as you know.

    The you pick 2 meals can actually be very healthy food friendly. A little high in sodium, but not bad. 1/2 a salad and half a sandwich makes for a very satisfying meal.

    I have to avoid the bear claw at all cost there. I could eat it calorie-wise, but it just sets off all kinds of cravings for me.

  6. We haven't been to a Panera since February! The St. Louis Breadco (the original thankyouverymuch) was our regular hangout too.

    I'm going back to St. Louis for business mid-June...I have a feeling that I'll cross their doorstep more than once.

  7. Oooh, size 6!

    I spotted the shoes. Kewl.

    I try to keep Panera for Saturdays, but for a while there, that was a safe place for a fast meal. Lately I am into Starbuck's spinach feta wraps and Vivanno smoothies.

    It would be helpful to see calorie counts. Wish more places posted them.

  8. I wouldv'e worn the black, too. The toenails are your pop, if you ask me. Although, those turquoise sandals are awesome!

    I am very glad to say that Panera is way across town, near the mall, which is a place I despise and loathe, so I don't go there very often. In fact, it's been a year ago December. But the new cheese restaurant downtown? Um. I must show restraint. CHEESE.

  9. I prefer the black sandals, but then again, remember I have no fashion sense!

    Have a great weekend with the boys! I heart Panera too - their broccoli cheddar soup is my go to with crusty bread!

    I did come up with a copy cat of that soup that is spot on!

    I look forward to your weekend recap next week! Hugs!

  10. I picked up on the shoes. Like both pairs a lot. The turq would really pop a white pair of capris/shorts. IMO, the black was the way to go with your outfit. Red would be an option, too.

    Size 6 is amazing! That Merona brand works for me, but I'm not a "6"! Or, should I say that my butt is not a "6"?

    Panera is all too tempting. They are everywhere in my area so it's easier to be immune.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  11. Love them both, but like the black w/ that outfit.
    Doggie is adorable, kid not bad either :)
    Have a nice weekend. We are heading down to the inlaws for a night or two. I've had a great food week...I need it to continue!

  12. I like the turquoise ones, personally!

  13. vanity sizing or not you are beautiful embrace it my friend!

  14. Yes, definitely the black ones - they really pull the whole outfit together. Loving the toe rings too!

  15. Both shoes are cute. I think I would have worn the black ones. They seemed like a better color combo. WOOT WOOT on size 6....vanity be damned!

    Have a fun weekend. I need to see if we hacve one of those bread places in this Phoenix area.

  16. I think I read or heard somewhere that Panera bread is owned and operated by Satan. Though I've never gone to one. T'would be a downfall. (another one)

  17. I likd the black too. For some reason, in the picture, they provided more of a pop than the turquoise.

    And panera bread. For some reason, it doesn't appeal that much to me. I have enough things that appeal to me, so I don't try to develop a taste for things that don't!

    But your talk about Texas and places I remember is making me nostalgic.

  18. I like the aqua ones. Hey, hop over to my blog when you get a minute. I could use a hug. Thanks. - Kirsten

  19. That Panera Bread sounds wonderful.. I am glad there isn't one nearby.
    I have to vote for the Turquoise sandals. SASSY not boring.

  20. I liked the black ones better on this outfit. I had too big clothes, they make me feel fat too.

    Lovely pic of Max and Paco. Luckily Bella loves to drive so we can take her everywhere.

    My blog is temporarily offline, having troubles with it and am working on it. Let you know when it's back online. To bad as I had a shout out for you on it because of your half marathon plan.


  21. You have the cutest dog and prettiest feet ever!

    You asked me once about what I get at Panera and I forgot to tell you: the classic cafe salad (unless their strawberry salad is in season) with dressing on the side and a whole-grain baguette :)

  22. Love both pair of shoes! VERY CUTE!

  23. I love the black sandals but the turquoise would be cute with yellow! I'm into yellow this year for some reason. Max and Paco are cuties, both smiling and happy. Love it!
    Hope your weekend is going well!

  24. Turquoise all the way, baby! Here's the test; when you look at both pictures, which way does your eye go, up or down? You always want to bring the eye up, and the darker color brings it down.

    That said, both sets of sandals are FABULOUS. I would have a tough time picking too!

    Mmmm, Panera. I have the Fuji Apple Chicken salad at least once a week. And the French onion soup is awesome; it's the only one I've ever had that isn't drowning in cheese on the top! It's so light but still rich with that beef broth. Mmmmmm...


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