Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update

What a crazy week - getting back into my normal routine has kept me busy! I have tons of ideas to blog about, plus a couple of books to read and review, and another review and giveaway coming up on Monday (hint: it's souper!). I've fallen behind on my blog reading and in order to catch up, had to give myself permission to not comment on every one. That's a hard thing to do, because I know how much I appreciate it when comments are left on my blog and I like to be encouraging to others. But in order to stay sane, sometimes drastic (ha!) measures are needed. Please know that I'm reading your blogs even if you don't see a comment from me. I know some people would say that if I'm so busy I shouldn't spend so much time in blogland, but writing and reading blogs has been a huge factor in my weight-loss success and I can't quit you guys!

Speaking of comments, a huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who left suggestions on my running post yesterday! You guys are great and I have and bookmarked - haven't had time to register yet but will do so soon and then I will have a better idea of my mileage! Also thanks for the pedometer suggestions - I had no idea that they were so advanced now and you can carry them in your pocket or purse! Back in the dark ages, I tried doing that 10,000 steps thing with a pedometer clipped to my waistband, which was a pain when I didn't have it clipped in the exact right spot and therefore didn't register my steps. There was also the added challenge of remembering to remove it before going to the restroom - otherwise *splash* dead pedometer. In the interest of cheapness, I'm going to try mapmyrun first. I do have a nice shopping list compiled now:
  • pedometer
  • heart rate monitor
  • Nike iPod thingie
  • iPod
But since I am being cheap frugal, and I want (and need) some new (smaller!) workout clothes (especially pants/capris - they are starting to fall down), that will come first.

Onto my workout update: Ladies and Gentlemen of Blogland, I have BIG NEWS to tell you! Are you ready? Today I mastered my nemesis and did a box jump!!! Several of them, as a matter of fact! The box jump, which has brought me to tears of frustration over my inability to do it; the box jump, that I've watched the other ladies in my group master; the box jump, that I always end up just stepping on and off - I finally did it! I stood on top of that box jump and cheered!!! Seriously, I don't know if it was because I was on a platform, but I felt the need for a medal to be placed around my neck! I had to settle for the congratulations from the other ladies in my group, plus of course from Brad and Linda - woohoo!!!
Edited to add in this super awesome medal that Tina made for me - thanks, are so sweet!

I think what clicked with me was when I got to the gym early yesterday and was messing around by standing next to the box jump and practice-jumping to see if I could get high enough (it's 12 inches high, btw) the air to do it (I couldn't). Brad walked in and watched me, then offered up that I needed to spring from my knees (I'm sure he's never told me this before <----much sarcasm in that remark - obviously I never "got it"), which reminded me that Max kept telling me that same thing while we were running, and I mentioned that to Brad. Later, when I was on the treadmill, Brad kept bumping up the speed and I ended up running half a mile in six minutes, with him telling me to lift my knees higher the entire time. Today, Linda had us going in a circuit...when my turn at the box jump came, she made me try it and HELLO WORLD, I was on top of it!

The other great thing about today's workout? I got brave and really committed myself to running that 5K by asking a woman from my class to be my running partner. She said yes!!! She's about the same height as me, so I figure our strides should be pretty similar. We talked about when and where we could run, and we may get together as soon as this weekend! So yay Jeri - thank you!

I've been keeping track of my running on my desk calendar - still no stickers yet so it's not supercute, but the important thing is that I've been running a lot (for me).

If you haven't already entered, go here to get in the drawing for a free cookbook - contest ends tomorrow (Thursday) evening.


  1. Oh, wow! Congrats on your 100 lb loss! It can be done! You rock!

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog, too.

  2. You rock Shelley. Check your email. I sent you a medal :)

  3. Wooo hoooo on the 5 k run, and the accountability of a running partner!!

    Also wanted to tell ya sometimes there is that little button up at the top that says, "mark all as read"... gasp!! Sometimes when life gets crazy, and you have a gazillion blogs to read in your reader, you just have to hit that little button!
    Kudos to you!

    hugs.. Amy

  4. Shelly,
    Congrats on mastering the box jump! Also, I can attest to the value of wearing a heart rate monitor while running that way you know your pushing hard enough but not too hard. I just use a basic Polar heart monitor nothing fancy I've had mine a while not sure what they cost now.
    Again, congrats.

  5. YEAH! Congrats on beating that box jump. You can do anything you put your mind to. :)

    So which 5K are you running?

    You are awesome and an inspiration.

    Keep warm. Do you know what temps to expect Thursday and Friday? This is Texas, not Antartica!

  6. Hey, why don't you just move the box out of the way rather than fight so hard to jump over it?

  7. That is SO cool about the box jump.

    You have inspired me.

    There is a class at my gym that is called "Anything Goes Intervals" that I have been way, way too chicken to try. I will be going next week BOTH days to see how I feel.

    I have been very comment happens, no worries.

  8. Sometimes I only have time to read too - no need to apologize! You are so motivating to me Shelley. I don't think I could do one single box jump. I wish that medal were real!

  9. Congrats on deciding to do the 5K and rocking the box jump. WOO HOO!!!
    Academy has some nice and cheap running clothes that are BCG brand. I really like them.

  10. whoohooo great job on the box jump!

    And thank you so much for the sweet comment on my post, I appreciate the support.

  11. Woo Hoo! How about a video of the box jump?? ;)

  12. I need to look into getting a pedometer as well - they're relatively cheap & I feel like they can be a very helpful tool :)

  13. Yeah Shelley! Love the medal, you deserve it!!

  14. Superduper yay for you on conquering the box jump!!! You must have felt on top of the world (no pun intended!!)

  15. you are such a fiend, woman! LOL

  16. It's already Thursday here but do you know I thought about you yesterday. I thought "it's Wednesday so that means a Wednesday workout update by Shelley, can't wait to read it"

    And what an update to read: congrats Shelley! This is terrific!

    After you bought new workout pants I would definitely make my first purchase after that a heart rate monitor. It really helps you control things and keep track of things.

    About reading blogs. I have 4 blogs I always read and comment on (and yes you're one of it). Then I have devided them in favourites and others. I try to catch up on my favourites everyday and comment on those too. That doesn't always happen but then I leave them unread till I have time to comment. The blogs in the other section I usually read but don't always comment. I always respond to the ones who commented on my own blog no matter what section there in. So don't worry too much about it, I know how busy life can be, have the same experience and like you blogging and reading blogs is a huge help in my weight loss journey so I keep doing that but I found out that committing to a healthy lifestyle which includes exercising takes a lot of time and effort too and that's our priority isn't it?


  17. Awesome news on the box jump, Shelley! You worked so hard to master that bad boy. What an accomplishment!!

  18. What a great day at the gym--box jump victory AND a new running partner!

    I had to laugh at your running pants almost falling off! I have a couple pair of pajamas like that. I love it because one of them is a 'dream pair.' I bought them when I was still heavy and it was just a dream that I would ever be able to fit into them.

    Its gonna be fun to compare run updates!

  19. HELL'S YEAH!!! It reminded me of the Biggest Loser where the girl couldn't do it.

    It's funny - I had the news on for school closings this morning, and they had a guy on there talking about weight loss, etc. He said that you have to wake up with the mind set that you "can" instead of thinking that you "can't."

    Great to say you CAN do the jump box!!!! So proud of you Shelley!

  20. So much GOOD STUFF! Congrats on that box jump.

    Love Workout Weds

  21. Shelley defeats box!

    I'm pretty sure my box would have to look more like a really complicated walker.

  22. You can get a FREE pedometer at any State Farm office. They are just the basic kind, but they work! They give them away in support of the 100 Million Pound Challenge!

  23. Have you considered the Omron "walking style" HJ-720it? It's a pedometer that you can carry in your pocket (or purse)or clip to your belt. It comes with software that you put on your computer that allows you to download the info stored on your pedometer (the first year I had it I logged about 1.3 mil steps and this last year I logged 2.5 mil steps). They cost about 30 dollars but IMO it's a great investment (it has kept me motivated). I've had mine for just over 2 yrs and LOVE IT!


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