Friday, January 8, 2010

Cookbook Winner!

The comments on this giveaway post were great! First, let me just say that I alternated between getting the heebie-jeebies when I read about so many of you having issues with bladed items (knives, food processors, cheese graters, garbage disposals and of course, mandolines) ::shiver:: - and laughing at what some of your scariest kitchen appliances are (love that the refrigerator made the list). This was fun, although I don't think I could take reading about any more fingers getting sliced or knuckles getting scraped! ::double shiver::

So without further ado, the winner of the Cook Yourself Thin Faster is:

What's funny is that in her comment, she said "...This is the first time I have made a comment to your blog. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from your story and your posts. I have resolved to stop lurking and start playing this year! Thanks again." How cool that your new resolve has paid off already!

Email me ( your address and I will send the book to you!

Stay tuned for another giveaway on Monday...

And now for something weight-loss related: Y'all know how I've been eating two Dove Dark Chocolate Promises every evening for months, right? I was fine with this for the longest time - two and DONE. However, the last few weeks I've been dipping into the desk drawer (conveniently located right next to my computer) and those two Promises have been turning into four or six - ack! After realizing that this was becoming a problem, and remembering my vow to keep my house a safe zone for my diet, I banished those little buggers to my car. I remember reading about another blogger doing the same thing (can't be sure, but I think it was Pasta Queen) and at the time I thought "that will never work - chocolate would melt in our hot Texas temperatures" but since we are experiencing practically Antarctic-like weather, they're safe at the moment. Anyway, it's stopped me from my mindless eating - just the act of having to put on a jacket and shoes to walk outside to my car seems to bring me back to my senses and I am able to only take out my customary two pieces. It may sound silly, but let's face it...sometimes ya gotta do whatever it takes, right? And this way I get to stay on track and have my chocolate, too!


    I did the same with the Vitatops back in the day.
    I shant tell you how that ended :)

  2. Shelly,
    I think you did the right thing moving them out of "easy" reach. I don't buy candy very often anymore since I know I can't control myself around it.

  3. I had to put my weekly buying of chocolate on hold. In fact, when WW gave us a sheet of 10 goals for 2010, one of my goals was to stop buying chocolate. So I stopped. That does not mean I won't eat it. It means I won't have it readily available. I was eating it as you describe. More than 1 or 2 pieces. Sometimes it was 6 or 8. I just can't have it sitting in the candy dish (so to speak) at all times.

  4. This is the same reason I don't keep my chocolate within reach. I have it tucked away in a cabinet so if I want it I have to deliberately go and get it. I don't want the mindless dipping to become yet another habit I have to break!

  5. Nice catch on the chocolate before it did some damage. Hope things warm up soon - but not so much that the chocolate melts.

  6. Congrats to the winner!

    I am a periodic banner of foods. Isn't it funny how you can be totally fine for along time, and then it becomes the food obsession of the day?

    Better to ban the food and feel silly than to keep it around, eat it, and gain weight!

    You show that chocolate who is boss!

  7. I have been doing the same thing. Eating just alittle bit more and then a little bit more. Especially with those damn tootsie rolls. We have a love hate relationship.

    The thing is now, I can recognize what I am doing and make changes before it's too late. It's all up to me.

  8. I'm a firm believer in keep the house safe - great idea with the chocolate.

  9. For me the 'safe place' is the freezer. Sometimes stuff is in there for so long that I finally toss it. But I like that it is there if I really want it.

    BTW I was at the gym yesterday, and thought I"d try a 'box jump.' FAIL. Miserably. But it was funny. Then I was doing some raised leg lunges (leg up on the bench) and someone came out of a room and startled me and I fell over sideways. Funny again. Keeps me humble!

  10. Awesome idea! And if that works...than hey, nothing wrong with that. :)

  11. Great idea.
    Or put them in the deep freezer (if you have one)
    They get hard as a brick and it takes forever to eat them.

  12. I have THE prettiest little frosted and stained glass, oval shaped box on top of my monitor stand. In it, I keep One Hershey's Nugget for the work day. That is ALL I get. It works! :)

  13. Good idea to put the chocolate in your car. If I had chocolate in my desk at work I'm sure it wouldn't be safe so I don't tempt myself with that :)

  14. Wow! You look great! What an inspiration...found you through POD's blog, btw. The chocolate thing is my downfall, too...I just can't have it around.

  15. I might not have won the cookbook, but I'll still read and enjoy your blog.

    Love the chocolate in the car idea.

  16. I ate 1/3 of a jar of Marshmallow fluff at lunch today. I told my husband that is now on the list of things I can't keep in the house because I have no self control.

  17. Yeah! I am very honored to be the winner! Thank you.

    I thought I posted earlier but I must have clicked something wrong in my excitement!

    Excellent idea on the chocolate! I have a similar one - I don't keep cash in my purse. You see the vending machines here at work call my name. No cash, no candy. Perfect.


  18. Good plan with the chocolates... if you were in Wisconsin you could keep chocolate in your car until May and wouldn't melt. Blah! I hate winter.

  19. Great chocolate control and plan! I love that.

    Congratulations to 16to8!!

  20. Congrats to the winner! Great idea about the banishing the chocolate - my major vice?? The sesame pretzels from Trader Joe's - I cannot keep them in the house anymore - even though I separate them into individual serving sizes, I just grab another one! :D

    Hope you had a great weekend Shelley!

  21. Very good idea with the chocolates! It's weird how sometimes it seems so easy to exercise portion control with stuff like that, and then suddenly things change and it gets really hard.


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