Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Workout Update AND Help Me Put Together My Outfit (Pretty Please)!

I am celebrating! Not only did I go back to my workout 12 days after gallbladder surgery, I managed to go all three days! I definitely took it easy on Monday, but pushed a little bit harder on Tuesday during strength training - it was upper body isolations, and there was only one thing that pulled on my stomach so I substituted a different exercise for it. Funny thing - later that evening, the endorphins must have kicked in (not too much later, as I go from 4-5pm) and while I was laying on my bed watching Big Brother (now you know my shameful secret - reality tv), I was all revved up and though "I want to run tomorrow!" So during today's workout, I did - well, jogged - but woohoo, I did it and it felt great!!!

I will cop to feeling a tiny bit sore in the stomach area, but hey, that's what rest periods are for. I'll ride my bike tonight baring any thunderstorms, and again on F/S/S and by Monday I should be good to go for working out again. Can you tell that the post-workout endorphins are still in full gear right now?!? I'm so glad to be feeling this energetic and GOOD again! Now, what I did probably isn't for everyone who has surgery, but it felt right for me. So don't feel bad if you aren't quite up to speed after an illness or surgery - this just how it worked out for me. Oh, and I got my surgeon's OK to resume exercise, um...yesterday.

And now...on to my outfit. I decided to reward myself for working out by taking a little trip to one of my favorite stores, Kohl's. I tried on a bunch of cute tops that fit (yay!) but only bought one (see, I have some restraint), plus a pullover sports bra that I plan on wearing over my other sports bra - hoping to reduce the bounce factor when I run. But the most fun thing I bought was this cute pair of patent-leather turquoise sandals:
And now this is where you come in...I'm trying to put together an outfit for work tomorrow. We have an artist's reception (we have at least one a month - I think this is our third, no joke, for July) and I'm going to wear my little black dress (actually it's just a jersey knit bought a while back for dirt-cheap from you-know-where), the new shoes, and some sort of necklace/earrings combo. What's crazy is that I have three options to choose from...but if you knew me, you'd know that I love jewelry and have quite a collection. And, when you are plus-sized, jewelry almost always fits!

Here are the choices - and it goes without saying that I do not have a lot of photographic skills (ironic since I worked for a photographer for four years) and am just now figuring out the "macro" setting on my camera:

(interesting fact: a former co-worker bought me these earrings at the Princess Diana exhibition in Houston a few years ago)
(interesting fact: the beads belonged to my Grandmother and I used to play dress up with them when I was little)

So...which combo would you choose? Leave me a comment by 8:00 am Thursday with your favorite - majority rules!


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better! When I was running on Sunday and was.not. feeling it, I said to myself, "YOU ARE PHYSICALLY FINE...enjoy!" and then it got much easier.

    I pick #2!!

  2. I pick combo #2!! I love that necklace!!!

  3. How wonderful that you can work out again - fabulous news and I would wear no.2 as I adore those earrings!

  4. I think I like combo #2 the best, but they're all pretty.

    Congrats on getting right back to your workout schedule!

  5. Glad to see your feeling better. I just found your blog and I have a question. I am a 40+ mother of 4 ready to lose weight,need advice from someone who has been there. Anything you can give would be helpful.



  6. I vote for #3, but I'm a bit of a hippie chick, and those look longer to me.

  7. Wow, you have such pretty stuff. Why not wear it ALL?

    But if not, I vote #2.

  8. I'm with the above poster. Could you possibly wear them all? Otherwise, I vote for 3!

    Congrats on your workouts and really cute shoes!

  9. I'm going to go with #3, because it has more color and will really pop against your black dress. The others are too two-toned I guess, with the shoes and all the jewelry that much turquoise I... well, it might just be too matchy-matchy. The 3rd has the turquoise to make it all go together, BUT the darker blues and pop of lime makes it look really hot!

  10. Oh man looks like 2 is already winning, but I liked 1 the best!

    Those shoes are super cute! I'm excited the town I'm moving too has Kohls!

    You are amazing getting back to your workouts!

  11. I like two best, although I'd like to see them on. Didn't feel like changing three times? Why ever not?

    I tried to get a picture of my new outfit for my blog but it was all too complicated. Word pics will have to suffice :)

    Am I Really That Fat?

  12. they all look great! I'm leaning towards #2, though...

    p.s. congrats, girl!!! :D

    (oh, and I'm HUGE HUGE HUGE on reality TV. Just not BB or the Bachelor/ette series. But just about ALL of the rest!) ;)

  13. Only a fool would take fashion advice from me, so I won't weigh in on that topic.

    But I think it's awesome you're so motivated and are doing so well so soon after the gallbladder surgery!

  14. CUTE sandals! I vote for #2, but I like all three choices--especially the nostalgic aspect.

    Congrats on your workouts! That's wonderful news.

  15. Haha! I have that same dress - I just bought it this weekend!!!

    I love the necklace and earrings on #2...I vote that!

  16. you need to consider the source (Im MizLacksInStyle) BUT I lovelove the combination in number 2.

    and LOVE the sandals.

  17. And you thought you'd be singing the old Manilow song, "Tryin' to get the feeling again..." :) 12 days after surgery and you're excited to exercise. Now THAT'S way cool.

    My granddaughter calls jewelry her "pretties." Well, it comes out sounding like "petties," but you know what she means. You bought some very pretty pretties. Heck to the yeah on Kohl's.

  18. Good Lord, woman, that energy level of yours has me feeling like a garden slug. But good for you! Glad you're back at it. While up close I like #2 best, on the dress #3 really pops so I guess that would be my vote. Plus, it's a sentimental favorite. Have fun!

  19. I'm with Penny. Loved #1.
    When i had a hysterectomy (cancer surgery), they told me not to go back to work for 8 weeks. I went back to work a week later. There's something to laying around in bed (and cancer) that didn't appeal to me. It might be completely diff. with gall bladder surgery.

  20. I love that you really feel the positive results of exercise. Sometimes, we get so caught up in just doing it to lose weight that we forget just how good it is for us. Major nod to you and your gut.

    This might be too late, but a chocolate brown dress or top would look super sweet with the shoes and accessories.

  21. I understand you've had surgery, I'm glad you're feeling better and that your workouts went great.

    I would go for the second set of jewelry so I'm curious what you've chosen.

  22. I'm not a jewelry person, so I wouldn't want to give an opinion about that, but I AM a shoe person and, oh my god, I love those shoes!


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