Monday, July 27, 2009

Num Num Num Nectarines!

Hey look - I actually fit a serving of fruit in my Fiestaware fruit dish (which is really tiny, if you ask me!)

I decided to branch out with my fruit and bought a bag of nectarines the other day - and boy are they good! I literally kept thinking "num num num" as I was eating this one! At around 60 calories, it's a great snack...especially if you happen to eat more than one (Who, me? Num!).

I went back to my workouts today! It was so good to see Brad, Linda and the ladies in my class. I took it very easy in cardio and went at my own pace just to see how I would do. Walked on the treadmill at 3.0, did the dreaded stepper at a level two (loved it!), and rode the exercise bike at a decent pace, but I didn't use the "arms" on it. Strength was all leg isolations, and it felt good to tire my legs out for a change. On one exercise I did feel it a bit in my stomach so I took it easy with that. Overall I'm feeling really good - didn't overdo it at all, so hopefully tomorrow afternoon I can continue to build on this.

One nice thing happened in class - both Brad and Linda said at separate times to me "you've lost weight" - how cool that they could tell a difference! I am really feeling motivated to get the final poundage off...and I'm approaching a MAJOR MILESTONE in my weight loss, so I just have to keep up the momentum!


  1. awesome, and congrats on getting the kitchen scale, too! They are so vital! :)

  2. I love nectarines...but my faves are the white flesh ones...YUM.

    I think I will get some at the store today.

    I am glad you are feeling better, and right back to working out on your target day!!

  3. I love nectarines, and that Fiesta plate. I just found a Fiesta bowl that same color at a yard sale for $1.00! What a deal!

    It was nice that your friends commented on your weight loss. They should, because you have done great!

  4. Those are very yummy looking! And a lot healthier than the picture of the food I was flaunting in my post this morning :)

    So glad you are doing good! I was going ask about if you were still sore, but I guess not since you are hitting the gym!

    <3! Katie
    The Skinny On Getting Skinny

  5. Nummy is right! They look delish. How cool that your trainers told you you were loosing!

    So glad that you feeling better post op. You had such a great attitude going into the surgery I just knew you wouldn't have any problems.

    What kind of a major milestone? A new low number? I love it when I reach a number that I haven't seen in years! All the numbers from now on are going to be "almost" virgin territory for me!!

    Thanks for all your great comments! I look forward to them.

  6. I love summers for the exact reason of fruit. Peaches, nectarines, etc. Sure you can get them year round but they taste so much better in 75+ degree's and when they don't cost $15 a pound, lol

  7. Those compliments are always the best... proves all that hard work is paying off!
    I love nectarines... best part of the summer :)

  8. I love nectarines, peaches etc. So good for you too.
    And great photo! Looks like a foodblog. ;-)

    Thanks for your support on my blog. I need all I can get right now. The bike ride was fun, the relationship is being tested and so am I, in a major way.

    I can always go for my own bike rides.

  9. You're doing so great, Shelley! Congrats!!

  10. DANG WOMAN!!

    you are doing so very well----and here we all were ready and weighting :) to have to encourage you to get back to working out etc.

    Im so happy for you.

  11. Glad to hear it went so well at the gym! You are just doing everything right Shelley, and you will hit that major milestone in record time!

  12. The MAJOR milestones are the best. It was 50 for me and I felt like I had won the lottery!

  13. I shudder to think what I'll do when all this yummy summer fruit is gone for the winter! I might have to start eating vegetables...yikes!

  14. Glad to hear your back at it, Shelley. Before you started losing the weight, could you ever have imagined looking forward to exercising?! Good for you!

  15. Never think to buy nectarines - not a huge fan, I may have to try them again since they are in season now!

    Congrats on getting back to the gym too! :D

  16. Hai Shelley,

    Found your blog today. Am also a fourthysomething girl who tries to lose weight. I'm Dutch.

    Like your blog and will visit it in the future.

    I love nectarines, even more than peaches.


  17. Way to go on the gym Shelley! There's nothing more motivating to me than people noticing! Looking forward to celebrating that next milestone with you!


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