Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

Check out the detail and clarity in this picture - I think I'm getting the hang of the Macro setting on my camera!

Look what I found at Sam's Club the other day - single servings of Biz's favorite cheese! I have to say, this cheese is really good and does not taste low fat at all! I was excited to see these little packets - they will be fun to have for a snack at work, and how easy is this? Just toss a couple of them in my lunch bag...finally something I don't have to prepare!

Speaking of preparing food, I also found Orowheat Multi-grain Sandwich Thins at Sam's - got a 16 pack for $4.23! I hadn't tried them, but of course had read about them over and over in blogland, so they came home with me. While I don't think they beat a good slice of bakery multi-grain bread, they are pretty tasty, and a nice size. I made a great turkey/pepperjack cheese sandwich, piled high with lettuce, tomato and spicy brown mustard - YUM! I think they will be great to use as buns when I make my Blackbean Chipotle Gardenburger...I think I know what's for dinner this weekend!

I know I'm not buying organic, or even local (not that there's a huge option for that around here), but you can't beat Sam's Club on their produce prices. I do try to get food grown in the U.S., however. Thanks to all the abundant fruits available this time of year, my fridge looks like a fruit stand at the moment - it's filled with strawberries, nectarines, cherries, apples, and watermelon! Plus lettuce, mushrooms, cucumbers and avocados for salads - I love that I have all this food in my fridge and that I'm not letting it go to waste - we are actually eating everything we buy instead of finding some yucky, slimey veggie in the "rotter" (which is what we called the crisper for years).

It feels like I am spending a lot on groceries, but in actuality my overall food bill is way down each month. We hardly ever eat out, we never pick up fast food anymore, and we don't buy much in the way of convenience foods - about the only thing I buy already prepared is pico de gallo, and that's because our local grocery store makes it great, cheap and hey, if my eyes don't have to burn from chopping up onions and jalapenos, then I am all for it! I'm shopping a lot more often, but this time of year, I hardly put anything in my pantry - most everything is fresh and goes straight to the fridge. What an evolution - and in just over a year's time. You couldn't have told me that I would be eating like this a year ago...I didn't think I had it in me. But I did, and do - and I like fruit! Who knew?!?


A big thank you to everyone for weighing in (haha) on my jewelry options - it was funny, because while I was trying on those shoes, I thought about necklace #3 (my Grandmother's beads) and was all set to go with them...until I got home and saw the other necklaces hanging there. I wore set #2 - it won by a wide margin. But the next time I wear that outfit, I'll probably wear #3. I also liked Camevil's suggestion of pairing the shoes with something brown - I have a pair of brown capris so I'll figure out a top and bam - another fun outfit! Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying dressing these days? Lose weight and like clothes much more - who knew?!?

I wasn't able to get a full-length picture taken at the reception today - there was a huge chemical fire just north of us and our neighboring town was being evacuated south - to our town. It was a crazy day, and we went ahead with the reception, but it was not as well attended as it would have been had the chaos not been happening. Oh well. No one was hurt in the fire and that's what is important. Anyway, here's a picture of me at my desk so you can see the necklace and earrings combo that won.

Before I put on a sweater (turquoise, natch) because our building is over air-conditioned!


  1. gorgeous! :: claps ::

  2. I'm not a hugh fan of the summer but the only thing I like definitely about it is the wide variety of fruits in this season.

    These days you can buy strawberries the whole year through but I only buy them in de summer when they tast the best.

    I've learned to cook for 2 in the past few years which means that I seldom have to throw food away because I now know how much food is enough for my and my love.

    You look great in the pic!

  3. Im jealous of the detail and clarity!
    in your photos and in your posts ;)

    You look beautiful and, since they are my "thing," I need to add I ADORE YOUR GLASSES and how perfectly they frame (rimshot?)your face.

  4. Yum. Cheese. I will have to check that out at Sam's Club - I love shopping there, too. It's not exactly politically correct, but who can argue with big packages of toilet paper? You've got a great smile & look fantastic in the photo!

  5. Love your photo with the jewelry!

    My husband calls me a fruit 'hoover' because I eat so much LOL

  6. We realized we are spending much more on groceries now with buying WAY more produce than we ever did! We would buy mostly boxed stuff or already prepared meals...

    We are saving on not going out as much BUT we do realize when we do go out it is more expensive to go to the "healthier" places then getting the #2 meal at McDonalds!

  7. Great shot of your look - you look great. Just look at where busting your ass everyday has gotten you.

  8. Great photo. You look fantastic.

  9. Shelley, I still haven't tried that cheese my sister Biz suggested yet!!

    I have to get some this weekend.

    I think you are right about groceries, if you buy more fresh foods as opposed to boxed convenience food its so much less expensive

    You look great in that picture, I love your glasses!

  10. You went shopping with me today and didn't know it. I read your blog before we left. lol

    I saw the bag of individual cheese packages. (I thought of you!) I thought long and hard, but in the end, I just bought a brick that I can eat and/or shred.

    Our sam's had organic carrots today. I was surprised by that. I stock up a lot at Sam's.

  11. Man, and I was just at Sam's yesterday too! I'll have to check it out next time I am there - and I agree, it doesn't taste like "light" cheese at all!

    Happy Saturday! :D

  12. I hit enter too soon! Your "rotter" comment made me laugh out loud!

  13. Single serving portions of food are great and convenient, but I always feel guilty about the excess packaging. I try to buy regular sizes of things and weigh and measure them out into individual serving sizes. I know you're more tempted to sneak a taste that way, but I like to think I'm doing something for the environment.

  14. You're looking great - love the jewelry combo!

    Cabot is also my favorite reduced-fat cheese . . . I haven't seen the single serving packages here, but I'm definitely going to look for there . . . how convenient!


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