Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3...

Crazy times, people - crazy times. Still don't have a diagnosis, but I did have an abdominal CT scan (with barium! and iodine!) this morning. Also had some blood work done on Monday. At this point there are way more questions than answers, and it looks like more tests (ultrasound and endoscopy) in my very near future. Plus more bloodletting! Good news is that the doctor gave me some Darvocet to have on hand if the pain returns...and advice to avoid anything greasy - not a problem, believe me. I do not want to have that kind of pain if I can help it!

I'm just hoping I can sleep a little better tonight - the last couple of nights I have tossed and turned. What a pain when your brain knows it shouldn't worry over something you have no control over, but your subconscious still thinks it needs to worry. Settle down, you silly subconscious!

I've kept up with my workouts - even did a make up session this afternoon since I missed my normal morning session due to the CT, but I felt like I had lead in my legs and was just not at my best. Probably due to the lack of sleep. Whatever, I'm glad I still went - 3/4 of a workout is better than nothing.

And speaking of sleep, I need to go cut up strawberries and pack my food for a lovely eleven-hour day at work tomorrow - seriously, why do we need two receptions? Oh I said, crazy times.


  1. OUCHY. I read your other post about the pain you suffered from. Sheesh - I hope you learn something soon.

  2. HANG IN THERE with your longlong day today.

    hope you slept last night.
    Im quite familiar with that BRAIN TURN YERSELF OFF PLEASE TO I CAN REST'itus.

  3. Wow...guess I don't have any excuses for not working out if you are gonna workout! But I sure hope you don't push yourself too hard Shelley. And I hope last night was more restful for you.

  4. I hope you get some answers - and sleep - soon. Greasy foods are always getting us in trouble one way or another. And how dedicated are you - working out after sleepless nights and a CT! I again am in awe.

  5. Oh, how nasty - I missed your earlier post about this. Hope you can get it sorted soon!

  6. Oh Shelley, I'm sorry that you are going through all this. I hope they find the answers soon. DO stay away from greasy foods though. It kills my mom.

    Hang in there. Hope your day goes by fast.

  7. Continued luck! An ultrasound is what they used to diagnose my gallbladder issues.

  8. Sorry about the pain or not knowing what it is yet but I want to say CONGRATs on the workout even though you are having a ruff time. Working out when you are not feeling good is really hard keep up the GREAT work.

    TheFitMission latest blog

  9. Wow, kudos for still getting the workout in!

    Hopefully my day won't be as crazy - I have Jillian on tap for today!

    Hang in there on your long day!

  10. Hope you've gotten some sleep and have found some peace of mind. Keep us posted...thinking of you.

  11. oh, I hope you that subconscious quiets down and lets you rest...but I imagine that an 11 hour work day will take care of that even if it doesn't!

    I hope things are feeling better.

  12. Heh there Shelley, darn those rough patches in life. Phooey! That does sound like gallbladder trouble when all is said and done. Watch out for the lettuces and cabbage, I've seen relatives suffer eating those just before they had gallbladder surgery. Good news is, you know they will discover the culprit of your pain and get on with things, the end! I'm impressed you've kept up a workout, geeze girl, don't be too brave. I'm sending good energy and high vibration your way for a dreamless and sound sleep tonight. Linda

  13. I'm keeping the good thought for you that your doctor finds the cause/remedy for you quickly!

    Good for you for keeping up with your workout schedule - that is really impressive.

    Hope your long day went OK and that you were able to get some rest.

  14. Now wait a mean you can't control things, people worrying. Boy have I wsated alot of time.

    Good luck with the bloodletting....good times....naught!

    Feel better...that's an order!


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