Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Presenting...My First Smoothie!

I finally found the blender, cleaned it, remembered to purchase some bags of frozen fruit, and voila - here it is! Tasted like a fruity milkshake - so good!
A blend of 1 cup unsweetened Almond Breeze, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/4 cup POM, and 2 cups frozen mango, papaya and strawberries. About 380 calories, which is high, but this was my lunch.

Next time I will try it with plain water instead of the Almond Breeze. I could also make it without the protein powder, but I'm going to workout this afternoon and needed it.

You may notice the lack of green color - I intended to throw some fresh spinach in it, but apparently lost my mind at the grocery store last night and forgot to buy it! I also envision throwing in some chocolate PB2 with the protein powder and Almond Breeze (and perhaps some ice cubes). Yum - I think I have unleashed a monster!


  1. The monster has been unleashed! Go for it.

    I loose my mind at the grocery store all the time!

    Have a good work out

  2. Is that straw standing up all by itself because of the creamy richness of your smoothie? Drool..

  3. Heather - thanks for the flax reminder! I think I need to make a list of what to put in these things!

    Gigi - YES! Glad you caught that!

  4. :::shoves elbow into Camevil::: No, me want!!!

  5. MMMMM . . . that smoothie looks and sounds really good!

    I drink something like this after every weightlifting workout . . . I do think the extra protein really helps recovery time and also in feeling fuller.

    If you're looking for a way to cut some of the calories, you could try subbing ice cubes for some of the fruit . . . I do this sometimes, and it still comes out relatively creamy.

  6. Oh, I love a smoothie - and that looks delicious. And oh so healthy!

    Love the tip of freezing in Mason jars. I would drink more smoothies if it wasn't such a pain to clean the blender. :)

  7. you have lost your mind...I HOPE :)

    when I do a lot of sweetstuff in mine (fruits) I will splash in some cold decaf in place of water---but I have odd tastebuds :)


  8. That looks really good. Glad you finally got the blender out and gave it a try.

  9. About your other post - I haven't found a decent strawberry even in the health food store recently, so we're growing our own. We also have blueberry bushes. Come on, plants... grow!

    Smoothies... I love them but on this new diet, have to be careful what we put in them. We like freezing bananas then just add fruit which makes a nice fruit smoothie. Every once in a while I'll add hemp protein powder.

    That sounds yummy. I wonder if I can fit that into our schedule this week. Maybe that will help our/my withdrawals from processed foods.

    Vee at www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  10. oooh, looks delicous! I'm thinking of making one with frozen blueberries and almond breeze with ice cubes.... I wonder how that would be. hmmm.

  11. Looks good... hope you enjoyed it!

  12. LOVE Smoothies, but I think I may try one your way. What is PB2? Is this some sort of healthy peanut butter I'm missing out on?

  13. Shelley, your shake looks yummy. I've never tried almond Breeze, is that like an alternative to Soy Milk? Saw you were from Texas, I married a native Houstonian and this will be our 30 years together this year so I know what you mean about been married forever. But, they're good guys. I like you blog especially since you work out and I just joined a gym so I've linked your site on my blogs sidebar, would love it if you would link to me too. http://pictureyourselfthinner.blogspot.com Enjoy your week. --Linda

  14. It looks yummy!

    You put spinach in a smoothie?!


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