Monday, May 11, 2009

Rants and Raves

RANT: What has happened to the strawberries? Lately they have not been very good - I keep trying different places to buy them, but so far, they have not lived up to the sweet yumminess that I was enjoying last month! And don't get me started on the price of blueberries! I'm looking at you, Sam's Club - $9 for a pound?!? That's hard to pay when they were less than half that a couple of months ago. I may have to figure some other fruit for my beloved Fage!

RAVE: You all know how cool my trainer Linda is, right? Well today she offered to loan me her BodyBugg!!! She knows I'm having trouble figuring out the right amount of calories to consume and still lose weight, and since she doesn't need it anymore, she very generously offered it to me. All I will have to do is purchase the online subscription and I will be all set! I have read about these, and seen the contestants on The Biggest Loser use them, but as they are quite spendy, I never thought I'd be able to have one. And now I will - woo hoo, thanks Linda!!!

RANT: My stomach muscles still hurt. Brad seems to think that I'm not giving myself enough protein after my workouts, and therefore am not repairing the muscles that I've worked. So, I bit the bullet and bought some protein powder and forced myself to drink a "shake" within 30 minutes after my workout today. Actually it tasted pretty good. I have set a "protein goal" for each day and will work harder to get to it - hey, if it will help to get rid of this soreness, I'm all for it!

RAVE: I am LOVING what I've been wearing lately! I have some new capris and bermuda shorts, funky sandals and cute tops - it is just so fun to get dressed now! I am under no delusions - I still have a lot of weight to lose, and my arms could be a lot thinner and my stomach could be flatter - but this is so much better than last year!


  1. I am having the same problem with strawberries! The local strawberry farms will start opening around here soon, and I hope to be able to go and pick some myself. I LOVE strawberries!

  2. I have had to resort to cutting up all my strawberries, putting them in a container with a tablespoon or so of water and a sweet and low.

    I did a spin class last week and was sore for days...I never attributed it to lack of protein. I will be more mindful of that.

    Last but not least, I too, am happy about my clothes choices this year. I can put anything on and it fits and doesn't look awful...makes getting ready for work so much less stressful.

  3. I don't do strawberries, it's a texture thing for me. Sorry you haven't found any yummy stawberries for awhile.

    Sorry about the hurting. Hopefully the protein will help.

    Great raves! Love that you're happy about your clothes! The body bug looks like fun, so I hope you really enjoy it.

  4. I don't have gripe with the's the watermelon! I couldn't find a good watermelon all year last year. I wasn't happy, as I LOVE watermelon!

    So glad to hear it's fun to get dressed. Soon I will feel the same way!

    Hope your tummy feels better....get your protein!

  5. Strawberries are already coming in here and blueberries will be ripening soon, so hopefully better tasting and cheaper ones are on the horizon. Shelley, are there any local farms or farmer markets around? Here's a couple of sites that might help you find local sources: and

    I think those BodyBuggs are so cool! I can't wait to hear how it works for you!

    I read recently that for morning workouts, eat the carb part of your breakfast before the workout and the protein part right after, so that jives with what Brad said...good to know.

    So happy about the new clothes and how you are feeling! We all wanna feel like that!! ;-)

  6. I'm having trouble finding good watermelon. It's driving me crazy. I know it's still early in the season but I need me some melon!

    I LOVE my Bodybugg. I'ts my constant companion. I can't wait to hear how you like yours.

  7. Same deal here with the strawberries. We had some last night and it was like they had already morphed into jam. What the...?! And as far as those pricey blueberries go, I am substituting them for gold jewelry these days. Hopefully things will get better soon.

  8. I just bought some organic strawberries that looked great (they were red, not white in the middle), but they tested eh. Ruined my otherwise awesome fruit salad of pineapple and cantalope. Sucked the tastiness right out of it, those berries did. Glad it wasn't just me.

  9. Lemme know how the Body Bugg works. I was intrigued when I saw it on "Biggest Loser".

    The strawberries we get here aren't great either.

  10. what powder did he recommend? (Im just curious...) tomorrow Im talking protein powder & I really dont have a ton of opinions on them :)

    only in that SURE XYZ powder could be the!best!ever! but if you dont like the taste (or your stomach rebels) then it doesnt much matter huh?

  11. I've been wondering the exact same thing about the strawberries. They're my favorite fruit and, if I can even FIND them, they just aren't that good. Disappointing. And don't get me started on the price of blueberries - and asparagus!

  12. Way to go you!

    I'm the same way on the blueberries. I've been buying frozen but it just isn't the same.

  13. You truly are an inspiration to me, your doing amazing.
    Where are you, I'll send some strawberries to you, the one's I'm getting lately are awesome.

  14. So cute how you broke this post down into Rant, Rave, Rant, Rave. Gotta remember that one.

    I'm with ya on the strawberries.

    Be sure and let us know how the BodyBugg works for you.

  15. Still waiting for the soft fruits to be ready for self-harvest here in Scotland. Strabs, drooooool...

    That is great news about the Body Bugg (and the foxy clothes)!

  16. Hooray for the Body Bugg! I've of course seen those on BL. Can't wait to find out what it "tells" you!

  17. Love your blog. you make me happy just reading it. Strawberries have been good at the farmer's market for me. Not cheap, but it makes me savor them....thanks for the tip about the sore muscles. I never paid attention to eating protein after a workout. I will have to try it.

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