Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a Bunch of Random Stuff...

Smoothies: I'm thinking about trying them. I know, big news, eh? Because I'm too lazy to go back and find the posts about who puts what in their smoothies, I thought I'd see what y'all think about these combos.

  1. Banana, PB2 w/chocolate, Fage 0% plain yogurt
  2. Same as above, add fresh spinach
  3. Frozen berries, Fage, fresh spinach (I believe this would be a "Shrek Shake" ala MizFit
  4. Leftover NutriMed 420 Chocolate powder, frozen strawberries, Fage (?)
Do you need to add ice or any other liquid to these? Will I really not taste the spinach? Is it worth the blender clean up to try a smoothie? What say you, blog-friends?

I went shopping at Kohl's yesterday (really, I don't own stock in this store; it's just clean, bright and easy to get to) and tried on this skirt and this top (in the blue color) and I actually TUCKED THE TOP IN (which has not happened in this century!) and it looked pretty cute! But I wasn't looking for an outfit like that so I didn't buy it - in fact, I didn't even check the prices. Then my mom called and got me all excited about it so I went online and the darn skirt is on sale for $19.99 and the top for $13.99 and now I'm regretting my tunnel vision (get a top for jeans) today at the store. Wonder if it'll still be there tomorrow after 6:00 pm?

My trainer, Linda, called me today after I posted a status update on Facebook that said "Shelley is still on an exercise long do those endorphins last, anyway?!" and told me to go running if I still felt like that - she cracks me up! Actually, it is so cool how much she cares about how I'm doing with the workouts. This experience has been so positive for me - the entire group has really made me feel like I belong there. Next week is the last week for the twelve-week workout, and we will take measurements again. I'm hoping to see some more inches gone - I don't think the weight has changed very much lately, but we'll see. My diet may need tweaking. Oh, and I've signed up for another twelve-week challange - got to keep this going, dontcha know!


  1. Shelley,
    I think your smoothies sound great. I don't know what fage is so I can't comment on that but I do add ice to my smoothies. I love for them to taste more like a milkshake.
    My usual smoothie is 2tbsp of SF/FF Choc. pudding mix, 1tbsp of PB2, 1 cup of milk, a 1/4 cup of splenda and 4-6 ice cubes. I think I may add some flax seed or spinach to it to make it a little healthier or maybe both.

    I haven't tried spinach in a smoothie before but I hear that it is great and not very noticable. I used kale and I could tell it was their but I did it twice. The first time I put a lot in and it got thick and hard to drink. The second time I put less in and it was great and just barely noticable.
    Good luck with your smoothies. :)

  2. I love that you are doing those 12 week challenges. You'r pretty darn amazing. I keep wondering when running is going to get easier. Seems like every step is a struggle.

    LOVE the shirt from Kohl's. I may have to stop by there today too. The skirt is cute too. :) You should get them.

    Here are a couple of shakes that I have made and enjoyed. One is uber healthy and the other is just yum. :)

    Chocolate Banana Shake:
    WW Chocolate shake mix
    1 banana
    a sugar free fudgesicle
    a little milk or almond milk
    a little sweetener of your choice

    Blend until smooth and thick. May need to add a little more ice or liquid to get right consistency.

    Swamp Water or Lawn Clippings Smoothie

    1 c. almond milk
    1 banana
    1 kiwi, peeled
    1 c. ice
    1-2 c. fresh pineapple OR oranges, peeled
    2 T. flax seeds (optional)
    2 c. fresh spinach
    Blend. I also like to add a little sweetener to this.

    You do NOT taste the spinach and you get almost all of your fruit/veggie servings in one meal! It's filling and SO good for you. Looks bad, tastes great.

  3. I hope you get the outfit-it's cute

    I have to admit that the only time I have made smoothies is when I had too many frozen bananas or some dead ripe ones that needed using up along with some other fruit. And after adjusting for taste or texture, I don't think mine are very diet friendly.

  4. Well done!! I'm already thinking of signing up for another boot camp later in the year as I'm enjoying the one I'm doing now, well, maybe not "enjoying" it, but I like how I feel when I've done a class, that sense of accomplishment, and knowing that you've done something good for yourself.

  5. KUDOS on the outfit. Order it online! I hope it's still there. I like the fact that you don't stress over the number on the scale...but are HAPPY with the fact that your skirt fit and the top can be worn tucked in...that is a dream of mine. So far it's just been an urban

    You have made this a positive experience, your trainer and those around just helped! Stay positive, I love it!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my stinks.

    For me...smoothies, not worth cleaning a blender, I need the benefits of chewing my food to get satisfaction.

  7. I like your smoothies, but if you don't feel like cleaning out the spinach, I really think you can leave it out of your smoothies.

    Out of all the fruits, blueberries have the most antioxidants. Then throw in banana for potassium. 1-2 scoops of protein powder and nf milk or the Fage yogurt, 1tbs of flax seed oil it has omega oils and 1 tbs of powder psyllim husk that has loads of fiber (trader Joe's or GNC) and 1 tbs of honey.

    You have your fruits, calcium, potassium, Omega 3, protein, & your fiber! All contained in a delicious smoothie!

  8. I've never been a huge smoothie fan, but my daughter loves them!

    Hope the clothes are still there and congrats on almost finishing 12 weeks AND starting another 12 weeks!

  9. Must try smoothies one of these days.

    Cute outfit! Go ahead and buy it - if only that you can tuck it in (good for you!!!). The only thing I've tucked in lately is my skirt into the back of my pantyhose. Not a pretty picture.

    Good going on your workouts. You are an inspiration.

  10. The smoothies sound really good. I like to make them in the evening when I just "want something". I'be used pb2 in shakes and like it really well.

    Really cute outfit and congrats on tucking it in! I haven't tucked anything in in years!

  11. My favorite smoothie of all time, for summer breakfast:

    non or lowfat yogurt
    one mango, peeled, seeded, sliced
    splash of orange juice (I love to use the mango orange juice in the little bottles in the produce section, maybe Odwalla? Not sure)
    ICE, 4-5 cubes

    If the yogurt is plain I sometimes add a bit of agave nectar. Vanilla yogurt is yummy too.

    I love this. If you have a nice soft ripe mango, this is heaven! Even my picky toddler drinks it!

  12. Dear Shirt Tucker,

    how awesome is your trainer?


    She must LOVE what she does and it so shows.


  13. The smoothies sound delicious and I like the sound of the 12-week programme. Glad you are doing another one!

  14. The outfit is totally adorable - I hope the skirt is still there when you make it back to the store!

    I like a post-workout protein shake . . . some favorites are chocolate cherry (skim milk and/or fage, chocolate protein powder, some extra unsweetened cocoa powder, fresh or frozen cherries and ice), mocha (same as above but with instant espresso powder instead of the cherries) and orange creamsicle (skim milk and/or fage, orange juice, vanilla protein powder and ice). I like to do them in the blender with enough ice that they get a milkshake-like consistency :)

    Your trainer sounds absolutely terrific.


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