Friday, April 24, 2009

Follow Up on the Random Stuff - And Some Whining...

Well, I haven't been able to get back to the store, but even if the outfit is gone, I will look for something like it. Those floral skirts are in all my favorite stores (TJ Maxx, Steinmart and of course, Kohl's) now, so I'll spend some time early next week trying some on. I'm excited that I can wear something so fun and flirty! Hopefully I will find something before May 7, which is our next big reception at work.

Thanks for all the suggestions and comments regarding the smoothies. I agree with Hotch Potchery - I do like to chew my food, so I probably won't be making these on a regular basis, but it will be something different to try. Plus, as a couple of you pointed out, I could add ground flax seeds it. I bought a bag of ground flax a few weeks ago and I'm not too fond of the taste - I was expecting "nutty" but got "bitter" so this would help hide that flavor.

You know, I hate to complain about my job when so many others are losing their jobs in this lovely economy, but I'm gonna. I am getting tired of working on Saturdays. Next month will be two years that I've been here, and frankly, this Saturday business is really messing with things that I want to be doing. For example, there are a lot of 5K walks based right out of the park where I work, and it would be fun to finally walk in one. But of course, they are all on Saturday mornings. And we were invited to a wedding - the bride is a good friend of my son, Sam, and he is a groomsman - but of course, it's at 11:00 am on a Saturday. This is getting old. I mean really, in five years' time, will I remember that I worked on May 30, 2009, or will I remember seeing a sweet couple get married? Unfortunately, it will be the stupid work.

I'm lucky that I have a nice part-time job, and I do need to work (hello, two kids in college PLUS a slightly expensive exercise habit) - but it's aggravating. Oh, and the atmosphere here has been pretty crummy for about six months now. It's tough to be a non-profit in this day - donations are down, and morale is low. People are tense and stupid things that shouldn't bother anyone do. Ugh. It's getting so that I dread being at work. Which is NOT what it used to be like.

Hmmm. In writing this, I'm thinking it's time to start looking for another job. Because a part-time job shouldn't make me feel this way, which is low, sad and demoralized.


  1. Sorry you're having a tough time at work. Life is way too short to be stuck doing something you hate. Time to move on.
    I'll have to try to find some of those 5k walks. I'm a little intimidated with the runs still though I've tried to do it once as a really BIG girl. haha

    Maybe you could call in sick. *cough, cough* *wheeze, wheeze* ;~)

  2. It's ok to bitch about work. I mean who doesn't? It's also to ok to look for something new. Maybe you'll find something or maybe your job will start looking much better.

    enjoy your weekend

  3. Having more options certainly brightens my day. If work has become this unpleasant it's probably time to look around - especially if it's a part-time job!! I ditched a part-time job last year which I had thought would work out great. Weird people and too many demands to cram into 20 hours a week did me in. You deserve better.

  4. Gosh, and here am I whining about working ONE saturday, lol!

    Yeah, I would hate to have to work lots of saturdays - hope you find a solution.

  5. Working Saturdays suck. Sounds like your sick of it. Start looking for another job!

  6. I say Saturday work should be allocated to hung-over twenty year olds! That is the way it was when I was twenty...all the "Moms" got to be off on weekends becasuue they had "responsibilities"...yeah, well I had a hangover! :-)

  7. And apparently I have one now..."because"! ;-)

  8. It sucks to work at a job that's not fun. I think there are more part time jobs out there than fulltime, so you can start looking. I've found when I'm not happy at a job, I don't do as well.

    Instead of ground flax, how about flaxseed oil? You cant taste it in the smoothies.

  9. I hear ya about the job crap. Work should be outlawed! *laugh*
    On a lighter note, have fun shopping for new clothes. Its so fun to wear cute flirt things in the summer. You should post some pics too.

  10. My sister worked at a bank and had to work every Saturday for 10 years!

    Once she switched jobs, it changed everything!

    Good luck! :D

  11. I'm just starting (for the 100th time but this time I mean it) to lose 30-35 pounds. I'm managing the eating part with the help of the Beck Diet Solution to help align the thinking part. But boy is the exercise component going no where. It's easy to blame this pesky full time job thing. But that's what will make the difference and you seem to have the exercise habit under your thumb. Good for you. I'm a Jen Lancaster fan too. Enjoy your blog - you're an inspiration.

  12. Hi, just a little comment on the flax seed. If it is bitter, it may be rancid. It really should taste nutty. I buy Bob's Red Mill ground flax meal stored in the refrigerated cooler and at home I keep it in the freezer. It is good stuff!
    And yes, working Saturdays gets very old. Good luck!

  13. My husband has worked Saturdays for YEARS and it is 70% of the reason he decided to get his PhD. He doesn't work ALL Saturdays but typically every other week. It sucks.

    I LOVE seeing your weight loss success! Good job!

  14. Oh honey, there is nothing worse than being in a job where you hate to be there. Hope you find what makes you happy.

  15. Every time I feel the urge to complain about something, even on my own blog, I always think...I should be happy I have a job, I should be happy that my kids are healthy...blah blah.

    You get to gripe about what you want to gripe about!! And working weekends? SUCKS.

  16. We have a wedding to go to this weekend and I haven't got a clue what I'll wear!

  17. Sorry work is getting to you . . . I think it's really normal to get some "spring fever" at this time of year!

    Good luck with your job search . . . I hope you find something less frustrating that leaves your weekends free really soon.

  18. I hear you about Saturdays!!

    I worked at a bank for 13 YEARS, working every Saturday!!

    At first, it was okay, I was single, then engaged, then married, then kid #1, #2 and 3#! It was only 9 -noon on Saturdays, then 8:30-1, then til 2, then til 3 when I was like NO MORE! It messes up your whole weekend and you miss out on so much!

    I think you should look for something more fun, life is too short to put up with that stuff!


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