Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Tide Has Turned

I don't know what did it...maybe the fact that it's finally Spring weather here? After heavy rains complete with thunder and lightening on Friday and Saturday, it is gorgeous now. So nice that on Sunday afternoon I grabbed Jeff and ran to Lowe's to buy some bedding plants - it doesn't look like much now, but just wait - in a mere matter of weeks there will be a RIOT of color in front of my house!
Portulaca and Lily of the Nile - this will be so pretty!

Anyway, when I woke up on Monday morning, it was light outside! And before you think well of course it was light outside, it was 10:00 am (ha!), it was 6:55 am - yes, Daylight Savings Time, we have beaten your dark mornings!

I'm assuming that this is why I had such great energy during my 8:00 am workout - I was running on the treadmill, ripping the rower and even stepping on that dreaded stepper like crazy! Then we went to the strength-training room, where I did the T-Bar rows super fast, while thinking "Samantha Harris arms, Samantha Harris arms" over and over. Blasted through the ball slams in record (for me) time - man, I was pumped! Ab crunches on the Bosu - no problem! It was great!

Then I came home and attack-cleaned my house and let me just tell you, it looks and smells nice! I love the smell of Swiffer floor cleaner - combine that with Pledge, Clorox wipes and 409 and that was my perfume of the day!

I just wish I could bottle this energy.


  1. As said in "When Harry Met Sally", I'll have what she's having! Man, I wish you could bottle some of that mojo and send it this way. We are having the dreary weather that you've already dealt with and it is doing nothing for my mood. Good going on your workouts. I have got to get me to a gym!!

  2. I wish you could bottle it too, I'd buy some! :)
    Rob is dying to get out and garden, he does that part, and I add the decorator touches.

  3. I'll take a case of bottled energy please. make it two.

    Look at you go! I so need to put some plants in the landscaping. I'm much better at killing them though.

    Congrats on such a productive day! And you were burning calories while you did it. Bonus!

  4. Wow, you're wearing me out just reading about it! When you figure out what caused it, please fill us in!

  5. And for me, a clean house is energizing and frees me to do more for myself-including exercising or gardening. Until right before I started my blog, we had been doing some form of renovations for the past two years, and keeping the house in order was nearly impossible...it was so draining. But now that things are mostly back in order, it feels right to get myself "back in order" too.

  6. you did!
    writing about it here helps it to rub off----on me anyway :)

  7. Oh I love spring! I can't wait until I get some flowers planted. I just love a productive day like that.

  8. You are amazing! A weeks worth of work in a day! Yay! I'm motivated now, thanks!

  9. I love the nice weather too! Planting is therapeutic. I put in a little maple tree yesterday.

    I think I will follow your lead and "perfume" my house with Mr Clean and clorox today :)

  10. Woo-hoo - go you!

    (it's even nice here in Scotland for a change!)


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