Monday, September 29, 2008

Seriously? It's September 29th Already???

Where did September go? And more importantly, where did my exercise mojo go? Argh! While I am dieting most days and eating sensibly the rest, the exercising has not been happening very often. Boo on me! This will be a very slow process, weight-loss wise, if I do not get cracking on the exercise again.

OK. Tonight I ride my bike. And I will report in here tomorrow that I did if I don't post anything, y'all will know I'm slacking and then I will be embarrassed.


  1. Just do it as Nike says. You were enjoying riding Ipoholo and doing Wee Fee so you just need to get back in the saddle again.

  2. Your Father and Uncle went for a 8 mile ride yesterday to the Mosier Tunnels.
    I did 12 miles this morning, so get cracking.

  3. Boy, no sympathy from the family.

  4. Slacker! Love ya - I've only exercised Fridays for the last three weeks, so, I have nothing to say. But it IS my walking partner's fault - she's the one who can't make it....

  5. Oh yeah, one more thing. Sometimes, when I don't want to go, or *can't* find the time, I promise myself that if I do it for 15 minutes, I can quit if I really want to/need to (this philosophy works for sex, too). The workout doesn't always have to be perfect, and something is better than nothing.


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