Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Football Fever

Well, I haven't posted all week, but I did ride my bike Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!!! Thursday is a "forget it" day - I am gone from 9 am to 9 pm, and yesterday I worked and then we went to the Crosstown Showdown football game at Kyle Field, where I did get some exercise jumping up and cheering on our team - we won, 44 - 33!

Anyway, the weather has been so nice - it's cooling down by 6 pm, and the bike riding has been lovely. My trusty dog, Paco, has been racing me while I ride...he always wins, but then he cheats, too!

I think I am finally going to buy a new pair of jeans that actually fit - wore my old jeans to the game last night and felt and looked like a clod. My old Consol shirt was very loose as well, but I think that if it was paired with smaller jeans it would look ok. Of course, my next football game will be UNT's Homecoming, and I'll be wearing my new UNT shirt that I won in a drawing - woot!

I should try and ride my bike in the morning, just to see if I like it - of course, I'll have to leave Paco at home if I want to venture out beyond my street, but it could be interesting. People in my neighborhood are already decorating their houses for Halloween - I can be a looky-loo on my bike!

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  1. I wish you luck on your diet even if you are a consol fan...GO BIG BLUE! GO VIKINGS!!


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