Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Time No Post

So it's the day after my work's big shindig and I have to say, I was very happy with how I looked last night! I bought this cute top (in a regular store!) and wore it with my new black dress pants, and with this stylish necklace and coordinating earrings I was working it!!! I had a great hair day and was wearing black mascara (normally I wear brown for a more natural look) and I looked very dressed up, for me. This was a great benefit of my weight loss - choosing a nice outfit and feeling good about myself instead of settling for whatever fits me. Lots of pictures were taken - hopefully I'll see them at work tomorrow and will snag one for my blog if I look as good in it as I felt.

Edited to add in this photo from the event...I cropped it from a bigger photo, and what you can't see is I'm looking at one of my co-workers as he's selling some "cash bar" tickets, waiting to see if he would put the money into the cash drawer (he kept leaving tens and twenties out on the table) - it got to be funny after a while, although you wouldn't know it by the look on my face!

So...THE DIET. I have been kind of slack on it lately, and especially this past weekend, what with Hurricane Food. What, you may wonder, is Hurricane Food? Basically it's junk food. Lay in a good supply, because you may lose power and then you will be hot and bored and let's face it, what else is there to do but console yourself with food? There was a lot of chips and cookies eaten, even though we did not lose power. In case you think I am making this up about Hurricane Food, my co-worker, who lost her house to Katrina, told me last night that she spent the weekend with her cousin, who had every kind of chip in house, along with tons of cookies, candy and Shipley's donuts! So really is true.

Anyway, I got back on track on Monday - don't want to outgrow my new clothes! I would actually like to lose another 10 pounds by the end of October - not a huge amount, but a do-able goal. So I'll be shaking it (haha, get it?) more days than not, and eating low-calorie the rest of the time. Hang in there, my fellow dieters...we can all be grumpy and hungry together!


  1. Funny - I too fell off the diet HARD on Saturday night - why? well it's simple - who else was going to eat all of the "comfort food" that I had purchased in anticipation of Hurricane Ike! I've started a diet blog of my own, but don't know how to post it online - any advise you could give would be greatly appreciated. By the way, you look VERY familiar, but I just can't place your face - where do you work if you don't mind me asking? I noticed one of your blogs mentioned a 5:30-7:30 work event so I'm guessing hotel/motel industry or perhaps the Chamber of Commerce?

  2. By the way, I have my first weigh in tomorrow - wish me luck!! - Angie


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