Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Guess They Don't Want To Lose A Customer...

Weird conversation that I had with a salesgirl (heretofore known as "SG") at Lane Bryant today:

SG: Hey, I haven't seen you here in a while!
Me: I know, I've been losing weight so I'm trying not to buy much right now.
SG: Step back so I can get a look at you (I was wearing my "too big" clothes because I have to save the stuff that fits for work) - wow, you have lost a lot.
Me: Yep - and I'm almost out of fitting into your clothes. I'll be sad when I can't shop here anymore because everything is so easy to buy - you coordinate it for me!
SG: Well, we go down to a size aren't going to get any smaller than that, are you?
Me: I don't know...(thinking in reality, yes)
SG: Why would you want to get smaller than that? You should just stop at size 14.
Me: Well, we'll see...(good old non-confrontational me!)

Now, this salesgirl has always been very nice and helpful to me whenever I'm shopping there, and they are not on commission, so it's not like she'd be losing any cash in her pocket when I can't shop there, but I just thought it was weird that she would be so incredulous that I would want to be smaller than a size 14! I guess she is really content with her self-image - more power to her!

The reason that I was shopping in the first place is because last night I realized that the big annual banquet for my work is in less that two weeks - and of course I have nothing dressy to wear. I bought a pair of black dress pants - now I just need a top. I guess I'll have to hit the mall (ugh) this weekend.


  1. Good luck with your shopping. At least you don't live in the Hood and have a few shopping choices.

  2. Hello Shelley,

    My name is Angie and I too live in the B/CS area - I found your blog online while googling "NutriMed 420 weight loss stories". Anyway, I've been on the "sauce" for almost one week now and I've only stepped off once - but it was an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers and 1/2 bag of corkscrew Cheetos bad! Anyway, keep up the good work and if you need a workout buddy let me know - I've been paying for an Aerofit membership now for 10 years and probably haven't gone a total of 10 times! Hell, I probably OWN that place by now. Angie -

  3. Yay Angie - another shaker! Love your referring to it as "sauce" - you are funny! It's nice to "know" another NutriMed dieter in the area - good luck and keep in touch!

  4. Now, that sales girl is like those smokers who always want to take down the person who is trying to quit!

    Hey - I am gluten-free now. Today (my birthday) I ate a steak and buckwheat pancakes for lunch! It was pretty tasty, I must say. Though a bit unusual.

    Looking good, hoor.


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