Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Well, I saw my doctor yesterday for my two month weigh-in and visit...and I have lost 23 pounds all together! Of course, most of it was lost the first month, but hey, at least I'm still losing! Which is kind of amazing considering some of the things I have eaten lately. So. Back to basics, because I still have a ways to go. One thing I have been falling off on is actually drinking the shakes - many days lately I have had only one. And then (surprise, surprise) I'm hungry. Gosh, who would have guessed?!? Today I made up a nifty (if I do say so myself) daily checklist on Excel with the basics that I need to do each day (minus the water intake - more on that later). Shakes, veggies, LC meal, V-8, popcorn (the 100 calorie, 94% fat-free kind from Orville R.), IpoHolo and WeeFee. As of this moment, everything is checked off except for two shakes and the V-8. Pretty good!

On to WeeFee. Should I start with the body aches (knees, tops, backs and sides of thighs) or the fact that I'm enjoying it? The positive reinforcement is nice, and I have discovered that you can weigh yourself every time you use it or not. I'm going for once a week weigh-ins on it...I just don't need that kind of pressure on a daily basis. I have to say, though, that WeeFee is consistently impressed with my posture - I am very balanced! Although I still can't do that Yoga "Tree" pose to save my life. I should say that I am very balanced on two legs! I have totally become addicted to the "Step Aerobics" that they offer - it is supposed to improve your rhythm and believe me, I need it...I can never seem to get the beat in anything. DO NOT ask me to clap along in a crowd...I will be the one who is off. Back in the day, the only dancing I could do was New Wave, because all you did was jump up and down. Yes, I am that bad (the first step is admitting you have a problem!). So anyway, for three days all I was able to do in the Step program was the "right foot on, left foot on, right foot off, left foot off" deal, even when you were supposed to go side-to-side, kick, etc. Today I finally got the side-to-side!!! Woot! Small victory, I know, but it's all mine! As for the sore legs, obviously I am using different muscles than I use bike riding. Hopefully the soreness will go away soon.

One thing I have noticed is that when I ride IpoHolo on a day that I've done WeeFee, my thighs feel like jello afterward. But it's all good, I suppose. Plus I got my matching "Hawaiian" pink bell for her...hey, a girl has to have accessories!

Water intake...another thing I had let slide. I am now using my cute pink (naturally) water bottle - it holds 24 oz. and I'm trying to refill it at least three times a day. This is definitely helping with feeling full and not being so tempted by stuff that is not on my diet - this includes you, fruit! According to my doctor, "juicy" fruit is pretty much all sugar, which converts to carbs, which is not what you need when you are trying to lose weight. Sigh. He didn't buy the "it's fruit, it's good for you" argument from me. So goodbye pineapple...I'll see you in a few months.

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