Sunday, July 6, 2008

This and That

Long time no post! The pseudo-Canadians came home and have been keeping me busy, eh!

We finally got the odometer on my bike to read and guess what?!? I've actually been riding close to three miles on a good evening (no wind) already! I was pretty surprised to see that...and now I can set some goals with regards to increasing the amount. Of course, I'm leaving for Denton in a few minutes, so I won't be able to actually ride Ipoholo until Wednesday, but the plan's half the battle, right?

One thing with everyone home, I've discovered, is that I tend to want to eat lunch when I see them eating it. So even though I'm not really hungry, or I know a shake will stave off the hunger pangs, I am feeling deprived. Sigh. Will I ever change?

Jeff and I ate dinner at Chili's last night and I swear, I am still full from it today. I had the Guiltless Grill Chicken Sandwich, which came with black beans w/pico and steamed broccoli, all for 490 calories. I was uncomfortably stuffed almost before I was finished - probably shouldn't have had the beans at all, just the veg and sandwich. I haven't felt like this in quite a while, and I don't like it! Good reminder to eat small portions. Rationally, I know that I didn't blow it big time, but geez, I sure feel like I did.

I've packed my shakes, mixer and a couple of V-8's to take to Denton. Planning on a dinner out tonight at Panera Bread (sooooo good!), but I have checked the nutrition facts online and have my meal already picked out. Target is right by Panera and I'll get some LC Pizzas for the rest of my stay...maybe I'll get my son Sam hooked on them!

Well, it's time to get going...Max will be all registered for Freshman classes at UNT by the time I get home on baby's growing up!


  1. Hi, Shelly! I stumbled across your blog and have been reading through all your old posts for inspiration. I'm at the start of my journey now, but reading how you made it has really encouraged me. I started at 260, close to where you were at the beginning and so far have lost 18 pounds. I had to comment when I saw this daughter just finished her freshman year at UNT. We live about 15 miles from Denton. Small World! Anyhow, thanks for sharing your story.

    1. I love getting a comment on one of my (really) old posts - glad to see someone is interested enough in my story to go back to the beginning. And yes, what a small world, indeed! UNT is a great school - hope your daughter had a good first year. Congratulations on your weight loss - sounds like you are well on your way! :)


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