Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still in Denton...

I'm at Sam's apartment in Denton...he's at work, I've eaten my LC pizza for dinner, so I'll attempt to type on Max's laptop. I may be in the minority here, but I am really not a fan of laptops. Flat keyboards, no normal mouse, and they are hot! Give me my bulky desktop anyday!

I had fruit today for the first time since I've started this diet almost 2 months ago! I had the Strawberry Poppyseed salad at Panera Bread for lunch - fresh strawberries (naturally!), blueberries, pineapple, mandarin oranges, pecans and romaine with a fat-free, low sugar dressing. It was so good...but I couldn't finish it. Which is good, because that means that I actually listened to my body cues and stopped eating instead of stuffing myself! Woot - progress!!! Anyway, back to the salad. I just looked it up online and it only has 190 calories!!!!! I am so happy!!! I didn't go off my calorie count for the day, even though I ate out (again). I think I tend to punish myself when I don't eat my usual items (shakes, LC meal, grilled veggies, V-8 and popcorn), and I have got to get over that. Real life has options, and I am learning that I can choose good options and still stay on track. Who knew that this diet would entail some psychology along with exercise and weight loss?!?

Speaking of exercise...I bought a Wii Fit today! I could not believe I actually found one...I have been trying to get one for almost two weeks now, with no luck. Why did I buy a Wii Fit when I have IpoHolo, you might be asking? Well, I have been wanting to do some exercise during the morning on the days that I don't work, and after looking into a few options (boot camp - not ready for that yet!), I decided that the Wii Fit would be fun...because basically, I am all about the fun. If I happen to get into better shape while having fun, well, that is a bonus! This will also be nice to have if it is raining and I can't ride. I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow and hooking everything up. And then going for a ride on IpoHolo and seeing how many miles I can go.

Oh, one thing that has totally surprised me...I have been able to walk around the UNT campus and not die of exhaustion! When we did this three years ago I was so miserable...and even though I don't feel like I've done a ton of exercise, apparently all the bike riding has really helped me. Yesterday, we walked from the dorms to the coliseum and I was fine! Then we walked from there to a sub sandwich place just off campus, and then back to the dorms and I was still fine!! What a shock!!! I was very pleasantly surprised at this...really didn't expect to see this kind of benefit so soon!


  1. Ooh! Let me know how the Wii Fit works. I am SO bad at video games, not to mention I have zero desire to work hard enough to become good at them, and even if I did have the desire, I certainly don't have the time.
    I have always wanted a 'dance dance revolution' thingy. But it is quite depressing that you have to spend about $500 to get one because you have to have the system and the dance pad and such. I tried it once, and I didn't completely suck, although all the teenagers I was with laughed at me a lot. It was a lot of exercise and that was before I got sick.
    Enjoy! Dad (Uncle Phil) is visiting. He and Noah just got back from Fiji. Sounds like they could have had a better time between the illness and the weather.

  2. I bet you would like the Wii Fit - there is a lot on it to do, and what I liked about it is that it's fun. Of course, I did not attempt any of the strength-training stuff today - no push ups, etc., but right now I just need to move, so this is good.

    Glad your Dad and Noah made it home ok...seems like sickness comes with the traveling (Max was really sick in Costa Rica for about 3 days). Hopefully they had a good time anyway.

    Oh, and Sam was the DDR king in high school! I tried it, but was pretty terrible at it - you must have good coordination!


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