Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Vacation!

So my husband and son left for a canoe trip to Canada on's just me, the dog and the cats until July 2nd. I spent a good part of Sunday cleaning my house: vacuuming, dishes, cleaning out the fridge, laundry, laundry and more laundry, wiping down surfaces, getting junk back into the garage where it belongs...and this morning I woke up to a lovely, STILL CLEAN, house! I am going to enjoy this while I can! This is MY vacation! I get to do what I want! And today, I wanted to read, catch up on some shows I had DVR'd, drink iced tea, and of course, ride my bike. So that's what I did, and it was great!

In diet news, I made a salad today and it was yucky. I used hearts of romaine lettuce and home-grown tomatoes and cucumbers. The lettuce was tough - really thick - and too chewy. The tomatoes and cucumbers tasted funny - I guess I am used to the pesticides that come on the veggies I buy in the stores. Anyway, I only had a few bites and ended up throwing it down the drain. I had 2 shakes, a V-8 and a LC dinner. I'm kind of hungry now, but not going to bother having another shake so late at night. It's been strange because I haven't been very hungry until mid-afternoon the past couple of days. Calorie total (yes, I'm keeping track again) for today was 560 and Sunday was 550.

And now for my dilemma: Should I go weigh in tomorrow, which will be a week? Or should I get back to my Wednesday weigh-ins? Things to consider: 1) I feel like a fat cow right now; 2) I'm trying to limit my driving to save $$ on gas, and I have saved a bunch of errands for tomorrow, since I have a standing lunch date on Tuesdays, and while I'm out I could knock off that errand as well; 3) I will be really sad if I haven't lost a pound or three, and maybe waiting one more day might help in that aspect. Overthinking much?

I rode my bike around my neighborhood tonight (sans the bad, bad dog). I didn't go down every street, but I spent about 20 minutes riding around before getting back to my street and doing laps around the pond. Have I mentioned how comfortable this bike is? The seat is so nice! Going over bumps is not an issue, unlike my old bike, where I rode over a bump and OWIE did I feel it!!! I adjusted the seat a tiny bit up...still tweaking the fit. As for naming my girl, I have narrowed it down to:

Ipoholo - sweet ride
Kamea - the one and only
Akalapua - pink flower/blossom
Leilani - heavenly flower

I may stop by a bookstore tomorrow and look at a Hawaiian dictionary to see if anything else jumps out at me...I swear, this is harder than it was to name my children!

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