Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feeling Good!

I sucked it up and went to my weigh-in yesterday...and boy howdy did I get rewarded for it!!! I lost...are you ready for this...FOUR, count 'em, FOUR pounds!!!!! In one week!!! Woot! Happy Dance!! I needed that boost, I'm telling ya!!! Now, if I review what I did last week, aside from a couple of days of not-on-the-diet eating, the only thing I did differently, and I hate to say this so I'll just whisper it, was to...exercise more. Gah!!! I hate it when everybody and the experts are right!!! But I got my new bike on Friday and have definitely been riding longer each evening...crap, I guess that works!

I am definitely more motivated to stick with the diet now...amazing what a good result can do for you! Today I'm going to start using the hand weights I was given for my birthday three weeks ago (What can I say? I'm a slow starter!). I'm also hoping to get in a nice long bike ride this evening, although thunderstorms are predicted. That is my only issue with bike riding in the summer in Texas - I can take riding in 95 degree heat as long as the sun has gone down enough to shade my neighborhood, but I don't think I could last more than five minutes riding in the 95 degree heat with the sun beating down on me. I really need to get in the bike ride tonight, because tomorrow is Thursday and I have a meeting that I attend every Thursday evening and don't get home until 9 pm (too dark to ride) and Friday evening I'll be going to a play with some friends. Two nights in a row of missing the bike riding will mean that I'll feel it when I finally get to ride on Saturday.

And now for the moment I'm sure you all have been waiting for: the naming of my new bike!

After much (really, too much) thought and consideration, I have decided on...drumroll, please...


Which means "Sweet Ride" in Hawaiian. Yes, the guys at the bike shop inadvertently named her for me! But it just fits her so well! And on that note...Aloha for now!

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  1. I hope you were able to hop on Ipoholo tonight for a ride. All day I was hoping to hop on my unnamed blue Electra bike and go for a spin but it didn't happen. Maybe I should do it right now.


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