Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back On Track...

Sunday night, and I'm back on track, diet-wise. I spent yesterday at the Texas Reds Festival, where I did enjoy a steak - and boy howdy was it good! Even though I ate the steak, I behaved myself somewhat because I only had a couple (ok, three) red potatoes with onions for the side dish. That's right. No potato salad, no corn, no green bean casserole and no roll. I could have been so bad! I did get the peach cobbler dessert that came with - luckily it was a very small portion, as it was so good I ate the whole thing!

And now a confession: I bought a sheet of food tickets, intending to have a "bucket"* of fresh-squeezed lemonade and something else...they had all sorts of fried treats, from the ever-popular funnel cake, to homemade potato chips, onion blossom, corn name it - if it could be deep-fried, it was there! Well, the day was brutally hot - the temperature reached 99 degrees and it was incredibly humid. I stood in line for the lemonade and by the time I got to the front, the smell of the fried foods was making me queasy. So I just got the lemonade. But I was going to go back later and get something else!!! Luckily, the lemonade really filled me up, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. So I never went back for my fried treat - I ended up giving my extra tickets to a couple of Bryan Fire Department guys who were working the first-aid station. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't have the fried food for a couple of reasons: 1. It probably would have made me so sick after being on this diet for over a month; and 2. That would have really been over-the-top in going off the diet. A steak is one thing, but the funnel cake is a whole 'nother story!

So today I have had 3 shakes and a LC meal, and lots of water and iced tea (still a bit dehydrated from yesterday). I am pretty proud of myself for getting right back on the diet wagon! And I don't regret having the steak matter what the scale might say at weigh-in this week!

I rode my bike for about 20 minutes tonight, not counting the time I had to spend chasing down Paco, who has decided that he needs to explore beyond his set boundaries, which is the street we live on. Bad, bad dog. Every time I got close to him, he trotted about five feet away. So. He's grounded from running with me while I bike - my husband will bike with him on the leash, but I'm not comfortable with that because he runs in front of me and I'm afraid I would have an accident with him. I am going to have to go back to the basics of Puppy Kindergarten and have him re-learn "come when called" this week. Bad, bad dog. No bike for you, one week!**

*When my best friend Barbara visited me in 2000, she was amazed at the Route 44-sized Diet Coke you could get at Sonic Drive-In, and began referring to it as a "bucket o' cola." Eight years later I still laugh about that!

**Apologies to the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. Wait, should I really be apologizing to a
Soup Nazi?!? I have to rethink this one!

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