Friday, March 27, 2020

FMM - AMA Answers!

Paula:  Do you think running caused the issue with your back? I didn’t start running until I was 51 & in 2 weeks I will be 57 and worry. My bones aren’t that great.  Honestly, I think the most damage was done with my workouts - jumping, burpees, explosive movements, etc.  I'm not a "bouncy" runner which is why I don't put most of the onus on running, although that was the straw that broke the camel', MY back.  My PT thinks I'll be OK with running again, with low mileage.  If I can get to running a 5K by the end of the year I'll consider it a success.  P.S.  I'll be 57 in about three months - yay 1963 babies!

Kim:   What is your ranking of Harry Potter books and movies, and are they the same or different?  Even though it's the most childish, the first book is my favorite because it's the one that drew me into the saga.  I read the books in order as they were released - after my kids were finished with them, of course.  Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix was perhaps my least favorite but overall it had some plotlines that carried over into the next few books so I can't fault it very much.  I think it goes the same for that movie, but again, I liked all of the books/movies so I can't complain about any of them, really.  I'm so glad you are finally reading them and watching the movies!

Barbara:   Have you entered the Land of Instapot?  We did, about a year ago.  Mostly used it for "baking" potatoes and making hard boiled eggs, plus the occasional shredded meat or soup-type of thing.  Thanks for the reminder - we should get it out from the cupboard and start using it again!

Kim:   Do you have any daily routines? I’m finding myself floundering a big without a routine.  Oddly, I am not foundering now that I've been stuck at home.  I had many years worth of routines, such as laundry (bedding, towels, clothes) on Mondays, vacuuming first thing (well, after coffee), blog reading/commenting while drinking coffee (I think we can see that coffee fits into a lot of my routine, LOL), etc.  When I restarted working in January, that all went to hell.  So I think that whatever you are used to doing becomes really challenging when there is a huge change.  I suspect you and I are opposite in dealing with what has happened over the last couple of weeks. 

Meranda:   Any tips on potty training a puppy?  Not really - the last true puppy we had was our beloved dachshund, Jackie, who we got when she was about six weeks old.  I remember thinking it was like having a toddler; not only did we take her out to potty regularly (kind of like asking a toddler if they needed to potty), but she slept upstairs with us and whenever she made a sound like she had to go, I'd take her downstairs to the backyard.  It was a lot of work and I was tired - much like any parent of small children - but she seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly.  Other than that, I've read that hanging a bell on the back door, where your puppy can reach it with their paw or nose, and teaching them to ring it when they want to go outside is a good idea.  Hope it goes well for you and your new puppies!

Helen:   If you could live anywhere you want in retirement, where would you live?  I think you asked this question the last time I did an AMA, LOL...we know where your brain is!  While my ideal answer is the same, Maui, I'd also be up to moving to North Carolina if we ever get a grandchild.  No pressure on my son...but wouldn't that be fun??  And I guess since Jeff is in semi-retirement now, by default, it's Texas.

Thanks to everyone who participated - this was fun!


  1. My favorite Harry Potter book is also the first one--I think because it was so different and when it came out, my boys were the perfect age for me to read it aloud to them. It was so innocent and we all immersed ourselves into the story! The later books were more mature and dark--it was challenging to read the last few, for me at least!

    1. The last book was really hard to read, because it WAS dark but also knowing that it was the last. I loved the series and hated to see it end.

  2. Evidently I didn't believe your Maui answer the first time lol!

  3. I really hope you are running a 5K by the end of the year, too!

    Thanks for answering my question! I am excited to keep going and see how the story progresses! Knowing I have that whole series available on Kindle Unlimited makes me feel really secure with my reading options right now. (since I can't get hard copies at the library and some digital copies take a while)

    1. Awesome that you have the series on your Kindle already!


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