Friday, February 28, 2020

FMM - I'm Regressing

I think I'm regressing.  Why else would I be so happy with a handful of crayons:
Clinique Chubby Sticks for the win!

OK it's a handful of makeup crayons, but still.  You get to draw on your face!  While I've worn lip crayons for years, having foundation in crayon form is a novelty to me.  My mom has been using these for a while, and we went shopping while she was here, and let's just say that I've been converted.
Lips, eyes, face - the only thing I'm missing is the cheek crayon.  Soon my pretty...soon you will be mine, mwahahah.

The foundation is super fun - you just draw some lines on your face - some days I do squiggly lines just for laughs - and then you blend it in, either with fingers or a flat brush.  The coverage is better than the liquid foundation I was wearing.  It hides the red broken capillaries around my nose really well, but I don't feel like I'm really wearing makeup, which is great.  I'm not one to layer it on with a trowel, if you know what I mean.

For now I'm using a powder blush that I do like - it's by Tarte, colorway Paaarty, but I want to get the crayon blush as well.  I swear if they made mascara in a crayon I'd be a happy camper.  Color all the things (on your face), right?!

Here's my beauty blogger shot so you can see the crayons on my face:
Look down demurely, slight smile on face, hand to hair.  Did I nail it?  LOLOLOL


Because it's been a hot minute since Paco the Wonder Dog has made an appearance:
Just keepin' dad warm.

I was calling in a refill for his Prozac - why yes, my dog takes Prozac - and it always cracks me up when I have to input his birthday.  Because it's totally made up.  BTW it's July 4, 2006 - when we got him at the end of November in 2006 our vet estimated his age to be about five months, so I chose a birth date that would be easy to remember.  Except when I was entering it yesterday I couldn't get the year right.  Sometimes it's just easier to speak to a person than do things via automation.

In case you didn't know, he takes Prozac to try and calm his licking licking licking issue.  I'm not sure it does all that much but I've been pretty lax on giving it to him over the last couple of months (hey I had my own problems) and he's back to licking raw spots on his legs, so I'm going to try and be more consistent with pilling him.  At least he takes his pills easily thanks to pill pockets, and I hope you heard that in the Hot Pockets tune because I do every time I take one out for Paco.


Have a great weekend and be sure to enjoy your extra day of February tomorrow!


  1. ANd now I have that jingle going through my head, so thanks for that! :p

    You look so pretty in your beauty shot! I use a powder foundation that I brush on. I may have to check out the crayon.

  2. I love those chubby sticks (lol and so does MY mom)! That foundation stick is the only foundation I've ever tried that I've liked - everything else feels too heavy to me. I can really only wear brown eye shadows so I'm envious of your pretty blues and purples!

    Hi Paco :)

  3. Hmmm I may have to check these out.

    I use cream and liquid eyeliner.

  4. I learned something new today about make up which, I don't usually wear because it feels like a mask to me but I am open to the idea of crayons. Good to see Paco the star of the blog again! lol

    I have been reading right along but doing so from my tablet where I am not signed in and its harder to comment but I wanted you to know I am still here, and so glad your doing better.

  5. Your picture is beautiful - nailed it! Paco!!!!!!! Love that, Paco. Did you know there is a Hot Pocket's heiress? She's in the news for being in a pickle.

  6. Lovely picture, Shelley - you should get free stuff from Clinique!

  7. My dog has a made up Howliday birthday too. St Patrick's Day. No. 8 is coming up soon.


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