Monday, January 13, 2020

Christmas 2019 Recap

I know I know, it's January 13th and I'm posting Christmas pictures - but this is what happens when your blog is also your diary; I swear this thing has been so nice when I want to refer back to life events - I'm probably the biggest user of the search section here - but that also means I have to fit everything in, so welcome to December in January.

Christmas 2019 was more of a low-key affair, considering we'd spent the first part of December together as a family on our Orlando vacation.  The hotel and most of the meals were paid for by our kadults as our Christmas/sorry you had a seizure gifts; Jeff and I did our Christmas shopping for Sam and Allie at Universal Studios (stocking stuffers were so fun to choose there), and Sam didn't have any vacation time remaining, so Jeff and I spent the week before Christmas at Allie's new house.  Between still unpacking plus not having living room furniture, she didn't really want to decorate a tree, so we made our own version:
At least we know where the tree can go next year...

Jeff has been working on fixing up Allie's garage - basically he's creating the garage of his dreams with her money - and wanted a new drill/driver set, so I indulged him:
I think he liked it.
I'm holding my "Best Entry Level Employee" mug that Allie put in my stocking after seeing me laugh at it when we were at TJ Maxx - can't wait to bring that to work tomorrow when I finally return.  My other gifts were the BEST TAPE MEASURE EVER - I've been wanting a new one to replace my 35-year-old heavy metal Stanley tape measure, and Jeff found one that is lightweight, with bright printing on both sides.  It's the little things, I'm telling you.  I'm also moving pictures around as I write this post with ease thanks to the Apple Magic Mouse that he bought me - I have the trackpad (this is Sam's old computer so I have been using what he had) but it's hard to drag things with it; getting the mouse has been a huge help.
I forgot that I told my mom that I wanted this t-shirt last summer so it was a fun surprise to open it - instead of the usual K1P1, which stands for the "knit 1, purl 1" stitch pattern, this has a slightly more risque saying but one in which most knitters are familiar with at one point or another while knitting.  I love it, and I love that it matched my new dachshund pajama pants, too!
Dachshund pajama pants for everyone!  I found these at Old Navy right before Christmas and at $5 per pair, could not resist getting them.  I'm not cropping these pictures so you can see the state of the living room in December 2019 - it's a work in progress.  I can't wait to see what it will look like in December 2020 (and yes, we plan on having Christmas at Allie's house again next time).
Chopping onions made Allie cry - but what made me teary-eyed with pride was seeing how she put the red peppers in the green bowl and the white onions in the orange bowl.  This is what makes Fiestaware fun, making the colors pop!
We discovered she doesn't have a large mixing bowl, so she improvised with a big pot to mash the sweet potatoes.
SHE COOKED CHRISTMAS DINNER ALL BY HERSELF!  Heck yes we'll be coming was delicious and also quite wonderful to not have to be the head chef after so many years of doing it all.
Paco unwrapped his usual Christmas cookie treat.
He also suspiciously eyed the inflatable dachshund that we'd bought last year after Christmas - this shot alone was worth the $15 we paid for it.  As it turned out, an inflatable dog went perfectly in Allie's new neighborhood because...
Buddy the Elf was two doors down!!  How have I never seen this and where can I get one???

OK, I think I've caught up with 2019.  No wait, I haven't - I still have our trip to Universal Studios to recap.  I really fell behind, didn't I?!


  1. Of course I had to go look on Amazon for an inflatable Buddy the Elf. But holy moly, they are expensive!! I love the look Paco is giving that dachshund! Your Christmas dinner looks delicious!!

    1. I just need Buddy for $15 - I realize that we got that inflatable dachshund at a huge post-Christmas sale, but now that's what all inflatables should least in my mind!

      Dinner was delicious. Allie is a great cook!

  2. I would gladly shlep Christmas gifts, etc. to my daughter's house if she ever said she wanted it there. I mean, I'd even be willing to help cook. So far, she hasn't but maybe I should put that bug in her ear for next year? Ooooh now you've really got me thinking.

    1. Hey, she might like not traveling for Christmas (Allie is a fan of staying at her house because of that) - bug away!

  3. Oh my gosh you do need to find that Buddy!

    What a fun holiday! You all look so great in the PJs. I noticed them right away on Jeff and was going to ask what they were!

    The K1FU is too funny :)

    We recently got two of the tape measurers like that! I wish we would have had them when we were in the thick of building the garage - being double sided and having a bright background color really makes a difference!

    1. Jeff didn't realize the tape measure was printed on both sides until after he bought it - then he was extra proud of his choice, LOL. I have to say I have used it quite a bit already and love it. :)

  4. Hello from Idaho sound like a busy and joyful Christmas. If you have the time stop in for a cup of coffee

  5. No!!!! Does this mean there was no gingerbread throw down??? I have been waiting with bated breath to see the creations! Lol

    It looks like you had a great holiday, even with the absence of Sam...who was there in spirit and by phone I’m sure!!!

    1. Scroll back one post - we did do the Throwdown and I wrote about it with all the drama, LOL.


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