Friday, January 10, 2020

2019 Gingerbread House Throwdown!

Yes I realize I'm going backward in my post recaps, but welcome to my crazy world.  It'll get straightened out soon enough - just bear with me and things will be back to normal one of these days.  Also, I want to apologize for not leaving comments on your blogs; I've been reading but that was about all I could manage between traveling and my concussion.

The Throwdown was changed up this year.  We had plans to do it in Orlando - we figured that we could bring them to the huge cafeteria at our hotel and have a proper gingerbread house decorating contest one evening.  Sam even purchased two houses and we brought them along with us when we drove to Orlando, but the weather was cold which meant that we ended up being at the park more of the day instead of wanting to relax in the lazy river each afternoon, and by the end of the day we were all wiped out.  So we didn't do it.

But, since Jeff and I were going to Allie's house for Christmas, we decided to have the contest there, even though Sam wouldn't be able to participate since he used up the remainder of his vacation for the year in Orlando.  Jeff and I bought the last two adorable retro camping trailer gingerbread kits at World Market for something like $4, and when we made it up to Allie's place, we found more kits at Home Goods, where she chose a castle, so it ended up not being a team contest - we just decorated our own, and had Sam and Kevin choose the winner via text pictures.  Side note:  while the houses from World Market were fresh, the castle from Home Goods was not - it had icing that had dried out so it must have been last year's model.  Same price as World Market though.

We ended up decorating them on Christmas day and since we each were decorating one, there was no downtime and therefore no in progress pictures.  But here are the results:
Santa got run over by a trailer...
Trailer was constructed well even if the decorator got tired of icing it, LOL.
This one was more of a lean-to than a trailer, but it was decorated on both sides.
Plus it had a bonus area for a sail to dry out by the picnic table.
 The castle's princess was turned into Rapunzel thanks to copious amounts of yellow fondant.
And after voting, here were the results.  Because of the lean-to trailer, there was extra gingerbread to make awards, YOU'RE WELCOME PEOPLE WHO ACCUSED ME OF CHEATING.  Yes I was the winner, woohoo!

The voting commentary was pretty funny:

My commentary is green, in case you couldn't tell.

But wait!  There was a late contender to the throwdown this year:
Late to the party but a beautiful addition.
This was Theresa's New Year's Eve eve project.  She ambitiously decided to place seed sugar pearls around the windows but got tired of the tedium after the first one, so I helped with the second window.  Then I was fired from helping.  That kind of detail work is beyond my abilities, LOL.  I did get to sprinkle on the "snow" crystals afterward and now I want to get some for next year's throwdown - that was fun!

So our gingerbread house throwdown stretched from North Carolina, where the original houses were purchased, to Florida, where they traveled (but were not decorated), to Texas, and then to California.  It was a coast-to-coast event!

Allie and I originally had a plan for our team house thanks to reader Kim, who sent me the idea months ago, but we're saving it for next year when we will be back to our cutthroat teams since we should all be having Christmas together.  Just wait...Team Awesome will be back to win it all!


  1. The trailer GB houses are so cute! Was that a kit or did you make the pattern? The boys and I used to make a GB house every year. It was such a fun tradition.

    1. It was a kit and the candy lights that came with it are what sold us - construction was a little challenging, as you can see from mine, LOL.

  2. YOU DESERVED TO WIN. I have spoken!

    Also, I cannot believe how grown up Theresa is (and looking so much like her mama). I mean, I know she's been getting older all this time, but geez, that photo really slams it home.

    1. I'm laughing because I think you always think I should win. YOU'RE NOT WRONG. ;)

      Oh I know - wait until I post another picture of Theresa...what the heck happened to that little baby I used to claim as mine, with our matching blonde hair and blue eyes? She's taller than me, too. Waaah!!

  3. I guess I've been reading your blog long enough (7 to 8 years I think?) that I was definitely looking for the Gingerbread Throwdown post around Christmas. Honestly with everything that happened over the last couple of months, I'm happy to see that you guys still kept the tradition going!

    Honestly I think they're all great. B is pretty hilarious honestly (I especially like "this side left blank" haha), but yours definitely wins for detail and style points :)

    1. Thanks, and thanks for anticipating the Throwdown each year! :)

  4. NOW 2019 can officially be put to rest, with the Gingerbread Throwdown post on the books. I love the variety and the locations and the fact that smack can be dealt regardless of whether all are present in the room. Thank goodness for technology! Now you've got me very curious to see what your and Allie's plan is for next year...

  5. YES! I knew that "C" was yours! You are inspiring me to go to the store and see if there are any GBH kits on clearance left over! I know want to decorate one!

    1. They really are so much fun to decorate, there should be a summertime gingerbread theme as well...


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