Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2020 Texas 10 Series 5 Mile Race - Spectator's Recap

This year's medal...which is the same as last year.  Weird that they didn't change it up, especially considering their medals are always so impressive.
Here are my medals from 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.  All different.  What's up, 2020?

On Sunday Jeff, Karen, Diane, and Brian ran the five mile race of the Texas 10 Series - it's a race that is run throughout south Texas, with points and prizes awarded to runners who compete in all of the races.  We just do the local one, which starts and finishes at one of the high schools here in town.  The race started at 7:00 am and we didn't even leave our house until 6:15 am; that's how casual of a race it is for us, and it's an especially nice change after the craziness of the Houston half marathon the week before.
Porta-potty backdrop for the win!  Jeff, Diane, Brian, and Karen.

It had rained overnight so the roads were slick, plus it was pretty foggy.  Before it began, the race announcer was making sure that everyone knew to watch out for vehicles at intersections not stopping, or possibly sliding through the intersection - basically telling everyone to be extra careful even though they had a lane blocked off and police officers directing traffic.  So that was a little worrisome, but at least it was early on a Sunday so there wasn't a lot of traffic out in the beginning.
Jimmy and I watched the race began before going to switch out Karen's participant shirt for the correct size.  They gave her a men's XL, which would have fit her like a night shirt!
Blurry shot of Jeff, representing his alma mater Humboldt State University.
Yes that is a man running in a PANDA HEAD.  He ran the entire 10 mile race in it and I don't know how he doesn't overheat and die, but apparently this is his thing and he wears it at every race.  Runners are a crazy bunch, but some bring it to the next level.

Thankfully our runners have been getting faster because it wasn't too long before they started showing back up.  First was Brian:
I love that he wears the bright orange cap - makes it easy to pick him out from a distance and be camera ready at the finish line.

Next up was Karen:
Another fast race for her!

Then Jeff surprised me by coming in right behind Karen:
Jeff credits his speed increase to physical therapy - he says he doesn't hurt when he runs now.  I think he needs to bring Amanda flowers or something...
Then Diane came in - she's been having a great racing season too!

Jeff and Diane both got Age Group awards:
Diane was second in her group, Jeff was third in his.
Jeff was the only person from his AG to come up for their award so he got the full attention of the photographer.
Aiden got to hold the mug prizes.
Logan wore his dad's medal and was so enamored of it - I feel you Logan, I do.  Medals are awesome!

As usual, we hung around for the cash prize drawing - they gave out less this year, only four $50 bills for the five mile racers (when we first started running this race they gave out 10 $50 for the five milers and 10 $100 for the ten milers - they were down to eight this year).  The odds weren't great but look who won $50:
Diane!  This was her first cash win at this race.

Breakfast at Blue Baker followed, of course.  I like this race but now that I've spectated it instead of running it, I might like it a little more.  Jimmymeow is corrupting me toward the spectator life, LOL.
Jeff's loot.


  1. I kinda want one of those cowboy boot medals, just saying! Congrats to all! What a fun event.

    1. Come race in'll end up with a boot. Or a cowboy hat. Or the Lone Star...LOL.

  2. I love the fact that 99% of your races give out medals. Maybe I wouldn't have quit racing if I'd have had that sort of incentive.

    1. Well I know Diane chooses her races based on the medal, so it's a real thing, LOL.

  3. I love your last sentence! The pictures of Aiden and Logan are so cute. And CONGRATULATIONS to Diane for winning $50!!!

    1. Haha, yeah. I want to race but then when I'm watching everyone in the starting corral, I'm kinda glad I'm not there.

  4. Very nice prizes and great going on the racing


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