Monday, November 25, 2019

Saturday With the Renegades

I mentioned in Friday's post that I was looking forward to spending time with the Renegades, and possibly doing Coffee and Cruisin' with Jimmymeow.  I'm delighted to say all of it happened, and I have pictures to share.

After Jimmy and I left the runners, we headed to McDonald's for coffee and then to the post office to drop off some packages.  Then we needed to go check on a job site, which happened to be a concrete pour at a storage facility. 
A lovely sunrise to start the job.  But wait...
Why are the mixer trucks stacked up like that?  On a pour they usually roll in and roll out pretty quickly.

Turns out the concrete pump (you can see it in the top picture, high in the air) had a clog in it that took a while to flush out.  So we drove onto the site for a bit while everything was being sorted out and, as Jimmy put it, I got a course in construction site language, LOL.  Actually it was more of a refresher...side note - I need to incorporate "sumbitch" into my vocabulary more often.

Eventually we left the site and made it back to the clubhouse just before the runners started returning.  I got to hold baby Aiden:
Having a moment connecting about wearing the hat that I originally knit for his brother - looks just as good on Aiden as it did on Logan!
Speaking of Logan, there he is, CHEESING like a pro!

We adjourned to Blue Baker and commandeered the entire area by the baker's window because EVERYONE WAS THERE!  Between travel and babies and all kinds of reasons, it's been a while since we were all together.  So many conversations were happening about everything and nothing...there's a reason we've been friends for so long.
Just some candid photos that I'm sure everyone will be pleased to see I'm sharing...or not.  But I loved capturing a couple moments of our morning together.
More baby holding...
Apparently I have a thing for his tiny hands.
This picture was taken a month ago - look at how much his hands have filled out!  Also, I only own one long-sleeved t-shirt and every time I've held Aiden, it's been cold.  

That was our fun Saturday morning - we finally headed out a little after 11:00 am with basically a full day under our belts at that point.  Good times, good times.


  1. Lovely sunrise picture, and the baby!

  2. Well that all just seems such a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning (including sumbitch lol). And how great that everyone was there!

  3. I do love little babies! How cute! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing your life with us!!! I enjoy all of your updates so much!!

  5. Fun to see the Renegades together again!

  6. I love that he was wearing the hat you made for his brother! That's precious! Glad y'all had a great visit! I'm sure it was so much fun being back together again!

  7. How fabulous to have all of your friends together! And babies...that is the icing on the cake!!!

  8. Yay for the whole group being together! That makes me happy :)

    Ha, sumbitch. Do you watch many movies with the Rock? He says that so much in the F&F franchise; it makes me and Steven laugh!


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