Friday, October 18, 2019

FMM - Starring Mostly You Know Who

This happens so rarely that I had to take a screenshot - 118 points!!! 


Giving in:
I was doing my morning scroll on my iPad when Paco made it clear he wanted to lay with me.  I wasn't expecting the nose tuck under my hands, but that's what made him happy and of course I made Jeff take a picture of the sweet puppy.


Stealth paparazzi mode:
Another day, another nap.  But those paws!  So cute.


Life hack:
When you're laying on the couch and you're not sure if the tippy tappy toes are at the water bowl (hidden by his body) or at the back door, taking a tilted selfie will let you know if you have to get up.  

I discovered this when I didn't want to do any unnecessary movements thanks to my nerve pain, but this little hack is here to stay.  Also, the overused term life hack - is this one, or merely a tip?


Have a great weekend!  We have something fun to see tomorrow...


  1. Life hack or pro tip? Overused but kind of fun to say, right?

    Congrats on that big word! I never get those unless I'm playing the solo game. If you want to play, I'm Wendy Joyce!

  2. Hi Paco! Yes, you should be in every picture.

    I also use the selfie mode to apply lipstick when I can't find my compact.

  3. I love that stealth mode to see what's going on!

  4. Bring on all the Paco!!!! Violet likes to snuggle up with us like that too and she's definitely not a fan of being ignored for our phones first thing in the morning. I set one alarm to get up and let her out of her crate about 30 minutes before I actually need to get out of bed each morning, just to snuggle with her :)

    Kind of similar to Helen, I use the selfie camera to check for food in my teeth after eating out :)

    I just spent way too long trying to find my Words username (AnnieMcGluggin), but I'll play if you need another opponent!

    Enjoy the fun thing tomorrow!


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