Friday, September 13, 2019

FMM - Office Organization and Decor

Over the last couple of weeks I've been playing around in my office, clearing out some stuff, going through my yarn, and just generally making it pretty again; of course I need to show you how it turned out.

First, this is what started the yarn organization:
It's been a while since I've taken a picture with Paco rushing in - his modeling radar must have been set off - but if you can look beyond him, that thing with all of the drawers is why I went through my yarn.
'bout time you put me in dis blog, lady.
I saw this when I was shopping with Diane and wondered out loud if it would be good for yarn, having just one layer so I could see everything instead of digging through my bins.  Diane the enabler put it in the cart and next thing I knew, I'd bought a cute yarn organizer.  Hey, it went with my office colors, so I really did need it, right?
Once I got out all of my yarn, I decided to clear out the drawers in the cubby thingie and put more of my pretty yarn where I could see it.
This drawer holds mostly full skeins - I am dying to make something with that purple yarn on the left but I don't know what just yet.
I went through all of the yarn bins, pulling out yarn that I bought when I first started knitting and other yarn that I didn't end up liking enough to knit with and put it in a donation bag.  

Then I set aside yarn that I like but I've had for years and really can't see myself knitting, because it's either lightweight or it's not my choice for knitting socks, for example.  Here's a taste of what I'll be selling:
And there's a lot more...

Top of the cubby:
I have never had pictures in the starfish frames and I'm thinking, after at least 10 years of owning them, why start now?  

Lower cubby:
The wreath and the two smaller pictures are new - I originally bought the wreath for one of the hallway bathrooms but it was too big for it, so I put it in my office. 
Beach life displayed on a cheese board that my brother made for my 50th birthday.  Yes I look for ways to display things everywhere in my house, LOL.
I walked into the office one morning to catch the shadow of the bottle which thrilled me to no end.  It was so pretty in person - I even saw shadow bubbles!


Happy Friday the 13th!  Anybody suspicious about that date?  I'm not, but I always like odd dates like this.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I've said it before, but I just love your decorating! I need you to come to my house...

    1. Thank you! I'll admit, it would be fun to go mix up someone else's decor for a change...

  2. I'm definitely not suspicious but I will mention there is also a full moon and PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.

    Everything looks so beautiful in your home. I think you missed your calling in interior design!

    1. Oh dang, I didn't realize there was a full moon as well, eek!

      Thank you, I love doing this and have changed things around since childhood...hmmm, why DIDN'T I think of studying interior design??

  3. That is a great way to store yarn to avoid having to dig through your bins. I love organizing things. We could talk about that all day over coffee

  4. I like the yarn organizer. Of course I LOVE the Paco pic. You probably like that 9/13/19 is an anagram.

    1. Yes I love this anagram week. Almost as good as when the is 11/12/13 or something like that. :)

      Poor Paco isn't feeling well today. I'll tell him he's appreciated in blogland; maybe that will help him.

  5. Not only was it Friday the thirteenth but also a full moon! :-)

    I could look at the colors of yarn (and fabric) forever...I spent an inordinate amount of fine staring at the colors in the pictures!

  6. What a wonderful way to organize everything! That purple yarn would look great on so many projects. I am thinking mittens and wishing some cold weather my way. Ha.


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