Monday, August 5, 2019

Weekend Update

You guys are so nice; thank you for the really kind comments on Friday's post.  That helps, believe me.  As I have said before, this is a very isolating injury so getting some interaction with you is good.  Thank you for sticking with me, I appreciate it.

I can't remember what we did on Friday - Jeff has every other Friday off - but we went to the movies (Spiderman: Far From Home) and then...oh.  We went to the grocery store before the movie to get some movie theater candy and I walked further into the store than I've done in the last four months.  Which would explain why it hurt so bad to get in and out of the car the next day; I'd inadvertently increased my pain by all that walking but I didn't think to increase any pain reliever.  It's this type of thing that can bring me down and get into some really negative thinking like what the hell, I can't even walk to the back of the grocery store without hurting?

But, I got to spend Saturday morning with Jimmymeow on our official Coffee & Cruisin' expedition, which included swinging by McDonald's for coffee, checking out a job site, and driving around on the new new road where not only did we see Jeff running, we also saw lots and lots of houses already!  It's crazy to see how built up that area has become, but then I haven't been on that road in a long time.  We also drove by some garage sales but none were worth getting out of the car for.  I don't know what we were looking for but we didn't find it.

Then we returned to the clubhouse where just about everyone had finished up their run or walk, and watched Logan and Mason test out a double stroller that had been handed down to Cary.  They had so much fun and it was great to watch them laugh and laugh.  Then breakfast at Blue Baker where we were told to keep it down by a grumpy lady who belongs to a writers group, which of course meant not only did we continue talking like normal, but we had to outlast them - and you know we did.  Seriously, I don't understand why this group meets at BB - we are not the only exuberant group in the place.

I was hurting a lot so I spent some time in my zero gravity chair watching Veronica Mars.  Then Jeff and I cleaned our bathroom and bedroom, which has only received the bare minimum since last April.  It's spotless now, plus Jeff dusted baseboards, ceiling fan blades - you name it, it got wiped clean.  We also took Paco's crate out and moved a few things in its place, which made the side of the room you come in on much more open.

As for Paco, since we find him dead asleep in my closet all the time, we decided to try having him sleep there.  We bought a cheap wood baby gate, put his bed in there, and after only a couple of whines and answering shushes from me, he went to sleep!  When I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I noticed that he was sleeping right next to the gate, so last night we moved the bed there and he slept on it.  Success!

On Sunday we went to another movie (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) and then drove out to a succulent nursery that was located out in the country.  The woman who owns it was super helpful - she's got a little greenhouse where she grows them, and she was having a sale.  I'd looked at her FB page before we went and it said they would pot any plant for free, so I brought an Ikea pot with me.  I was looking for the ever-elusive string of pearls, but what she had was actually a string of teardrops, which, let's face it, pretty much fits with my life of late.  The pot didn't have a hole in it but she drilled one in, potted the plant, and added rocks on the top:
Well that worked out nicely - the pot looks so good with the green draping down.

We also picked out some small succulents to plant in my little antique clay pots:
Jeff chose the one on the right while I picked the other two because they had some pink on them.  I don't think it will last, something about the time of year/sunlight that it turns pink?

If you guessed that the pictures were taken on a car dashboard, you would be correct.  Jeff needed to stop at Lowes to get some stuff to repair our sprinklers, and I took advantage of the wait time in the car to get the pictures.  Normally I would have gone into the store with him but nope, not with my leg hurting already.  So I was that person sitting in a running car in the parking lot, which I hate to do, but it was 90 degrees and I needed the A/C on.  It's those seemingly little things that reminds me of how my life has changed...I'd just like to be normal again.

On to Monday - my week consists of PT tomorrow, mammogram on Wednesday, and a workout with Jared on Thursday.  Veronica Mars the rest of the time?  It's a fun show but I need to do something, get out of the house without doing too much, which is a fine line that I usually don't know I've crossed until it's too late and I'm paying for it, and maybe that might help me stay a little more sane through this.


  1. Ooooh I like your string of tears. I mean, not YOUR string of tears but the succulent. It doesn't look like a typical succulent to me. The pot you have it in is perfect!

    I'm sorry moving around causes so much agita for you. At the same time, you are correct in that you cannot stay trapped in your house all the damn time. I'm really hoping the continued PT and your new workouts with Jared help both your body and your mind.

    1. I've had that Ikea pot for years - every time I go there I pick one or two up if I like the colors on hand, and now I have an actual living plant in one, woohoo! Normally you will find fake plants (also from Ikea) because the places where I'd like some greenery don't get enough light to keep anything alive.

      I really hope things start to get better this week. I really do.

  2. Well that actually sounds like a really fun weekend! Except for your leg hurting from walking too much. Hope this week goes even better!

  3. I commented several times on your last post, but alas, I’m having technical issues. I love your blog because you are real and give us a glimpse into your life. I feel fortunate to be part of your online community. I’ll be with you through thick and thin!!!! What did you think of “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”? I liked it, and that isn’t really my kind of movie.

    1. Well rats, sorry for the technical difficulties on that last post. Thank you for this - I know you've been around for a long long time and I am so glad you are sticking with me! :)

      As for the movie, I loved it. Didn't know what to expect at any turn and the characters were brilliant. There's one scene that I hope is true (regarding ST); the entire movie was just so good!

  4. I have noticed your succulent talk/pictures over the years.

    I had purchased a small wooden crate of miniature daffodils (on clearance after Easter). I planted the bulbs in my beds.

    And then I took the crate to a local nursery and he put in a liner and planted it full of succulents and I gave it to my youngest daughter.

    She was really thrilled.

    And then she requested a start off my mother’s spider plant.

    I have large outdoor perennial beds, but no indoor plants.

    My mother has a bathroom (they love the skylight) full of violets. And a hallway with spider plants.

    So indirectly, you have gotten my daughter started on plants. Thanks. (Succulents were new to me when you started mentioning them, but that small empty crate just called for them.)

    The nursery where I went said he does parties for groups where everyone brings a container and they do little succulent container gardens.

  5. So how was the movie? My hubby really wants to see it.

    I bought some succulents because I thought they were plants that I could ignore. Well, now they look like I ignored them.

    1. LOL on your succulents - I did the same thing several years ago. With most of mine I've figured out that they like being watered once a month - smaller pots, maybe twice. They like sunlight coming in through a window but putting them outside will burn them to death out here. Like I said, most of my succulents do well with this system. Others just lose their will to live and croak. I try not to take that personally. ;)

      I loved the movie. Definitely worth seeing and watching everything play out.

  6. The succulents look fantastic!!!

    Every time I hear about your running group I sit back in awe at the bond that y’all have!! :-)

  7. I am so glad to hear you got out and about! It's got to be tough sitting around so much. Fingers crossed for continued forward progress.

    I keep meaning to post pictures of my succulents! After reading about yours, I bought some this past spring and planted them in pots. They have been sitting outside all summer in the sun and they are thriving. I don't have a green thumb but I think I found something that I can nuture! I'll post pictures one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I love your new succulents!

    It's so interesting to see your area build up, right? The growth of homes in TX fascinates me. Has it been steady there over the years, or really increased, lately?

    We got tix to see OUATIH! Next Tuesday :)

    Man, that freaking sucks that you have to be so conscious of something that used to be so simple like walking a bit more in a store. I'm sorry :(


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