Friday, June 14, 2019

FMM - Starring All of the Usual Characters

I haven't shown the Renegade toddlers in a while - they are both growing so much and are so dang cute!  Here's Mason, with his distinct way of eating a cutie:
When I went over to take a picture of how he was eating, he immediately stopped, said cheese, and smiled - LOL!
 OK now we're getting down to it - he eats it like you'd eat an apple!
See the bite taken out?  I just cracked up - never thought of eating a cutie or an orange like that but I think Mason might just be onto something!

Next we have Logan, with his distinct way of eating a bagel with cream cheese:
Logan just dives right into the cream cheese, which is something I've thought of doing after a long run when I'm particularly hangry.  Messy face?  No worries!
Also, toddler pumpkin muffin still loves pumpkin only now it's a piece of pumpkin bread.
In pumpkin bread bliss, as one would's that good.


The weather here this week has been unusually cool, especially in the mornings.  Because I pretty much missed most of the good spring weather, I've been going out in the backyard with my morning drinks to enjoy it:
Espresso and orange juice.  OOH, in this picture you can sort of see our new patio chair.  We finally got rid of our old gross plastic chairs and bought two new chairs.  Jeff also spray painted the little table to bring it back to black and it's like new again!
Paco stayed nearby, of course.  I made myself stay out for a couple of hours each morning, alternately reading on my iPad and just taking in my surroundings, trying to relax now that I can sit and do that.
Henry hung around as well, in his new favorite spot, the bench.  Last year it was under the Sago palm but he's moved on.
Eventually this is what I kept seeing - although he had a bed and me, Paco tired of being outside and stared me in.  He has a powerful stare and knows how to use it!


Have a great weekend - Jeff and I will hit our 35th wedding anniversary on Sunday, can you believe it?  I can't!  That sure went by fast.


  1. So glad you get to be outside! We're also much cooler than normal...I think our high was in the 60s yesterday. It was also very windy, so I wasn't able to sit outside. Boo!

    Happy anniversary!!!

  2. So glad you are able to get outside some and enjoy life again. I love Paco's stare at you its almost like he's saying lets go inside mom please I'm getting hot out here.

    Happy Anniversary! Yes, the years do go by fast don't they?

  3. Happy anniversary to you and Jeff!!!

    Woohoo! I’m glad that you are still doing well and Abel to enjoy the weather! I love that Paco has a bed outside when you go! That dog had the life!!!!

  4. You're getting to use your patio because it's cooler and I haven't used mine much because it's still too cold. Send some of that TX warmth this way, would ya?

    Those babies are so cute - I wonder if Mason will keep up the bite method as he gets older? And how appropriate is that shirt that Logan is wearing!

  5. Ya know, I have seen others eat oranges/tangerines like that and thought " wouldnt that be messy"?
    Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Jeff. I hope your health continues to improve.

  7. So fun you get to be outside! And I love Paco "staring you in." Here we're having a heat wave! So I go out really early in the morning to work on the garden a bit. Happy Anniversary!!!

  8. Glad you are doing better. We are having cooler temperatures as well. Happy Anniversary - my husband and I are at 33 years.

  9. I can't do coffee and orange juice together for whatever reason. Kind of like brushing my teeth and having orange juice LOL! Congrats on the anniversary and I hope you are able to get around a lot this weekend!

  10. I hope you continue to feel better. I love seeing photos of Paco the Wonder Dog.

  11. Happy anniversary! I'm so glad you're able to sit for awhile and that the weather is nice enough to be outside.


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