Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday Workout Update

BCS Fitness update:  It's been a challenging start to January - the gym is hosting a six-week body fat percentage loss competition, so along with the traditional New Year's resolution people who've joined, there are also more clients because of the competition.  Our trainers are handling the extra people well and I've never felt like I'm getting less attention, which is a testament to how good they are at making everyone feel welcome.  That said, everyone is getting a tough workout even if you're not participating in the competition, which I'm not.  I work out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and last Saturday I was still feeling all that I did during the week.  It's definitely good because I feel stronger but dang, my arms were tired and simply keeping them raised to wash my hair was hard!

I usually can't remember too much of what we do, but on Monday's workout was Fight Gone Bad, where we had four one-minute stations and did as many reps as we could in that time-frame.  One station was the heavy ropes, and Coach Jared demonstrated the different ways we could use them, either by one arm at a time, or both arms, or moving them in a snake movement, which looked easier than the other movements, so I decided I'd switch to that when my arms were tired from the other movements.  Hey guess what?  That snake movement was the hardest!  I nearly lost hold of the ropes because they really swayed when you moved them side-to-side.  It's funny how some things look so simple until you actually try them.

I've barely been back on the slider board since my epic slip and fall a couple months ago, and while that was one of the stations on Monday, I chose the alternative, which was to quickly step a few feet to one side and then a few to the other side.  I was doing well with that, but on my third time around, I'll be damned if I didn't catch the edge of my shoe and trip - luckily I was close enough to a wall that I lightly banged into it instead of completely falling down, but geez!  I would really like to stop with this clumsiness.  I've hurt myself more often while trying to do the exercises than with the actual exercise itself.

Guess what Tuesday's workout was?  More Fight Gone Bad, or as Jared put it when we were finished, Fight Gone Worse.  Let's just say that I'm really glad today is a rest day.

Running update:  Things are pretty normal with running - I run two miles on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have been running five miles on Saturdays, which feels good.  I want to start pushing myself a little more, either with extending my running intervals (currently I run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute), or else just run a little faster - but that is easier said than done.  I have a hard time making myself run faster because it's hard and I breathe heavy and who wants to do that?  Oh right, I actually do.  Seeing how much better I workout with my trainers, I probably would benefit from having a running coach to push me - but as I have no real goals beyond "running better" that wouldn't be the greatest thing to spend money on.


The Houston marathon/half marathon is this Sunday, and Jeff informed me yesterday that he has his playlist for the ready for the race.  It has six hours and one minute's worth of music.  The time limit for the marathon is six hours, so I asked if he felt that if he doesn't complete it within the official time limit, he doesn't deserve to listen to any more music?  He laughed when I questioned him on that.  That said, he's trained well and is ready for the race and I have no doubt that he'll finish before the six hour time limit.


  1. I'm so excited for Jeff's marathon! There's just nothing like your first one, no matter what time you do it in. I too had a goal of getting in under 6 hours for mine. I did, and while it was a long way from my best time in a marathon, I'll never forget that feeling of exhilaration and knowing I did it.

    So here's my "pro" tip when you can't find a running coach and want to get faster. Try to run with someone who is faster than you (and willing to slow down a bit). You will naturally push yourself to run harder. (And it's only a pro tip because that's what my beloved Pete did for me.)

  2. Wow, you're running on two of the days you're going to BCS?! Go you! Do you have access to a treadmill (I know you were going to Planet Fitness before too)? If so, maybe try some speed intervals for one of your runs each week? Kim came up with a lot of really good speed workouts for me last year, and it definitely made a difference in my stamina and speed. I'd be happy to share some with you, if you want!

    Good luck to Jeff this weekend!

  3. Good luck to Jeff!! I'm impressed with all your working out. I did some leg lifts while I waited for water to boil in the microwave yesterday...and that's all I've done all winter. I'll get more active when I come out of hibernation in the spring. :)

  4. Be sure to tell Jeff good luck with his marathon! I don't think you're clumsy. I just think those are hard exercises that they are having you do and its natural that you might get off balance with some of them. And yeah, I am impressed that you are running on the same days that you do your workouts!!

  5. Aww, Jeff! I hope he finishes in time and doesn't need that extra minute! LOL! Good luck!

    Ahh, battle ropes. I wish we had those. THEY ARE INTENSE!!! And geesh, I am glad you didn't fall! :( You might just be clumsy for life (I know I am - I ran in to a wall in my own house yesterday, playing with the cats).

    Did you mention running with a faster friend? That is one way to sneakily work on speed!

  6. You work out 4 times a week. I am impressed. Can you send some of the motivation to me.

    Good luck to Jeff. I am sure that he will do great.

    Can he share his expertise, advice or training plan. I'm going to need all the help I can get.

  7. Best of luck to Jeff on Sunday! Your workouts sound amazing, too!


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