Friday, January 18, 2019

FMM - Now THAT'S a Throwback!

My childhood next-door neighbor shared a picture on Facebook yesterday of the two of us - one that I'd never seen before, which makes sense because it came from a box of slides (remember those?) that she inherited from her parents.  Peggy and I grew up together and even though she was two years older than me, we were always playing, everything from dolls to Barbies to swinging on our swing sets (my talking PJ doll suffered an unfortunate leg break doing a daredevil stunt from the top of Peggy's swing set); one of my favorite memories is of both of us dressing up in her school uniforms and knocking on our neighbor's doors, asking whoever answered if they could tell us apart, which is even funnier now that I see the height difference between us.  I wonder if I had caught up to her when we were doing that (I still think we could have fooled everyone had it not been for the height thing).  Here's the picture she posted:
I can tell by the hair style and missing tooth that I was five years old here, with Peggy being a mature seven years old.

Not only is the picture of us so cute (see, we looked like twins, right?), but it pretty much showcases who I was right from the early years.  Wearing a dress that my Grandmother probably made, with tights because I was fancy, holding not one but two baby dolls, purse slung across my shoulder, bracelet dangling on my wrist and to complete the ensemble, a brooch pinned to my dress.  And based on the fact that our dolls are still wearing bows in their hair plus Peggy's doll is wearing her socks and shoes, I'm thinking this might have been around Christmas, when we were given new dolls.  I love how happy we look here, clutching our new dolls - life was pretty good back then.


Diane and I are zipping over to Houston today to do packet pick up and check out the expo for the race on Sunday - we figured it might be good to do the majority of the walking on Friday vs. Saturday so she will have fresher legs for her half marathon.  Of course when I say zipping to Houston, I really mean this:
Sadly this is the truth.

Any case, I'm sure we'll have fun, even if we are sitting in traffic.  But we'll have more fun perusing everything at the expo; I need to replace some of my old Sweaty Bands that have finally given up the ghost, and I'm hoping to find a deal on my beloved Balega socks so I guess you could say I have some goals for the Houston marathon/half marathon, even without actually running it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good luck this weekend!!!! Your Houston traffic looks like our Chicago traffic.

    Love the throwback photo. I remember that walking PJ doll.

  2. Such a cute picture of you when you were a little girl. I bet it brings back great memories for you.

    Have fun at the expo! Good luck to Jeff this weekend!

  3. You and Peggy - so cute! I love everything about that picture.

    I do love a good race expo. Have a great day full of good bargains.

  4. If memory serves me right, the missing tooth was the result of a "Big Wheel" incident with the boys.

  5. Look at all that blonde hair on you two! Houston needs to set up some sort of light rail system to combat that traffic.

  6. What a cute picture of you girls! And you really do look like sisters!

    Aagh! Good luck in that Houston traffic. Once you get through it, you'll have fun :)

  7. Adorable photo! We moved so often when I was growing up, it's mind-boggling to me for you to be in touch with somebody you knew so long ago. Makes me wonder what Missy Rankin might be up to :-) Have fun in Houston NOT running the half!

  8. I love the childhood picture!

    DC traffic and Houston traffic are cousins!!

  9. That photo of you and Peggy is soooo cute! What is she up to now? Does she still live there?


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