Friday, December 21, 2018

FMM - Starring Your Favorite Blog Dog

Whenever Paco wants my attention, he stands in front of me, STARING STARING STARING, until I notice him.  Yesterday he did this and it took me a couple seconds to figure out what his problem was:
Mom.  Habing a crisis rite now.
She neber gets my trubbles.

Finally I realized that his food bowl was empty and it needed to be refilled RIGHT AWAY.
Ahhh, dats better.

As you can see, he wasn't even hungry!  He just likes to know that he could eat, if he wanted to.  He is still loving his new kibble so much and I can tell that he's put on a little weight, which is good.  And overall he's feeling better thanks to the round of prednisone he's been on, plus all of those medicated baths.  His skin is healing and he's much less grouchy now - amazing how that works, eh?


Today is an exciting day here - the blinds that I ordered for most of our windows, along with the roller shade that should stop the winter sun from blinding me in my office each morning, are set to be installed, yippee!

Oh and also Sam is flying in from North Carolina for Christmas.  OK that is more exciting than the blinds, but come on - new blinds!  Kidding.  He will be here for just over a week, which should give him enough time to give me my requested Christmas present, which was to fix all the technical issues throughout the house, plus help decipher all the storage and stuff I'm paying for because at this point I don't know if I'm double dipping between Google and Apple or what.  Allie will arrive on Sunday, and you have to know that we are already planning the design for our annual Gingerbread House to come, of course.

Even with Sam in town, we'll be running tomorrow - only (only!) 10 miles for Jeff.  I'm planning on a feel-good five; I'm really enjoying just running, not training, this season.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Enjoy having your boy home! I love having the college boy here but I barely get to see him. He sleeps until noon and when I get home from work, he's already gone..

    Enjoy the holidays!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Enjoy having your kids home. Hopefully Sam can fix your technical issues.

    Have fun tomorrow with your 5 miler while Jeff muddles through his ten.

    Will we see you back here Monday? If not Merry Christmas to you and yours Shelley.

  3. PACO! I'm dying over here. He is so funny!

    I gotta say, new blinds vs. kid might just be a tie (no offense Sam) lol. I hope we get to see pictures once they're all installed. Whatever Sam tells you about the storage stuff, I think you need to share. I think I'm double dipping too.

  4. Paco is nesting!!! Love that boy. Have fun with your family.

  5. Paco is the MOST expressive dog!! I'm so glad to hear he's feeling better. The whole thing of leaving free food out for dogs is a mystery to me. Maybe my dogs are such voracious eaters because there's competition? And new blinds! I have been thinking about getting blinds for a couple of rooms in the house. Please share more!

  6. I bet you are super excited about the arrival of your kadults ( and for them to see the new blinds I'm sure...haha). Cant wait to see the gingerbread house pics! Please post on IG!

  7. Bring on The Throwdown!! Can't wait to see what kind of snarky mess ya'll come up with this year :-)

    And pics of the blinds will be coming, I presume? A chance to get in just one more remodel blog!

  8. The Gingerbread House Throwdown! Yay! Can't wait! Yay to having the Kadults home and technology all squared away. And new blinds. Ha.

    I am so glad Paco is feeling better. I hope that trend continues!

  9. Yay to the blinds!!!! Oh yeah and the kadults too!!!

    Merry Christmas....good luck on the gingerbread house!! You can take the win I’m sure!!!

  10. So glad Paco is doing so well with the new meds. Yay! Pixie gets all upset if you can see the bottom of her kibble bowl, even if it is actually full and the food is pushed up the sides. Pets. :D


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