Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Product Week - Teasia Tea Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer:  I received a box of Teasia Tea K-cups for this review.

I am an iced tea drinker, but I'm also a lazy iced tea drinker, which means that more often than not, I can't be bothered to make up a pitcher of cold-brew iced tea.  I know, I know - that's pretty darn lazy.  So most of the time I just drink water.  But when I was offered a box of Teasia Tea in K-cup form, I was intrigued - I could make a glass of iced tea using my Keurig?  I don't know why it never occurred to me that I could make anything other than coffee in it, but to paraphrase Forrest Gump, "I'm not a smart (wo)man."

I was sent the Floral Series box to try out - this is what arrived on my doorstep:
Inside was a jumble of K-cups - I sorted through them and found the four different flavors:
Rose Black, Jasmine Green, Chamomile Mint, and Rooibos Lemongrass.

There was also an info card, and here's where I read something interesting:
Each K-cup provides two brews!  So while the cost of this tea is about 53 cents per K-cup, it's actually about 26 cents, thanks to being able to brew a second cup.  I was a little skeptical, so naturally I set about brewing my first cup of iced tea, which couldn't have been easier - I just filled a tumbler to the top with ice, popped in a Teasia Tea K-cup, and set my Keurig to brew a 6 ounce cup:
Ready, set...
And there you go - a freshly-brewed glass of iced tea!

I liked the flavor - there was a subtle hint of rose that I could smell as I drank the tea, but it wasn't overpowering at all.  I don't use sweetener in my drinks, and I usually just get plain tea, but this was a nice change and made me feel like I was having a beverage as opposed to just getting something to drink.

After I finished the first glass, I refilled it with ice and used the same K-cup to make a second serving, and it was just as strong as the first!  Now that was a pleasant surprise and made my K-cup-loving, frugal self quite happy.

I tried all four of the flavors and while I liked three of them, one stood out as my favorite - the Chamomile Mint!  I thought for sure the Rooibos Lemongrass would have been my top choice, and that is second, but the Chamomile Mint is super refreshing, especially in our hot weather.  I was not a fan of the Jasmine Green Tea at all - not sure if it's because of the green tea, or the jasmine, or maybe both - but that one was a big no for me.  I actually haven't tried any of the tea as a hot drink yet, because after I have my morning coffee, I'm all about the cold stuff right now - but I'm sure it's equally delicious as a warm beverage...and maybe I'll be ready for a cup of hot tea around November, ha!

Teasia Tea is available at their website and also on Amazon.  I get no compensation for wherever you shop, but I do want to point out that it's nearly $5 cheaper on Amazon.

The kind folks at Teasia Tea are providing a giveaway with THREE winners for my readers!
  • One winner will receive - 1 box Formosa Variety – Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Roasted Oolong Tea (36 count)
  • One winner will receive - 1 box Floral Variety – Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Black Tea, Rooibos Lemongrass Tea, Chamomile Mint Tea (36 count)
  • One winner will receive - 1 box Formosa Variety – 12 count & Ice Chameleon Tumbler (this bottle changes colors when your iced tea becomes lukewarm)
United States winners only.  This giveaway will run until August 8th; I'll announce the winners on August 11th.  

To enter, please follow Teasia Tea on one (or more) of their social media sites:

AND also leave me a comment telling me where you followed them, along with which flavor of tea you're most interested in trying.  Be sure that your email is either linked to your comment, or else leave me your email so that I can contact you if you are one of the winners of the giveaway.

Good luck! 

Comments are closed as this giveaway has ended. 


  1. I love my iced tea--I brew my own every day! Thanks for the reminder--heading up to the kitchen to prepare it as we speak.

  2. Iced tea is what I drink after getting sick of the gallons of water I also drink every day. I followed Teasia on Twitter and I would like to try the Formosa variety box as like you, I'm just not a fan of green tea.

    We have Keurigs at my office so I think it would be fun to have that tea there to make iced tea at work!

  3. What a fun giveaway! I drink a lot of hot tea at work, and since the Keurig is RIGHT BY MY DESK this would perfect for me. :) I followed on Instagram and would love to try the floral variety - all of those flavors intrigue me! (sassypearblog@gmail)

  4. Glad you found an easy solution to the iced tea laziness problem, one I have as well. But I drink my tea super strong and super sweet (with stevia) so I'm more a multiple tea bag person myself. I'll put 6 teabags in one large mug, no lie. But then I'm weird. I don't much like tea, but both black and green are good for me, so I get my tea-medicine in one big cup. Coffee on the other hand, not a chore to drink at all.

    Good luck to the giveaway entrants!


    1. Crabby, I'm in shock and awe that you can drink such a strong tea concoction! Impressive, my friend.

  5. I'm also a part of the iced tea laziness. The only tea I make at home is Chia tea. Even then, I'm only adding water, so I guess still lazy...lol

  6. I follow TeasiaTeas on twitter(kellydpa). I would like to try the Rose Black Tea.

  7. The Formosa sounds awesome. Thanks for the review. I liked their Facebook page.

  8. i'd love the formosa variety. and i follow on twitter

    - judith

  9. I'm game for trying any of the varieties and would love the tumbler. I'm following on Facebook. I don't know if my email is connected to this. If it isn't and i'm lucky enough to win, can you post the winners on your blog and I'll make sure you get it.Thanks!

  10. I followed on instagram. I'm lazy and make my iced tea with cold brew bags & keep adding water until it almost looks like water before I make another pitcher! If I win I'd like to try the floral variety, although any of the offers sound good! Stay cool today! It's going to be 89 in WV- I can only imagine what your high temp will be today in TX!

    1. whoops...forgot to leave my email... elizabeth.toth5@comcast.net

  11. Would love to win. I followed them on Facebook. I am most interested in trying the green and black teas. lorie9902 at yahoo dot com

  12. I followed on Facebook. I would love to try the Formosa variety (not a fan of florals in my tea). buffy92 at sio dot midco dot net THANKS!

  13. I liked them on Facebook! And I think the Rose Black sounds the most interesting. I'm always on the lookout for interesting black teas. :-)