Friday, March 24, 2017

FMM - Good, Bad, Good

Good:  It's great to have knitter friends - Cary went through her stash and very nicely gave me a bag of mostly sock yarn leftovers for my throw:
YAY!  It's nice to have some new colors in the throw.


Bad:  Earlier this week, I walked by my kitchen window and glanced down at my succulents to discover that most of the leaves from one of my newest plants had fallen off.  At first I wondered if one of the animals had hit it in their enthusiasm at seeing a squirrel outside, but the next day when the rest of the leaves fell off, I began to suspect I might have over watered it.  This particular succulent's leaves are much plumper than all of my other plants, and while I'm watering them every week or two, maybe this one didn't need as much water.  Here's what it used to look like:
It was so pretty - I loved the purple and green leaves!  

And here's what it looks like now:
Cue sad music.  

Of course, knowing how succulents propagate themselves so easily, I had to give it a go with the fallen leaves:
I was out of clay pots, so this dish works for now.

I don't have much hope of getting a plant to look like it did when I brought it home from Home Depot a couple of months ago, but who knows - maybe it'll work out.  Can't hurt to try at this point.


Good:  I've been volunteering at the hospital gift shop for two years now, and while I really love it, there's one aspect of the job that I hate...and that is the uniform.  From having to wear khaki pants, which show every lump and bulge on my legs, to a button-down shirt, which has never been my favorite style thanks to having a bigger bust, getting dressed to go to work has always been a downer for me.  I was complaining about this to Jeff last week and wondering out loud why we couldn't wear a polo shirt that was embroidered with our logo - a lot of other employees had them, so why not the volunteers?  Well, ask and ye shall receive!  I saw Kendall, our volunteer coordinator, yesterday morning and asked if I could order a polo shirt and she ended up hauling out two boxes of polos that were embroidered with the wrong logo (volunteer instead of regular employee) on them.  Rosalie and I got to choose a couple of shirts, for free!  So now I have a teal shirt and this pretty purple shirt:
I texted this picture to Jeff to show him my clothing victory.

At least the dumb khaki pants don't feel so bad with a better-fitting shirt - plus the color is much more "me" than the royal blue of the button-down.  Rosalie also chose a teal shirt so we can be twinkies at times, plus she got a pink shirt - we were pretty happy campers yesterday:
Two very happy volunteers!

Sometimes, it's the little things that can bother me, like an ill-fitting uniform...and sometimes, it's the little things that can make my day, like a beautiful purple shirt.  


We are running a race on Sunday - it's just a 5 miler for most of our group, which seems pretty tame at this point considering I've been running 5 miles during the week with Diane.  Should be fun, though, and of course there will be breakfast afterward.  Have a great weekend!


  1. The before and after of the succulent made me spit coffee and laugh out loud. Those pictures are just hilarious. I hope it comes back for you.

    Yes to a uniform victory! I don't think button down shirts fit very many people well - they always seem to have that one spot that's not quite right. The one thing I hated about my old part time job at the mall was the shirt we had to wear. Your polos look fabulous.

    Have fun at your race!

    1. Glad I could entertain you with my poor sad succulent, LOL!

      It's crazy how clothes can affect your mood - well, mine anyway. I am SO GLAD I asked about a different shirt. :)

  2. My indoor plants in one window have white fungus - ugh!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the yearn. That blanket I bet.

  3. Yes, I'm gladI wasn't drinking coffee when I got to the succulent pictures. But I really laughed. Good luck with your new babies :)

    So great that you asked about the shirts, and there they were, ready-made! Next, the khaki pants :)

    Five miles should be a breeze--a fun day for you. And maybe you won't be so worn out that you will enjoy your breakfast at BB :) Of course, its all in perspective--five miles seems like a long-ago dream to me.

    1. Would that I could turn the khaki pants into black pants...

  4. It's so nice of your friend to give you all her leftovers yarn!!! Very nice springy colors. Share the result:)

  5. Lots of good in this post....well except for the plant. And I am almost ashamed to admit that I laughed out loud when I read about the poos succulent!!!!! Not at you...with you. I've managed to annihilate some cacti in my days if trying to be a plant mamma!!!

  6. That pile of yarn looks so pretty! Sorry about your succulent. I don't grow those inside. I have a couple houseplants, but they are the kind kitties don't like :D

  7. Please keep us posted on the plant! And good luck on your race this weekend.

  8. Oh that poor plant.
    That is awesome that you finally mentioned about wearing the Polo Shirt and they just happened to have extra. How long have they had those extra shirts sitting around? When I volunteered at the hospital we wore our regular clothes but we had to wear a pink smock over top. Of course I think the men DID have Polo shirts though.
    Have fun with the 5 mile race. I've never raced 5 miles before but I'd like to!

  9. What a great surprise with the polos! It looks great and you look super welcoming in the pic!

    I hope the race was fun! :)


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