Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Reruns - Part One

(I'm on vacation in California, which means that you get reruns...but the good news is that I should have some blog fodder ready when I return!  This post still makes me smile, and for the record I still see Melissa every six months for my teeth cleaning.  Oh and also - HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY Allie!!!)


Monday, September 13, 2010


I had my six-month cleaning at the dentist the other day. I've been going there for years - it's a real friendly place, the hygienists are all very sweet and my dentist is a good ol' country boy - lots of fun to chat with. I checked in and settled down with a magazine. The hygienist opened the door to the back and called my name - darn, I barely got started with the magazine (the ultra highbrow Entertainment Weekly, in case you're wondering) - I stood up and followed her to the exam room.

"Uh...Shelley Last Name?" she asked?
"Yes" I answered, figuring it was a new HIPAA thing, confirming who I was.

She looked at me for a few moments as I was putting my purse down and then blurted out "Did you have surgery?" and you know, it took me a second to figure out what she was talking about!

"Oh - uh, no" I said, as she tried to backtrack and apologize. Here's the thing - she didn't recognize me. The last couple of times I've had my teeth cleaned I've had a different hygienist, but this was Melissa, who I started with way back when.

Let me say this again: She.didn'

She really thought she had the wrong person. Wow. I know I've changed, but I'm still the blonde-haired, glasses-wearing person I've always been...yes, the hair is longer and the glasses are different, but still. This is such a strange feeling - it happens pretty infrequently, and only (obviously) with people that I go a long time without seeing. But it throws me every time. And I'm sorry that people feel so awkward when they realize that they didn't know's a strange thing to try and make them feel better about it.

For the record, she really was horrified that she'd asked the "surgery" question - she said she tries and can't even lose five pounds, so how on earth could anyone lose *that* much weight on their own?

People who discover I've lost over 100 pounds always ask me how I did it. When I say diet and exercise, I can see their eyes glaze over and literally watch them shut down. They don't want to hear that. My success cannot possibly be because I did what we all should be doing, whether we need to lose weight or simply live - eat healthy foods most of the time, and move your body, be it by riding a bike or walking or whatever. It's the whole "magic pill" thing - and yes, I was guilty of wanting that, too. No one wants to hear that it takes work, and time. Where is the fun in that? Where is the quick fix? Where is the instant gratification? (And I realize that even with weight-loss surgery, it's still not a quick fix - losing weight takes time, no matter how you do it.)

After we were done with the hows of my weight loss, she asked the next question - one that I can predict with certainty that will follow: "You're done, right? You're not planning on losing any more weight?" I don't know why, but that cracks me up. I mean, look at me...I'm not a stick by any means. What do people mean when they ask this? And really, why should they care? I don't go into any detailed explanations other than to say "no" or "maybe a little more" depending on who I'm talking with. After all, I'm not looking for an argument or feel the need to defend myself.

I am very willing to talk about weight-loss and exercise...obviously, as I've been blogging about it for over two years now. But when it comes up in real life, it's still a bit strange and yes, awkward, to talk about it - I just hope that am able to convey the fact that if I can lose the weight, than anybody can.


  1. Wow, I know the hygentist didn't mean any harm but that was presumptuous of her to assume you've had surgery. You just looked so great that she wanted in on your "secret"!

  2. Everyone wants the quick fix - including me! At least you know she meant no harm and like you said, if you haven't seen someone in a while, the change is shocking! But a good shocking and they want in on the "secret."

  3. I worked with a woman who had gastric bypass surgery - she still ate a bacon double cheeseburger, but it would take her all day to eat it instead of one sitting!

    Love the reruns (and that I remember that post too!). Hope you are having an awesome time!

  4. Happy Birthday, Allie! :)

    It's cool to read older posts like this, since I didn't start reading your blog until a couple years after this time. I think any conversation about weight is always going to be a little awkward. But it is strange that she jumped straight to surgery, instead of just "what's your secret?" That's typically what people would ask me when I was noticeably losing weight. And there is no secret - like you said, it's just doing what we should all be doing anyway!

  5. So fun to read this again. It so happens one of my neighbours did have surgery (gastric bypass) and she has lost a lot of weight that way. Still keeping it off too.

    But to be honest I have more admiration for those like you who did it all by themselves.

    Happy birthday Allie!

  6. Happy Birthday Allie! Love reading this old post!


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