Friday, August 19, 2016

FMM...Printers, Bears (haha), and Socks - Oh My!

I got a new printer, woohoo!  I think my old one was going on 10 years old, and hasn't printed very nicely for a quite a while, so when the ink ran out, I did a little shopping around and bought this one:
HP 3755

I love how little real estate this uses on my desk - for reference, this is what my old printer looked like:
Luckily I had a couple of nearly-empty drawers so I had a place for all the stuff formerly stacked on/piled near the old printer.

I like the new printer, but it was a bear to install.  I followed the directions and couldn't get it to find my wireless network, so I tried using the (included) USB cable instead.  No go.  The entire process was way more difficult than it should have been - even getting registered on the HP site was hard; I mean, I registered successfully, but then it wouldn't let me log on...and of course when I tried to reregister, I got a "this username has already been taken" popup - I KNOW, BECAUSE I REGISTERED IT!  I was very frustrated, so Jeff tried to get the printer installed, and he had the same trouble.  Hours later, I decided to pack it up and return it, but before I did that, we went out for a late dinner and stopped at Best Buy to look at other printers - I wasn't happy about that, because they all were so big and I really only needed the little one.  I ended up buying one, but when we got home Jeff tried one last thing and finally, FINALLY, the printer started working.  This should not have been so difficult, but in reading reviews, I can see that we weren't alone in having these problems.  My computer is an HP as well, so really, the compatibility should have been super simple.

All that aside, I like that this printer is Instant Ink enabled, which means that I can pay a small fee each month for ink and when the cartridges run low, HP will send me the ink before I run out.  This works for me because, as with stamps, I get irrationally irritated at the price of ink cartridges.  But hey, having a few bucks automatically debited from my bank account?  No big deal...and the ink cartridges will just magically appear.  Win-win for my mental state.


I finished a pair of socks!  These were a little different to knit in that the yarn was mostly cotton - it felt really nice to knit with but I noticed that my thumb joints were a little sore whenever I worked on these socks, which is usually the case when I knit with cotton yarn.  I guess it doesn't have as much give as wool, maybe?  The socks are really soft and feel good to wear in our heat - I have to wear socks once a week, when I volunteer at the hospital, so it's nice to have these now.
Yarn is Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect Cotton, colorway is Beach, pattern is my own, with the Fish Lips Kiss heel.


I didn't have a good place for this picture on Wednesday's post, but I wanted to show you the face of a happy dog:
Andi's water bottle has a mister on the top, and Koda LOVED being sprayed with it - he kept trying to bite the spray and wouldn't leave until the bottle was empty - so cute!

Also, we finished our run and came back to a rainbow:
It wasn't raining, but we got the rainbow anyway.


I'm on vacation now - I arrived in California yesterday to visit Barbara, Theresa, and of course other special friends.  I'm already reveling in the cooler temps and enjoying running where it's not 80 degrees and 100% humidity - ahhh.  I even signed up to do a race on the last Sunday that I'm's 7.5 miles, which will be interesting seeing as I haven't run that distance in, oh, six months?  But it's on the coastline, the weather will be wonderful, and I'm just going to enjoy myself, regardless of how much running I actually accomplish.

Beginning on Monday, it's summer rerun season here on the blog - I've chosen some old posts to highlight, and I'll be back with new posts on August 31st.  Jeff and Paco are holding down the fort at home, which in reality means Paco will spend most of his days hiding in my closet, moping that I'm gone.  Of course y'all know where Jeff will be - in his hammock!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I hate buying ink for my printer too cus it's so darn expensive! Even if I just want to print in black and white I have to buy all the color cartridges as well. So frustrating!

    Those are really cute socks. I love the color combo!

    Have a great time in CA. That race, weather you run or walk most of it, sounds lovely!

  2. You're here! You're here!!!

    I love the small size of the printer, and I love the idea of Instant Ink. My BF has it and loves it. Hopefully I won't have as much trouble installing??

  3. Man, I hate when technology stuff like that is SO difficult. And it really should have worked since they are both HP, like you said!

    Have a great time in CA and enjoy the race!

  4. GAH! I'm irrationally excited about your race!!! You'll do fine and besides, the whole thing is just to finish, right?

    I buy my printer ink via Amazon who seems to always have the best price but your instant ink sounds fabulous - I don't have HP though so I guess I have to suffer.

  5. Have a wonderful time in California!!!!!!!!

  6. Sweety I wish you a fantastic vacation and lots of fun with Barbara and Theresa.

    I am a technical nitwit. When it says: plug and play for me that means plug and pray :)


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